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Good Day
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G’day my name si MAUREEN CLIFFORD, aka The
Scribbly Bark Poet, and as the editor for The Australia
Times Poetry Magazine. I am really looking forward to FROM THE EDITOR 5
sharing with you some Poetry from talented Australian WRITING SITES 7
and overseas poets. Some write Australian Bush Poetry, VIDEO CLIPS
some Haiku and others write free verse. Rhymed or DON’T FENCE ME IN 24
unrhymed, you will fnd it here.
Born in Margate UK this ‘Pommie’ came to Australia
over 50 years ago. By choice I am Australian and COUNTRY MALE 26
proud of it, and bless every day . I currently live in THERAPY 57
Ipswich in Queensland in a home a mere hop, skip COMING EVENTS
and a jump from the Bremer River where I have DUNEDOO BUSH POETRY FESTIVAL 59
managed to avoid being fooded out albeit in 2011 POEMS
by the skin of my teeth.
Bush Poetry is my passion, along with animals and since BRIGALOW MICK 14
retiring and moving back to the smoke there has been SINCE THE COUNTRY CARRIED SHEEP 16
more time to concentrate on them. I have written poetry
for many years and recently ventured out into writing WHO’S RIDING OLD HARLEQUIN NOW? 18
prose and yarns. When boredom strikes, which is not OPEN RANGE 22
often, doing photo restorations takes centre stage. This POSTMAN PAT 28
is a lot easier on the body than home and furniture THE SHEARING SHED 31
restorations or wrangling sheep, but plays havoc with THE GIPSY GIRL 32
the eyesight. Everything in life has a price. SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY LIKE THE NIGHT 33

Diane de St Hilaire Tony Radford THE BOX 38
Simmonds Ed Galing
Harry ‘Breaker’ Morant Sammie Klaehn FIRE ESCAPE 41
Robert H. Fletcher Bozena Mazur-Nowak CLEANING HOUSE 42
The Scribbly Bark Poet Hatton Brauer RAINFOREST WEEPING 44
Garry Harding Icepoet I’M HERE 46
Ralph Hodgson Ogden Nash GULLS 49
Lord Byron Julie Davies THEN CAME ANGELS 50
Rabindranath Tagore
Cover Image: Oils – 2 Rams in the Paddock A WORD TO HUSBANDS 55
Photo taken by CHILDREN’S PARTY 55
Diane de St Hilaire Simmonds

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