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THE TIMES ® This magazine is intending to refect the unique
character of the everyday people of Australia's vast
outback country.
oUtBACK It will present the stories, verses, humour, photography

and art of those who have lived there in the past, or
who live there now: lives often refecting extreme
isolation in a sometimes temperamental landscape,
tales of survival and tragedy, every aspect of life in a
land that was old when man himself was young. Its
pages will also preserve the thoughts and aspirations,
of men and women who desire to acquaint themselves
with the beauties and terrors of that ancient, whispering
country that is the essential substance of Australia's
true spirit, far beyond sight of the coastal cities, towns
and settlements where the majority of the population

Our pages will not only carry the experiences of
successful entrepreneurs, but also the vision of
ordinary adventurers, the battlers and victims, including
Writers wishing to submit articles to TAT OUTBACK those who left their dreams and bones in waterless
Should Contact: deserts and sleep for ever beneath the sands, safe from the swirling, faring bushfres, the blinding dust storms
and the foods that wash away droughts.

We offer both veteran and

undiscovered writers the opportunity to get published.

Have something to communicate, or an opinion to

state, we are your voice!

Want to join a like minded community in a

great project


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