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Vol. 2 No. 4 February 21, 2014
Vol. 2 No. 4 February 21, 2014

The plight of the farmer is very much in the news at Wherever you are in our big country – stay safe,
the moment and it is linked with the weather as the stay strong. Surely better times are ahead. In the
two go hand in hand – so the cover photo supplied meantime perhaps the words within these pages from
by Diane de St Hilaire Simmonds of Rams in the some Australian poets as well as from overseas poets
paddock fts right in – although its been a while since will grant you a few moments of peace and relaxation
our men and women on the land have seen such lush in your busy days If you can take a little time out –
pastures. grab yourselves a coffee or whatever your poison is
and have a bit of a read I am sure your spirit will be
Our errant weather patterns have seen our country
whipped by cyclone, dry and dusty from another bad calmed and soothed.
drought, finching from fre and now in some places Cheers
getting wet feet from foods. Australia surely is a land Maureen Clifford
of contrast. TAT POETRY Magazine Editor

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