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There are a couple of small theatre companies operating in the Bayswater area, one of them is Stageworx which is run by Trish Carr, who is a graduate of Deakin University’s theatre program after it moved to Burwood. The other is Fab Nobs who specialise in the production of musicals.

9 to 5 rewinds us to the 80s when technology, by modern standards is extremely backward.

Carbon sheets are used to make copies of your teenage novel and ledger books are hardcovers with lined pages to record accounts which can now be digitally filed on computers. The average worker faces a gruelling 9 to 5 shift five days a week, and the workplace consists of a larger office of employees, mostly women, in the typing pool, supporting a male hierarchy. 9 to 5 is essentially about the oppression of sexual harrassment, but in a lighter, comic strip coloured genre. Rachel Tigel plays a stereotypical role of an office tart, Doralee,  who is misjudged but ultimately leads a revolution against her suppressive superior, a cartoonish Franklin Hare junior played by Ash Cooper.

This is an interesting collective of young people with an interest in amateur theatre alongside those who have a lot of experience, which can be extremely hard to gain, due to the competition in auditions. Auditioning in itself is a craft. Of particular note is Bethany Girardi who plays Maria. Her dancing and poise is notable in the chorus, honed through her involvement in children’s theatre, and credits of the past include The Producers and Funny Girl (MDMS), and Snow White in Snow White. She also manages her own performing arts school.


Bachelor of Arts Film and Theatre, Deakin University, Rusden, 1994. Master of Arts Writing and Literature, Deakin University, 2013. Graduate Certificate, Tesol, 2013. Studying Graduate Diploma, Counselling, and Phd preparation, Swinburne University.Published poet, Southerly, national Australian journal.Books written by D.S, Danielle Shelley Carr include Blood for St Valentine, Raiders of the Headland and other stories, Blom-A Woman's Journey, and Ellipse, a collection of her poetry, also translated into Swedish and becoming available in Stockholm Public Library.Completed thesis, Psychological Reflections on Post-Modernist Gothic Literature available at Deakin University library.Danielle has worked as an English as second language teacher at Deakin University.

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The male singers were particularly strong, the standard was edging close to that of Princess Theatre productions. The barricade looked less convincing, however, it staged the scene. The chorus was large, which enabled a grander scale production. Technical sound effects of gun shots were capably achieved. Spiritual aspects such as death of Fantine, were suitably represented as the spirit transmuted into light from above, and the final scene where Jean Valjean writes his epitaph echoed of Goethe’s Faust in his alchemical study.

CLOC’s Les Mis, May 14, 2017 National Theatre St Kilda.

Bachelor of Arts Film and Theatre, Deakin University, Rusden, 1994. Master of Arts Writing and Literature, Deakin University, 2013. Graduate Certificate, Tesol, 2013. Studying Graduate Diploma, Counselling, and Phd preparation, Swinburne University.Published poet, Southerly, national Australian journal.Books written by D.S, Danielle Shelley Carr include Blood for St Valentine, Raiders of the Headland and other stories, Blom-A Woman's Journey, and Ellipse, a collection of her poetry, also translated into Swedish and becoming available in Stockholm Public Library.Completed thesis, Psychological Reflections on Post-Modernist Gothic Literature available at Deakin University library.Danielle has worked as an English as second language teacher at Deakin University.

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This is an original Australian musical presented by the Mad Cat Theatre Company, and so reflects the decades that have influenced Australia’s sociological development as a society. After having been to Sweden and England, it is funny to find yourself around the world again, watching a play about a life, country and society that you grew up with and know all too well. It also makes a change from going to see a lot of plays where Australian actors have to assume American accents to tell U.S. stories. This is what makes this original musical so compelling, and appealing. As a musical it deftly portrays in order, the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, 90s through to the Millenium but as it specifically relates to Australia. The original script is by Joanna Buddee, and the strong major character of Sarah is broadly played by Kadey McIntosh.


It is fascinating to watch your own country evolve through the different decades. Firstly, we are witness to the 50s and 60s, which I can’t say I was present to, but we view the heady rock’n’roll rhythms of the 50s, then the peace and love seeking anthems of the 60s.  For Australia, therefore, the 70s is momentous, as my early childhood has its background setting in the Whitlam era, when it was time for freedom and change. As an X-generationer I might envy too, the job security and free university of the 70’s. Of course I remember the eighties as the background to my adolescence, and its fashions particularly look askew in the context of historical relativity, but along the way we have learnt of the sedate, conservative era of Robert Menzies, who was a leader suited to his particular times, a safe Australia, with wealth and resources. Then, remarkably we hear about the disappearance of the Beaumont children at Glenelg, in Adelaide, an ever deepening mystery, in 1966. Of course 1980 too produces another mystery, that of Azaria Chamberlain at Ayers Rock in central Australia. Remember the celebration of a nation? The stories particular to each era intersect each act, as a social scene is played out, from the Bicentennial celebrations, to Cathy Freeman sprinting to victory in the Sydney Olympics. Then of course the turn of the century, and the Twin Towers crumbling in New York, in the global spectrum.


The noticeable change in fashions is a lesson in life and modernity. Human society is in a state of constant flux, the changing of fashion and sentiment with great pace. Each decade has its own social context, and set of concerns and values. However the human relationship stays a constant, with the central character of Sarah yearning for a relationship, then producing a baby along the way, and finally seeing her father die, which I can relate to, having recently lost a parent. Through the movement of time, we not only change and age, but we lose a few people also. However, the main message is rather interesting, there is great significance in this musical. The study of narrative therapy asks us to look at what aspects of the linear narrative of our lives we have missed, just like we do when we look at a film or a play, in order to fully understand it and ourselves. One Life, No Regrets does exactly that, finding that there is no one perfect moment, or narrative. Life is what it is, and no moment need be changed, yet there may be sense to it, if we fill in the gaps, and contest a different viewpoint.  


One Life No Regrets, Renaissance Theatre Kew, 12-14 May, 2017.

Bachelor of Arts Film and Theatre, Deakin University, Rusden, 1994. Master of Arts Writing and Literature, Deakin University, 2013. Graduate Certificate, Tesol, 2013. Studying Graduate Diploma, Counselling, and Phd preparation, Swinburne University.Published poet, Southerly, national Australian journal.Books written by D.S, Danielle Shelley Carr include Blood for St Valentine, Raiders of the Headland and other stories, Blom-A Woman's Journey, and Ellipse, a collection of her poetry, also translated into Swedish and becoming available in Stockholm Public Library.Completed thesis, Psychological Reflections on Post-Modernist Gothic Literature available at Deakin University library.Danielle has worked as an English as second language teacher at Deakin University.

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The world’s grandest production of the Tchaikovsky Russian classic, SWAN LAKE arrives in Melbourne on April 20 for 5 performances only!

A company of 80 dancers with 48 beautiful swans will grace the stage of Australia’s most lavish and prized theatre, the Regent Theatre, in an unforgettable night at the ballet. Performed by the world renowned Shanghai Ballet and directed by former artistic director of the English National Ballet, Derek Deane, this is a spectacular production.

If you only see one ballet this year, make it the Grand Version of SWAN LAKE!

Regent Theatre, Melbourne VIC from Fri 21 – 24 Apr 2017, different times

For tickets:

Brilliantly observed, ever-evolving stand-up from acclaimed star of Live at Apollo, Royal Variety, Channel and Sunday Night at the Palladium, JIMEOIN!

ACMI, Flinders Street, VIC this Sun 2 Apr 2017, 07:15 PM

For tickets visit:


‘Jimeoin recalls the familiar at a fantastically silly level, boiling his audience down to a tear-filled, gibbering mess’ – Scotland on Sunday

‘Classic nonsense…Stand-up comedy at its best’ – The Scotsman


The House of Food and Wine

A unique addition this year and the home of our Festival. Features a bar, laneway, gallery and private dining space. We’re throwing open our doors and welcoming you to our house for the 10 days of the Festival. 

Tucked down a laneway in Melbourne’s CBD, the House of Food & Wine is just like a real home, with dining and lounge rooms – even a gallery. We’re hosting sit-down dinners, wine tastings and block parties, and our bar will be open from midday every day. Make our home yours over the 10 days of the Festival.

at 361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000  Continue reading

In a postmodern approach to the famed work of ‘The Bard of Avon’, the Melbourne Shakespeare Company presents a contemporary take to The Comedy of Errors. There is much buffoonery in this adaptation, one that engages the audience with its madness, creative use of outdoor space at Siteworks in Brunswick and droll singing by a four-man band in lavish make-up and floral costume.

Applying postmodernism as a 20th century style and concept in literature, the creative arts and criticism, the play puts new wine in old skins with contemporary music but stays true to the language of auld. It embraces new ways of thinking in borrowing, reusing and remixing older ideas to generate new art.

The cast is energetic, fervent in drawing audience participation and mirth. We find stimulation in Adriana and her tentacle-like clutch on her husband(s); in the twins Antipholus of Ephesus and Antipholus of Syracuse and their eccentricities during a terrible mix-up; in the two Dromios and their fumbling and bafflement; in the duke and his stern measure of judgement; in the abbess and her wall-shattering croon; in the officer of the law and his ineptitude; and in the equally enchanting merchant who might just lose his head, in the courtesan and her gleaming eye for gold; and in the rest of the cast and their gleesome appearance.

In suggestions for refinement, a restrained version that is less dramatised and contains subdued make-up might make this inventive performance more plausible. Nevertheless, the flamboyant rendition tickles out hearty laughter and potentially some farts!

The passage of time has not affected the constant demand for the playful Bard’s work, and the muse he still casts upon us. In this side-splitting performance of one of William Shakespeare’s assorted comedies, the Melbourne Shakespeare Company brings to life the enormous pleasure the playwright must have had in crafting this play.

Running until 2 April 2017.

See what else the Melbourne Shakespeare Company has in store for you.


Photo credit: Burke Photography.

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

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The most unfestive event of the year! Rules for Living is a performance that breaks every fourth wall, rocks every family value. Tinsel and foil are never more claustrophobic, a place called home never grimmer. Joyous suffering. Merry havoc.

In an Australian Premiere by British playwright Sam Holcroft and director Kim Farrant, Rules for Living is a movie-length show that is utterly outrageous, delightfully wicked. Anarchy at Yuletide, a witty take on the mundane.

There is much love lost in a family in disarray, a household ribboned in compound crises. Soaring dissent and a culture of keeping it under the carpet, if you have nothing decent to say, why say anything at all?

Writer Holcroft is a dramatist enamoured with the interplay of human relationships. Herein she closely interrogates the psychology of us, the animal in you. In an intersection between creativity and research, she plays out her experiment, goes public on live stage.  Family has never been more endangered, ideals never more extinct. There is nothing unfounded in the neuroses: happiness is totally banned, goodwill fully rationed.

As a teleprompt tings! and the fourth wall comes alive, one by one, family members unveil a new skillset to outrank the ludicrous. Carrie must stand and jig around to tell a joke. Edith must clean and self-medicate to keep calm. Sheena must drink and interrupt to contradict. Adam must effect an accent to mock. Matthew must sit and eat to tell a lie. Rules layer as we go.

Director Kim Farrant puts to fine use a talent that has seen her work with renowned actors like Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving and Joseph Fiennes in films like rural outback drama Strangerland (2015). She directs this dramatic feature that embarks on the quirks of a dysfunctional family. The play is melodramatic, both raucously funny and intensely sad. Family secrets come undone, what is not said shouts out loud in obsessive compulsion.

It doesn’t get worse than Xmas horribilis. Or does it? A tyrannical dad now incapacitated. A neurotic mum still untameable. Rivalry between siblings ensnared by a green-eyed sweetheart, the coveting of another’s wife and matrimony on the rocks. Throw the kitchen sink at it, nothing will fix this.

Mince pies fly, maudlin tears flow. There is no smoke screen to save you. This affecting drama is relatable to anyone enmeshed in domestic politics. Joy to the world, just not to this household! You cannot judge people by their worst moments – perhaps there is hope still for the family.

As for Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre, it is yet to disappoint. In partnership with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the play features ensemble members Rory Kelly and Caroline Lee alongside guest actors including Jessica Clarke, Mark Dickinson, Jem Nicholas, Ian Rooney, Ella Newton and Lily McCarthy.

Now showing at Red Stitch until 16 April.

Set and Costumes: Sophie Woodward

Lighting: Clare Springett

Sound: Daniel Nixon

Production Manager: Shae Attril


Photo credit Teresa Noble

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

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A heightened sense of anticipation. A silent presence on stage: the silhouette of a dancer in a translucent sarong; knee down on the dim lit floor against the backdrop of ebony and ivory decor. A new dancer glides to full view. Dynamic music comes to life as the beacon lights upon another creature. She reads out words in a foreign tongue. The dancer spasms and gyrates with each sound.

The dancers’ motions are full of grace, acrobatic, most nimble. Mist, or is it fog? It billows across the arena. Inside the music, a jangle of keys. Metal. A hammer on a rock. Stone. A running stream. Water. The whisper of a breeze. Air. Yes, sounds of the real world.

More dancers float on stage. A beam of light casts its tender gaze upon a mirror. And what is that? It’s a water trough. Illusion. Pathos in the dance story, an interpretive telling in a world of few words. What’s that? Controlled discord.

And now a synchrony of movement, continuous, seamless. Drums. Body, against body, continuous, seamless. Drums. The music builds to a crescendo. Sweat, athleticism. Bodies lusty, kinetic. There is rawness in the movement, it’s like a river dance. Sweat, athleticism. Drums. Each creature is individual yet part of a mesmeric whole. Nudity in a culminating scene.

Under the direction of Anouk van Dijk, Chunky Move dance artists present a new choreography of motion and space. The solidity of an unbending setting offers a stark divergence from the focused, ethereal performance in sync with the theme: anti-gravity. Bodies and space.

The program makes clever use of props (smoke, rocks, mirrors, water) and a talented cast in a successful union of dance, sound, lighting and illusion. As bodies slither, shift, rock and bound in fluid execution that transverses the stage, there is ingenious synchrony of slow motion and fast pace, etching into the performance a quality that renders it visually stimulating.

In an elegant program brochure, director van Dijk explains his collaboration with Singaporean visual artist and filmmaker Ho Tzo Nyen – with his unique process of deep distillation, meticulous preparation and utter refinement – to fashion

‘a work on stability and transience, on isolation and connection, a journey of sweat, labour and conquering.’

There are moments of snail where the music could surge to an exultant expression of sound and body. But in a provocative loop that spheres you around an hour, and plus, there is much intensity to hook – whether you have a trained or untrained eye on the technicalities of dance. To unlovers of ballet or slow body dance, this is a highly evocative contemporary piece whose aesthetic, fervour and vigour that just might turn you.

Now showing at Malthouse Theatre until 26 March.


Concept, Choreography & Direction/Anouk Van Dijk

Co-Creator & Concept / Ho Tzu Nyen

Visual Design/ Ho Tzu Nyen, Paul Jackson, Anouk van Dijk

Lighting Design/ Paul Jackson

Composition & Sound Design/ Jethro Woodward

Costume Design/ Harriet Oxley

Performed By / James Batchelor, Marlo Benjamin, Sarah Ronnie Bruce, Tara Jade Samaya, Niharika Senapati & Luigi Vescio

Photo credit: Pippa Samaya

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger “will be back” and attending the Arnold Classic Australia again in 2017.

It is shaping up to be bigger than ever. Come along to 3 non-stop days for the latest in entertainment, sporting events, supplements, fitness equipment, apparel and more. Entertainment areas that host unique, non-stop competitions and entertainment that combine to make the Arnold Classic Australia the heart of the Arnold Classic Multi Sport Festival Weekend.

The Arnold Classic Australia to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on March 17, 18 and 19, is the nation’s largest sport and fitness expo. It not only entertains but also showcases leading sports, businesses and organisations..

The entertainment areas host the Arnold Strongman Classic and prejudging for the, Bikini International, Figure International and for the first time in Australia, Fitness International competitions. The Supergym and Seminar area is host to a huge array of industry experts and sporting hall of famers that cannot wait to share their stories with you.

Other highlights include a World Class Strongman Event, Arnold Weightlifting & Powerlifting, Arnold Armwrestling, the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding finals and a whole lot more. Our Martial Arts area will also host more than 10 disciplines that will involve and entertain thousands.

You do not want to miss this event. Invite your friends and make it a weekend to never forget.

For tickets:

Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix is coming to Melbourne!

From March 23-26, 2017, the F1® season will bring with it new regulations that will introduce wider and faster cars with experts tipping them to be up to 5 seconds faster per lap. With plenty of on and off track entertainment to keep the whole family entertained, it’s the perfect day out.

Plus, book before 28 January, 2017 and discounted General Admission tickets and with kids 14 and under FREE*, now is the time to secure your spot to the biggest pop up race in the world.

Tickets are on sale now, get yours today –

Since making it’s way down under just over a year ago, Teeling Whiskey has become the fastest growing Irish whiskey brand in the country.

Shooting into the spotlight after winning multiple world-class awards, young independent producers Jack and Stephen Teeling have expanded their portfolio to introduce their most impressive varieties yet.

This March, Teeling is launching the Teeling Revival Volume II 13 Year Old Single Malt just in time to say sláinte to the Emerald Isle. The Revival II is a limited edition commemorative Single Malt which has been exclusively produced to mark the one-year anniversary of the Teeling Whiskey distillery in Dublin. Ireland’s leading independent whiskey company is also releasing the multi-award winning Teeling 24 Year Old Single Malt, which sits in the Teeling’s World’s Rarest Irish Single Malt Collection, alongside the other new release, the 33 Year Old, believed to be the world’s oldest bottling of Irish Single Malt recently released.

Teeling’s new whiskey varieties will be available in Australia from early March at Dan Murphy’s and selected independent retailers, bars and special St Patrick’s Day events in Melbourne and Sydney.

Teeling Whiskey 33 Year Old
Teeling Whiskey 33 Year Old

Teeling events in Sydney and Melbourne


St Patrick’s Day Eve Party

When: 7pm, Thursday 16 March

Where: Bar 1806, 169 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

What: An evening of appreciation for Teeling Whiskey with cocktails on arrival, sharing boards and canapes, and a tasting of four Teeling whiskies including a new limited edition

Tickets: $60 per person. Bookings essential via


St Patrick’s Day Party

When: 5pm – 5am, Friday 17 March

Where: Loch and Key, Upstairs at 34 Franklin Street, Melbourne

What: A party filled with Teeling Whiskey drink specials, cocktails, shots and boilermakers, with a savvy Irish inspired menu and live Irish music including a performance from The Ramshackle Army. There will be prizes for best dressed and competition winners for those looking to get in the festive spirit of St Patrick’s Day, and generally all round great craic throughout the night.

Tickets: Free entry



Irish Whiskey Fair 2017

When: 3:00pm-7:30pm, Wednesday 13 March

Where: The Wild Rover, 75 Campbell Street, Surry Hills

What: The Teeling Whiskey portfolio will be showcased as part of the inaugural Irish Whiskey Fair, where guests can sample the finest in Irish Whiskey to get in the St Patrick’s Day spirit.

Tickets: Tickets start at $20 and can be booked via:


A Taste of Ireland

When: 6pm, Wednesday 15 March

Where: City Tattersalls, 194-204 Pitt Street, Sydney

What: Taste your way around the Emerald Isle in an evening of Teeling Whiskey appreciation where guests will sample a selection of Teeling Whiskeys paired with Irish themed canapes.

Tickets: Tickets are $25 and include tasting four whiskies, bookings via

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The colour and excitement of Aladdin the musical has arrived in Australia!

Broadway’s new musical comedy is now playing at The Capitol in Sydney and will soon come to Melbourne at Her Majesty’s Theatre from 15th April 2017!

For tickets:



“Aladdin is the must-see show of the year and “Broadway’s biggest new hit!” – Entertainment Weekly

From the producer of The Lion King and Mary Poppins, the beloved story of Aladdin comes to thrilling theatrical life in this bold new musical comedy. The New York Times says it’s “Fabulous!” and “Extravagant!” and USA Today calls it “Pure Genie-us!”

With exhilarating choreography, show-stopping production number and astonishing visual effects, Disney’s Aladdin is, as NBC-TV declares, “Exactly what you wished for!”

There were 3 Aussie medals on Day 1 of Finals at the 2017 World Cup Gymnastics Melbourne!

Emily Little and Naomi Lee landed 2nd and 3rd places last night’s Vault Finals event behind Rio Olympic Vault Finalist, China’s Yan Wang.




Whilst Rianna Mizzen was 3rd on Uneven Bars event.


Day 2 of the Finals today at HiSense Arena from 6pm, make sure you’re watching and cheering on the Aussies!

Tickets at

As a part of the International Gymnastics Federation’s (FIG) new World Cup format, Australia will host a stop on the Individual Apparatus World Cup circuit for both Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. Athletes from nine countries including Olympic Gold Medallists from Rio and London will compete across two days of Qualifiers on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 February. The top eight athletes on each apparatus will then advance to the Finals which will be held on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 February.

You can purchase tickets here

The Carlton Football Club has made it two out of two with a come from behind victory over the Greater West Sydney Giants at Ikon Park yesterday!

Carlton’s Darcy Vescio and Brianna Davey were instrumental in the win, combining for 25 disposals, 7 marks and 2 goals.

The Blues finish with a three-goal lead in the final term of the match to claim a 13-point win over the Giants 47 – 34.

Catch all the photos and story in our upcoming Melbourne Magazine!

KISSKILL Valentines Day Runway was a huge success!

KISSKILL had a little celebration of love & lingerie last Thursday February 9th at their new shop located at 509 Chapel Street, South Yarra where they showcased a preview of their 2017 lingerie collection on the runway.

Visit their website for more details at

Rebecca Mayo reflects on the history of the Heide site in an installation for ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017, opening in the Project Gallery on 4 March. 

Rebecca Mayo’s prints and textiles connect her interests in sustainable practices, local ecologies and forgotten printmaking techniques. For this exhibition she has made a series of cloth sandbags printed using eighteenth century Toile de Jouy methods and dyes made from indigenous and introduced plants, which are stacked to form a wall in the exhibition space. Under the gaze of Yingabeal—the Wurundjeri songline tree that has for centuries stood sentinel on the land—the sandbags symbolise an environmental crisis point and highlight the cumulative impact of everyday and habitual activities.

Rebecca Mayo’s work has been supported by an Australian Postgraduate Award through the School of Art, Australian National University.

Located in Heide III, the Kerry Gardner & Andrew Myer Project Gallery displays exhibitions that expose audiences to new and innovative developments in art. Such exhibitions foster contemporary art and support an artist by assisting them to make new work at a formative stage in their career.

Rebecca Mayo and curator Lesley Harding are available for interview.
High-res images are available upon request. 

Rebecca Mayo: Habitus
Kerry Gardner & Andrew Myer Project Gallery

4 March – 18 June 2017

Sunday 5 March, 2pm
Artist Rebecca Mayo discusses the work and themes in her installation with curator Lesley Harding.
Included with admission

Sunday 14 May, 2pm
Listen to artist Rebecca Mayo and CEO of CLIMARTE Guy Abrahams discuss the role that art can play in creating community and raising awareness of the implications of climate change.
Included with admission

Sunday 14 May, 10am – 12pm 
Take part in an art project this Mother’s Day. Help artist Rebecca Mayo complete a mystery sentence by dyeing squares of fabric in colours made from the plants in the Heide garden. Each square reveals a letter that contributes to some words of wisdom.

March With Me to see nearly 300 participants cross the finish line together after walking 116kms.
Further than the Oxfam Trailwalker Trek, March With Me is an annual walk that sees nearly 300 participants collectively walk 116kms from Portsea to Port Melbourne to raise awareness for youth mental health.
Ex AFL player and founder of youth mental health foundation Love Me Love You, Lance Picioane said the foundation’s annual ‘March With Me’ walk deviates from other charity fun runs and walks that people are often accustomed to as there is no winner or personal best to beat.
“As much as most charity walks and fun runs support worthy causes, there’s something about them that can make people, especially participants, feel that they aren’t necessarily supported. The whole idea behind March With Me is that we’re doing the walk together because March With Me symbolises the challenges that we’re going through in life and doing it together is how we get through things. There’s no race component because everyone is a winner and the hardest things you’ll ever do are the things you do by yourself,” said Lance.

Participants have the choice of joining March With Me for the full journey over two days (116kms), for one day (54kms) or for a half day(16kms).
“The funds that are raised from March With Me allows us to take what we’ve achieved with the walk to the general public and helps us get a support system in place for other young people going through a mental illness,” said Lance.
In 2016 March With Me raised over $200,000, which helped to deliver nearly 11,000 educational experiences to young Australians. Lance said the experiences provided to young Australians create a framework that can be shared among other community members. “While fundraising walks do provide funds for various initiatives and illnesses, many people lose sight of the real impact that charities have in the lives of others while completing their walk or run. “It has become such an individualistic activity when in reality fighting diseases, poverty and illness is not a competition at all and requires the united effort of many. “Going through these challenges with other people and the support systems available is the key to moving forward; just doing it together creates an understanding of what a supportive community feels like,” said Lance. Love Me Love You hopes to raise $300,000 for March With Me 2017, which will help the foundation to facilitate mental health education presentations and wellbeing workshops to schools and sporting clubs around Australia. For more information, please visit

Media Contact
Greenpoint Media Nicola Trotman


Melbourne – From January 20 – March 26 2017, Flemington Racecourse
Perth – From April 13 2017, Belmont Park Racecourse, Victoria Park Drive (off Farmer Freeway), Burswood

Cirque du Soleil have arrived in Melbourne with a new production, KOOZA!

One of the most acrobatically breathtaking shows in the Cirque du Soleil stable, KOOZA is a colourful, sparkling homage to the traditions of circus and combines thrilling acrobatics with the art of clowning. KOOZA will open under the famous blue-and-yellow Big Top at Flemington Racecourse on Friday January 20, 2017.

KOOZA opened to rave reviews and a standing ovation in Brisbane recently. The Courier Mail said, “This is Cirque du Soleil’s pinnacle… so spectacular, so obviously death-defying, so totally insane that I found myself with my hands over my face. We all love Cirque du Soleil but this time they have outdone themselves. And I haven’t laughed so much in ages.”

Over 7 million people around the world have already enjoyed the magic, wonder and incredible feats of KOOZA.

Tickets: or by phone on toll free 1800 036 685.

Opening night of The Way Things Work at Chapel off Chapel promises a night by night crowded house for the invigorating talents of its two-man cast.

In a powered yet personal appeal Minister Barlow opens the first act: a last ditch effort to sway the Royal Commission on public accountability and a tunnel deal gone awry. It unfolds a series of events that unveil the charisma of personal gain, a chilling gaze at human nature.

In an intimate setting and a crucifixion of democracy, this satire is awash with wit, drama and tension as overalls replace men in suits and prison torpedoes a private construction company. Special concrete: the world is rutted with sleaze.

Multi-award winning director Aidan Fennessy renders the best form of his vision in commandeering a Spartan set and effortless costumes that reek with treachery. Easy props and outfit changes between acts are an integral routine to a bop of animated music.

The three-act performance is reminiscent of the story cycle in the literary world – linked stories that relay subversive ideas without alienating the audience. It mansions stories within a story, narratives paved with recurring themes and events.

Not a whisper in the crowd, just guffaws – collective.

The Victorian premiere of The Way Things Work is affecting, uproarious and continually fascinating. It spotlights the rare talents of ensemble cast member Joe Petruzzi, who belts a number of television and film credits, and guest actor Peter Houghton, who is also an award winning playwright and director.

Curtain call. The house staggers with ovation.

There are not enough bows to satiate the crowd’s awe.

More applause.

With this brand new offering Red Stitch compounds its umpteen years of gripping playlists to an eager throng. The Way Things Work is running until March 5th.


Photos by Teresa Noble




Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

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Australia’s best Dodgeballers showdown for the Championship!

The day has finally arrived for the much awaited inaugural Australian Dodgeball League (ADL) National Championships! This is all about a Victorian team vs NSW team showdown of the year!

The top 4 teams from each league is facing off against each other in what will only grow to be one of the biggest events of this sports season!

Represented by:
Bundoora Pirates (Champions)
Doncaster Demons (Runners Up)
Rowville Reapers
Brunswick Beavers
Represented by:
Concord Coyotes (Champions)
Burwood Badgers (Runners Up)
Liverpool Lightning
Campbelltown Crushers

Come on down and support your favourite dodgeballers from around the country.

The ADL National Championships will be held at MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center), 30 Aughtie Drive South Melbourne with matches starting TODAY 4th February at 10:30am and concluding at 5:00pm.

For tickets visit:

Make a date with Cupid for Valentine’s Day weekend 2017!

The course is only a kilometre long, so bring your family, friends and colleagues, and make it a weekend to remember!

Cupid’s Undie Run is a 1km run in your undies through the busy streets of 14 cities across Australia on Valentine’s weekend (19th Feb Sunday) with all proceeds benefiting the Children’s Tumour Foundation of Australia.

Patrons will be running in their colourful undies to raise $375,000 for kids and families living with Neurofibromatosis (NF).

Join in and take part in the best, craziest thing you’ve ever done!

To register visit:

*Please note this event is for over 18s only.

The Victorian Hot Rod Show has been the longest running exhibit at the Exhibition Buildings in Carlton!

Traditionally held over the Australia Day long weekend each year, it is enjoyed by up to 25,000 visitors over the three days and it’s a ‘must do’ to many in the general public!

For many people, hot rods and customised cars are an obsession – a curious status symbol that gives them and others a special thrill every time they look at it. For others, they are just cars albeit vehicles of vintage class and style that always turn heads. The hot rod is a classic and these vehicles, gleaming and polished to perfection; hold a special place in the hearts of many.

Each year, as the show approaches, enthusiasts from all around Australia spend hours in their garages getting cars into show-worthy condition. For the real enthusiasts, showing a car is often a family occupation – mum, dad and the children all spend evenings in the garage ensuring their car will look the part and be admired by others.

For more information visit

Door Times:

20 Jan 2017 Friday – 12pm to 10pm

21 Jan 2017 Saturday – 10am to 10pm

22 Jan 2017 Sunday – 10am to 6pm

For tickets visit

Having goofed about out yonder, New York based couple Christina Gelsone and Seth Bloom arrived in Melbourne and set it aroar. Air Play is a charismatic, family pleasant escapade that tickles you to hiccups.

Bring your imagination. Awake thine inner child! Arrive at the most heart-warming conditions even as you guffaw in tears. The show opens with a melodious Eastern number that radically shifts in bounds and rumbas to something bouncy.  In a witty pantomime reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin’s silent pictures, Gelsone and Bloom do mimetic routines to surreal and then irreverent music.

How sharp the improvisation, it allures the audience. Kites, silk, feathers, balloons, umbrellas and snow cartwheel in the air as the artists map sentiment on stage in a visually delightful performance.

Lookout for twinkles in a space number and one rib cracking, spine bending enter-the-balloon act in a slapstick rigmarole full of light and shade.

The circus-like act marries a gifted use of music and body language to draw attention to play, and no spectator is immune. In a split second, it might be you.

Audience participation is mandatory and nothing is out of bounds. So if shy is your middle name, stick to the rear or mask yourself as a beanbag. If you find yourself handpicked and face to face with your earnest dread, it’s impossible to predict what’s in store for you. In an ultimate gesture of submission, just go with it.

Air Play is a one-hour show for kiddies and grownups alike.

The show is accessible at the State Theatre in the Arts Centre on the cusp of Melbourne’s cbd. Running until 22 January 2017.

Conceived and created by Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone
Performed by Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone
Air Sculptures in collaboration with Daniel Wurtzel
Directed by West Hyler


Photo credit: Florence Montmare

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

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The Square, 4 – 15 January 2017, from 10am – 8pm (50 minute sessions, last slide starts at 7pm)

Get your tix to the Slide the Square and enjoy slip ‘n’ slide fun at Fed Square this summer!

‘Park, slide, eat and drink’ your way around the square! Don’t forget to pack bathers or a change of clothes because you will get wet! Make a day of it!

Providing 75 metres of slip ‘n’ slide fun, Slide The Square is here for just 12 days in January. What a way to escape the city heat! Bring your friends and family for a wet and wild ride down the slope of The Square. We’ll have change rooms for you to use on site.

For safety reasons, all participants must be at least 110cm (3 feet and 7 inches ) tall to slide and make sure you read the conditions of attendance before entering the slide.

Tickets available from Ticketmaster or by calling 13 61 00! Note: To book the 10am session please call Ticketmaster.

Why not surprise your family and friends with tickets this Christmas? They are the perfect gift for all ages!

Casablanca Events is proud to present:

Melbourne Latin Summer Festival 2017 (Free Entry)
Where: Walker Fountain (King’s Domain) – Royal Botanical Gardens
On St Kilda Rd across from the National Gallery of Victoria. (Ref. Tom’s Block)
When: Saturday 7th of January, from 12:00pm to 11:00pm

Flavours, aromas, music, dance, culture and passion is taking over the Royal Botanical Gardens in January 2017. This year will be bigger and more exciting than ever!

Melbourne Latin Summer Festival (MLSF) is the continuation of Casablanca Event’s commitment to bring you the best of the Latin American culture to Melbourne. There will be heaps of Cuisine, Art, Music, Night Life (Beer Garden), Entertainment/Activities and much more!!

Bringing to Melbourne the rich and diverse Latin culture through entertainment with more than 100 artists taking over the city. The Iconic Latin Carnival parade will be bigger and louder with inspired performances, circus, musicians and many different styles will be on the menu like Samba, Tango, Salsa, Reggaeton, Cumbia and Bachata to mention some. Including a wide range of dance Latin rhythms classes and a Zumbathon!

12:00pm – Forro Melbourne – Dance Class
1:00pm – Zumba Fun by Party with Latinas – Dance Class
2:00pm – Festival Parade
2:30pm – Juan Carlos Ospina – Salsa Class
4:00pm – Djs
5:00pm – Festival Parade
5:30pm – Djs
11:00pm – Finish

There will be also a Kids area with Face painting, maraca making workshop with waste materials.

More than 20 Vendors providing a wide range of amazing street foods predominantly focused on Latin cuisine, Spanish, Peruvian, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Brazilian inspired dishes all available in one area. There is also a massive Beer Garden with a fully licensed area offering exquisite cocktails and Latino America beer and drinks. Top Latin DJs across the day and night to entertain you!

“Geelong is rich in its basketball history and we hope our fans will come out and support the Melbourne Boomers team, and of course we hope to build a whole new fan base amongst the Geelong community,” said Coach Guy Molloy.

Tickets are now on sale for Saturday’s game and can either be purchase at the door prior to the 7:30pm tip-off.

WHAT: Boomers In Geelong

WHEN: Saturday January 7

WHO: Deakin Melbourne Boomers vs Adelaide Lightning

WHERE: The Arena, Geelong

TIME: 7:30pm tip-off

TICKETS: At the door or pre-purchase online HERE.

Performing in Sydney!

Venue: Sydney Lyric

Dates: 19 – 24 December 2016

Hailed around the globe, the internationally acclaimed St Petersburg Ballet have announced that they will perform two of their classic full-length productions – THE NUTCRACKER and SWAN LAKE in Melbourne in December 2016.

Russia’s critically acclaimed St Petersburg Ballet returns to Australia with two magnificent Tchaikovsky ballets in one thrilling season. The immortal Swan Lake and the beloved Christmas special The Nutcracker. With lavish sets, glorious costumes, a company of 60 and Tchaikovsky’s immortal score, audiences will once again embrace the majesty of Russian classical ballet at its best.

THE NUTCRACKER is a full-length production that brings to life the magical tale of young Clara and her Nutcracker Prince and their fantastic adventures into a world where dreams come to life.

SWAN LAKE is one of the most beloved ballets in the world and tells the classic love story between Prince Siegfried and the Swan Princess Odette divided by the villainous sorcerer Rothbart in a story where true love conquers all.

The Nutcracker and Swan Lake will be presented at The Plenary at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. This will be the second visit for St Petersburg Ballet at The Plenary, which is a plush, state-of-the-art theatre space that has previously hosted performances by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and other major theatre events.

The 2016 Melbourne season is part of an international tour for St Petersburg Ballet Company that includes performances in Singapore, Macau, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland as well as Adelaide and Sydney.



Vic Beach Volleyball 2016/17 competition and rankings are currently being played at the South Melbourne Beach.

For any queries regarding tournaments, corporate events, coaching or social competitions, ring “Big Al” Lyne at 0422 242 308 or email him at

For more info visit

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**Information on Christmas Markets & ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions below

This festive season, Galleria, a bustling city corner of shops and eateries in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, is celebrating Christmas in a uniquely thoughtful and sustainable way.

Recycled Christmas decorations have been installed throughout the centre utilising reusable materials from retailers and cafés, as well as a giant Melbourne’s Christmas Story book featuring rotating stories of goodwill from Foodbank Victoria, the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Melbourne Animal Rescue and Waverley Industries.

Hide away from Christmas-shopping mayhem and discover simple ways to give back this festive season through free ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions on Thursdays, 15 and 22 December, where Melburnians can listen to Melbourne’s Christmas Story, learn about unique ways to give a gift to those less fortunate, and discover sustainable ways to celebrate Christmas.

Supporting small Australian business, the Galleria Christmas Market presented by Australian Wine and Food features bespoke food, spirits and wine from southern Australian producers. The market is on from 10am-3pm Thursdays and Fridays until 16 December.

Interior space designer Steph Gooden of One68 recently completed furnishing the ambience upgrade of the centre’s atrium food court. Taking inspiration from the design aesthetic of the new look, Steph designed the Recycled Christmas decorations and Melbourne’s Christmas Story in consultation with Galleria.

“Australians are producing an increasing amount of waste, and are set to spend a record $48 billion on Christmas this year. So we thought of the idea to recycle reusable materials from our retailers for this year’s Christmas decorations. We also wanted to invoke the Christmas spirit of goodwill, which is how Melbourne’s Christmas Story eventuated,” says Lisa Fleming, Galleria’s Regional Centre Manager.

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Following a hugely popular season last summer, QV Melbourne’s Outdoor Cinema has returned this summer with another program full of Melbourne’s favourite things: live entertainment, free cocktails, special food, red carpets, instafamous dogs, charity screenings, a film festival and more.

Melbourne’s only silent cinema is located on the open air Astroturf square in the heart of the precinct. One of the city’s most affordable outdoor cinemas, QV Outdoor Cinema’s $12 ticket includes deckchair seating and high quality headphones for every audience member.

Pre film dining is easy at QV, whether it’s a wrap from Schnitz, a Movenpick ice cream, a dark hot chocolate from Max Brenner, or a modern Asian dinner at Red Spice QV, audiences will be spoilt for choice before settling into the intimate 80-seat deckchair and beanbag cinema. 

Sessions begin at 8:30pm Thursday to Sunday nights right through until 26 February.

Sessions and events read on

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RAW is an indie arts organisation for artists, by artists. We focus on spotlighting indie underground talent to the public. Every second month we hand-select and showcase 40+ artists in film, fashion, music, visual art, photography, performing art, hair and make up for a one night creative explosion!

Tickets for our MOTIF showcase are on sale now!

Tickets: $20 (+bf) pre sale or $25 (cash only) on the door.

More info at

The Victoria Uni Blues have won an unprecedented fourth women’s Australian Volleyball League finals!

Whilst the Queensland Pirates have reclaimed the Australian Volleyball League title after a perfect finals series defeating Canberra Heat 3-0 in the grand finals!

More photos from RGT Photography and stories in our upcoming issue, stay tuned!


The Sydney Flames went head to head against the Melbourne Boomers at the State Basketball Centre and held off a late comeback from the Boomers to finish with an important 80-71 victory!

Leilani Mitchell (25 points, four rebounds, five assists) and Jennifer Hamson (19 points, 11 rebounds) provided the offensive firepower for the Flames, while Lauren Nicholson’s near double-double (11 points, 8 rebounds) off the bench was extremely handy in keeping the Boomers at bay.

Leilani played for the Australian Opals, WNBA playoff games, in the recent Rio Olympics and with Washington Mystics.

For up-to-date stats, fixtures and tickets visit


Join us at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre this weekend as Australia’s best volleyballers battle it out for the championship!

Uni Blues will be red-hot favorites to win a fourth consecutive title, after finishing the season home-and-away season unbeaten. The Victorian team had a 3-1, 3-0 win over Adelaide Storm in South Australia, and will now face the Sydney Amazons in the semi-finals.

The Queensland Pirates Men will be hunting to reclaim their title from 2013 and 2014, while the Women will be looking to recreate their success of 2012. With the Women on 10/0 and the Men on 13/1 win/loss records, the Pirates are poised for a huge finals series! The Queensland Pirates will take on the VVA Vultures in one semi-final, after the Victorian team fell over the line despite posting two 3-0 losses to the WA Hornets on the weekend.

The Sydney Amazons have ended the unbeaten run of the Queensland Pirates in the women’s Australian Volleyball League, and in doing so have booked themselves a place in this week’s finals, capping an incredible debut season for the new team.

The WA Pearls posted two comfortable 3-0 wins over the Victoria Volleyball Academy or VVA Vultures to lock up second place on the ladder and a semi-final match-up against the Pirates in Melbourne on Saturday, December 3. The Adelaide Storm will take on the Canberra Heat in this week’s other semi-final.

Tickets of Finals on Sunday are $5 at the door while entry is free on Saturday’s semis.

Do you know that Figure Skating was the first winter sport accepted by the Olympics in 1908?

In 2016, the Australian Figure Skating Championships 2016 has been awarded to Ice Skating Victoria which will be sharing this national event with the broader skating community!

Ice Skating Victoria has exciting things planned for the 2016 championships and is looking forward to seeing Australia’s best skate it out in November. It will be the third time since the O’Brien Group Arena (formerly Medibank Icehouse) opened, that Victoria will host the event.  Prior to the 2010 championships at Medibank Icehouse, the event had not been held in Victoria since 1999.

The Australian Figure Skating Championships are being held from Saturday, 26th November through to Friday, 2nd December. 2016.

Head down to O’Brien Group Arena this November to witness Australia’s best figure skaters. Purchase your tickets online or at the door.

Photo of Edelstein Valdez, shot by Cezar Abellera

Kirsty Webeck is a Melbourne-based stand up comedian taking the country by
storm. In a short three-year period, she has become a successful touring
comedian and performed alongside some of the biggest names in Australian

Not satisfied with getting to regularly share the stage with her comedy
heroes, she devised 'Kirsty Webeck's Comedy Crushes' to get all of her
favourites together one more time.

This December, she brings together three of her favourite comedians each
night to present you with a huge five night run of stand up comedy. With a
line up including Nath Valvo, Demi Lardner and Geraldine Hickey, to name a
few, this promises to be the stand up event of summer and a brilliant
opportunity to see some of the country's finest comedians warming up for
the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

You can catch Kirsty Webeck at The Butterfly Lounge from the 7th to 11th of December 
at 7pm with each night showcasing three different comedians. Tickets are $28 for concession and 
$32 for full price.

Loop Project Space & Bar’s Electundra Sessions returns. The popular experimental audio-visual night is back! On the first Thursday of every month, Electundra will showcase a series of innovative, live electronic artists and audio-visual producers. We pair innovative musicians with stunning visual artists- brought to you through the aural channels of our lush, brand new Void sound system and our large format, custom built screens.

/// SUPPRESSION \\\ Installation is the debut exhibition performance for collaborating artists Alix Whitelaw Photography and Tamara Violet Partridge.
Exploring visual art, photography and videography in conjunction with music and soundscaping, A.W.P + T.V.P invite you to join us at The Loop Bar on the 1st of December at 8pm to travel into an abstract perception of our current industrial climate. Entry is $5.

Adventurous local pop-up crew, Chapter53 take to Fitzroy again with another multiple course seasonal offering, and this time they are staying plant based- because, Spring.

chap 53 a

Tickets available now through Eventbrite for Chapter53s sophomore event, Spring: In The Garden Of Good & EVOO, to be held in Fitzroy, Sunday November 27. An exploration of Good vs EVOO plant based food and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Following the success of their last event, Winters Burial, in August, the crew from Chapter53 are embarking on a new challenge, a vegetarian degustation using local spring produce challenging because of the strange season it has been, having a direct impact of local farmers and what they have been able to produce and not produce this spring. However, Chapter53 have stayed true to their concept and sourced local producers whose wares they will spin into an elegant dining experience for Melbournians who love something a little bit different.


Chapter53s spring event, Spring: In The Garden Of Good & EVOOoffers up 5 courses with matching wines and in this case, a few alternative drinks make an appearance, including a gin from Yarra Valley, a saison from Alphington, and, as always, another couple of surprises will be in store for their mindful diners.

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The forecast for a sizzling 35  degree day TODAY has seen Kidsafe Victoria issue a  RED ALERT to parents and carers on children being left unattended in cars.  


Jason Chambers, General Manager of Kidsafe Victoria said “The temperature inside a car can be 20-30 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Based on Monday’s forecast, the temperature inside a parked car could easily reach over 50 to 60 degrees degrees in a matter of minutes.

“Small children are particularly at risk because they can lose fluid quickly, become dehydrated and suffer from heatstroke which can be life threatening”, said  Mr Chambers.

It is recommended that on days of extreme heat, parents try to plan their car trips during cooler periods of the day if possible and always provide plenty of cool water and fluids for children during the journey

Kidsafe Victoria is continuing to use social media to spread lifesaving information about the dangers of leaving children unattended in cars to parents and the wider community, through community groups, local government, and early childhood centres.     

We are asking these groups to download and share the free fact sheet and  infographics to help raise awareness of how quickly the temperature can rise inside a parked car and the potentially life threatening situation that this can result in for children who are left unattended.

It is very easy to tell that Polo runs through the veins of Janek Gazecki. His passion is clearly evident when he talks about the sport which he has dedicated his life to. Gazecki’s event, Polo in the City, is now a renowned event which has been duplicated around the world. Polo in the City is an event which runs throughout the cities of Australia and aims to bring the sport to the forefront of everyone’s radar. Land Rover is proud to team up with Polo in the City as a major sponsor and bring spectators a day comprising of Polo matches fashions on the fields, DJ’s, food and drinks. The main attraction of the day, and one which keeps everyone captivated, is the Polo matches themselves.


Spectators are commonly blown away by the calibre of the players, with many not knowing that Polo is a contact sport with players travelling up to 50km/hr whilst tackling each other on horseback. This year, Polo in the City will continue to hold two exhilarating matches throughout the day. In conjunction with the polo matches, there will be fashions on the field for men and women sponsored by Politix and Chadstone respectively. The Somersby Lounge is a new addition to the Polo in the City this year, and it provides ticket holders with a chance to meet the players, enjoy a DJ and watch the game from the comfort of a shaded lounge. 


Janek Gazecki’s main aim of Polo in the City is to keep the focus on the game. Gazecki has spent his life playing the sport and loves it. He could not understand why no one was watching Polo matches, therefore, his creation for the Polo in the City events were born. The sport started off as an exercise for the Persian cavalry and has evolved into the sport that we see today. For Saturday’s event, the type of Polo played is called Urban Polo, which simply creates a game that all viewers can enjoy. However, the crux of the game is still evident with four players per side. Gazecki insists that Polo is not simply the famous images of Prince Harry and James Packer, but rather, it is a fast-paced sport with every match producing a range of different dramas. The Polo that will be played on Saturday has been adapted into a spectator sport with the pitch size decreased to ensure that you are captivated by every moment of the matches.

For the future, Gazecki is amid exciting talks to create a world circuit event, with legitimate national teams playing around the world. Janek Gazecki has revolutionised the game of Polo so that everyone can enjoy the sport as much as he does. Land Rover’s Polo in the City is shaping up to be an extraordinary event not to be missed out.

IMAGE - Land Rover Polo in the City_Image Lucas Dawson_29.11.15(3)

IMAGE - Land Rover Polo in the City_Image Lucas Dawson_29.11.15

Photo credits: Karon Photography and Lucas Dawson Photography

Currently studying Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) and Diploma of Languages (French) at RMIT University in Melbourne. Job aspirations include making a difference in the world through writing.

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Set against the elegant backdrop of Kooyong’s famous lawn courts, the Priceline Pharmacy Kooyong Classic is one of the most stylish events on the summer social calendar!

Aussie favourite Bernard Tomic, 2016 Kooyong champion and world number 12 David Goffin of Belgium, and long-time top tenner Richard Gasquet of France are the first three players to confirm their participation in the 2017 Priceline Pharmacy Kooyong Classic. Also Australia’s Ajla Tomljanovic, German Sabine Lisicki and Romanian Sorana Cirstea will play a round robin format which will see a women’s field at the Kooyong event for the first time since 1993 – and the first time ever on the Stadium court!

The traditional pre Australian Open event be held from Tuesday 10 January to Friday 13 January 2017 at the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club.

The premium, boutique nature of Kooyong provides unrivalled corporate entertainment opportunities. With its famously relaxed atmosphere and impeccable service, your guests will enjoy a memorable day at the tennis.

Courtside Suites, only metres from world class players, ensure your guests have the best seats in the house. Stadium Suites, provide a unique birds-eye view of the historic centre court and are perfect for client engagement. All corporate suite holders will receive access to the VIP Kooyong Club located in the vibrant Kooyong Common.

A variety of dining packages are available to suit your needs, ranging from our premium dining experience in the elegant surroundings of the Kooyong Clubhouse to gourmet food hampers and beverages delivered to your suite.

Corporate Suites are priced from $1,650 per day for 8 guests. Please dowload the Corporate Hospitality Brochure here or contact the event manager Jane Orlando at or (03)98641111 for further information.

Tickets can be purchased from Ticketek here.

Blaque Showgirls

In a story of reversed racism, Blaque Showgirls is the most politically incorrect thing since Donald Trump! Disarming the audience with a Welcome to Country (that comes along with jest), it then invites the crowd to act as jury on the verdict of white-as-white Ginny Jones’ (Bessie Holland) desire to belong, to embrace her ‘inner black’ despite the colour of her skin.

Ginny, who has never found recognition in the little town of Chitole (pronounced Chit-ole), is disenchanted when her dance in an audition is met with jeers of ‘white chocolate’ and ‘inside out coconut’. She embarks on a quest to tread in her mother’s footsteps, a mother she has never known, and is convinced that her destiny lies with the Blaque Showgirls in Brisvegas.

Ginny hopes to offer freshness and newness in a place that takes ‘no uglies’, but must first contend with the formidable Chandon (Elaine Crombie) whose entrenched position as lead act in the Emu Dance feeds instant enmity, and with the shady Kyle (Guy Simon) whose hardly masked sexploitation offers Ginny her big break. She forges alliances with Molly (Emi Canavan) at the Sticky Kum Den and with True Love Interest (Guy Simon) at his lean-to at the beach, and finally realises her dream as a showgirl. But it is not without cost to her nature. Ostracised Ginny is a self and another: living inside/outside as a white skinned Indigenous girl. She seeks reinvention, but finds it in disingenuous ways.

Shrewd performances from a multi-persona cast, with rib cracking acts like the ‘Sorry, not sorry’ dance.

The show is riotous and resourceful, breaking the fourth wall with actors, human props and overhead tickers directly interacting with you. It escorts you to queer art, offering queer as a mode of perception, and using humour to explore concepts of identity, otherness and ambiguity. Charging at you from a perspective of engaging with difference, Blaque Showgirls denormalises your expectations by transposing structures of alienation.

The show is not a grim political act that commands solemn respect. But it is an entertaining spectacle that lauds the untraditional. It is an archetypal Nakkiah Lui black comedy where Lui, an Indigenous Australian writer and actor, adopts satire in her unique approach to reconciliation. Here she exposes truths and mistruths about racism.

Kudos to the cast, including director Sara Giles and the back stage creatives whose inputs captivate you with forms of difference.

Now showing at Malthouse Theatre until 4 December.


Photo credit: Pia Johnson

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

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Enjoy a saucy evening in a dimly lit Parisian bar as the aging, exotic and irresistible Bijou weaves her tale. Chrissie Shaw, 72 year old award winning theatre veteran, brings her gem of a cabaret to The Butterfly Club, giving audiences a a rare glimpse into the private and sensual world of an aging woman on the fringes of society.

It’s Paris, 1933. Bijou enters the Bar du Papillon ready to regale the other regulars with her scandalous tales and lurid palm readings. Her glory days are long gone, but she basks in their glow. This bubble is burst as she catches sight of an unflattering photo of herself on the wall.  Who is this ‘Nightmare from Baudelaire’, in tatty fur and fake pearls?  Insulted, she launches into a wild recounting of her life, a tale of seduction, secrets, reinvention and triumph.

Once Queen of the Demi-Monde, Madame Bijou is one of the night people captured in Brassai’s revealing photographs of depression-era Paris.  Chrissie Shaw first glimpsed a photo of her at the National Gallery of Victoria, six years ago.  She was hooked.  She says “since then I have taken an engrossing journey through the streets and tunnels of Paris, its years of turmoil and triumph, a lot of French literature as well as much internet surfing”.

Bijou is a sumptuous feast of Satie, Weill, Lenoir, Hollaender, Bruant, Saint-Saens, Debussy and a tasty tale of love, lust and loss.  Chrissie Shaw is joined by leading accompanist Alan Hicks as the long-suffering bar pianist and occasional reciter of symbolist poetry.

Show Details: Bijou

Dates: 23rd – 27th November

Time: 7 pm

Cost: $25-32

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne



Artefact Theatre Company will present Pulitzer Prize-nominee, Theresa Rebeck’s smart and provocative play SEMINAR: A COMEDY at Chapel off Chapel from 9-26 November 2016.

SEMINAR: A COMEDY is a story of blood, sweat and tears in the writer’s den. Four aspiring young writers pool their money to hire a famous novelist for a series of master classes to learn from a legendary novelist, but their fiction and their egos will be unsparingly dissected before he’s through with them. Ferociously fun and fast-paced with sparkling wordplay, it takes no prisoners.

The San Francisco Chronicle described the play as “furiously funny.” USA Today called it “consistently clever and entertaining” and The Hollywood Reporter said the “tart comedy” is “witty” with “a lip-smacking” lead role in the character of Leonard. Dion Mills will play Leonard, a hard-drinking and oversexed writer who makes ends meet with freelance jobs and pricey seminars. Undeniably charismatic and indisputably harsh, Leonard throws the book at his students in workshops that are punctuated by professional envy, personal jealousy and sexual tension. But can his wandering eye spot real talent?

SEMINAR: A COMEDY was written by the prolific playwright, novelist and TV veteran Theresa Rebeck. In addition to her work as writer/producer for “NYPD Blue” and “Law & Order,” she is known for creating NBC’s “Smash.” The Hollywood Reporter said that “training ground has given her a keen ear for snappy dialogue, and a firm hand at shaping character conflicts.” The New York Times called Rebeck “a canny craftswoman with a sensibility poised somewhere between that of Yasmina Reza (queen of the quick, smart comedy) and Neil Simon (the longest-reigning king of the New York-style one-liner).” The play also features Cazz Bainbridge as Kate, Mark Yeates as Martin, Ra Chapman as Izzy and Darcy Kent as Douglas. The creative team includes Director Matthew Cox and Hugh Stephens is the Set Designer.

  • 9–26 November 2016
  • Performance Schedule: Tues-Sat 8:00pm, Sun 6.30pm, Sat 3:00pm
  • Duration: 2hrs (incl interval)

Artefact Theatre Co. is a Melbourne based independent production company founded by actor/producer Mark Yeates. Its name is derived from the idea that powerful theatre leaves something behind with an audience, buried deep within their minds. At Artefact Theatre, they are committed to producing intelligent, compelling productions that prove that live theatre is an exciting and profound experience.

For more info visit

Bookings: Chapel off Chapel Box Office 03) 8290 7000 |

Suffering from Festival withdraws? Don’t despair, this November Theatre Works presents  exciting new works from Melbourne’s most daring independent theatre makers.

ANIMAL by inFlux | 17 – 27 NOVEMBER
Two sisters prepare themselves for society, one punch at a time. ANIMAL is a dark horror, a minute tale of epic proportions. Developed by theatre makers Susie Dee, Kate Sherman and Nicci Wilks, ANIMAL asks the question: how do women respond to a world that celebrates the brutishness of men? >> Watch the trailer

Theatre Works
14 Acland Street St Kilda 3182


TOM table talks 1

The final restaurant line-up for Taste of Melbourne in Partnership with Electrolux is here, and boy is it a doozy. The worlds greatest restaurant festival runs Thursday 10 Sunday 13 November at Pelican Lawn, Albert Park Lake with the hottest, latest and most critically acclaimed venues serving up sumptuous servings to thousands of guests.

New to the formation are champions of American BBQ in Melbourne, Fancy Hanks; fantastical dessert specialists, Om Nom; two hatted degustation wunderkinds, Lûmé; Melbournes premier gastronomical Grecian temple, Gazi and Peruvian street food from Marea Cevicheria presented by Pastuso.

They join previously announced and highly coveted restaurants: Hotel Jesus, Picketts Deli & Rotisserie, Cumulus Inc., Estelle Bistro, Supernormal, MoVida, The Royal Mail Hotel, Mamasita and Circa, The Prince. This years stellar line-up of 14 restaurants have an incredible eleven hats between them*. Each serve up specialty dishes inspired by the menus from their own venues, as well as exclusive, Icon Dishes that can only be procured at Taste. Each restaurant will also submit a dish in the prestigious Best in Taste Awards, with an overall winner selected by a panel of industry experts on Gala Night, Thursday 10 November.

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To all members of our TAT family, readers and contributors, who celebrate Diwali..

We wish you Safety, Good Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Good Fortune.

May they all be with you in the coming year.


Suffering from Festival withdraws? Don’t despair, this November Theatre Works presents exciting new works from Melbourne’s most daring independent theatre makers.

ANTI-HAMLET by Mark Wilson | 03 – 13 NOVEMBER Presented by the New Working Group ANTI-HAMLET is the final work in Mark Wilson’s trilogy of radical excavations of Shakespeare’s iconic plays. A raucous and ruthless expose of Australia’s cultural and political identity crisis. Starring: Marco Chiappi, Natascha Flowers, Natasha Herbert, Brian Lipson, Marcus McKenzie, Charles Purcell and Mark Wilson.
Theatre Works 14 Acland Street St Kilda 3182

By popular demand, Petrasexual is back this November at The Butterfly Club.

A cabaret that evokes discussion about sex, in a venue at the end of a Melbourne laneway with its cocktail bar full of conversation-starting kitsch. The pairing of venue and performance is a perfect adventure for those on a first date, or wanting a memorable night out with friends. And for those visiting Melbourne for the Spring Racing Carnival, it’s also a great opportunity to get a taste of what the Melbourne arts scene has to offer.

Petrasexual, part of The Butterfly Club 2016 Curated Spring Season, examines a society which often has a narrow definition of sexuality, gender and ‘acceptable behaviour’. Through a hilarious and emotive narrative, Petra reflects on her own less-than-romantic experiences that led to an understanding that everyone’s got their something. At times raw and emotive, it’s also a clever and funny perspective on society that leaves you with a sense of empowerment and pride in your sexuality.

With soulful piano by Adam Rudegeair (The Bowie Project, Lake Minnetonka), who has provided musical direction in both seasons, Petrasexual now welcomes Ben Christensen (Frankie Wants Out, The Bird Conference) to the trio on double bass.

Paired with a bespoke cocktail inspired by the show and crafted by The Butterfly Club’s incredible team, Petrasexual is a smart, sexy and sensational night out for one, two, three or more … there’s no judgement here.  

Show contains brief, partial nudity, and a little bit of blue language.

Presented by

The Butterfly Club

5 Carson Place (Off Little Collins St), Melbourne


Time: 8:30pm

Date: 2-6 November (Wed-Sun)


Phone: 03 9663 8107


Congratulations to our Aussie men’s team who have defeated the USA in the fight for Bronze in the Dodgeball World Championship held at the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Melbourne!



Our women went down to a much stronger USA women team who won last year’s world dodgeball title. The Malaysian women team took gold over Canada while the Canadian men team took gold over their Malaysian counterpart.

Complete story to be published in our Melbourne magazine so stay tuned. Photo credit: Audie De La Pena Photography


To mark Emirates’ milestone of 20 years of operation in Australia, Emirates has aptly announced Australia as the theme of its highly anticipated Birdcage marquee at this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Emirates will welcome guests through the doors of its classic Australian homestead inspired marquee, taking inspiration from its local destinations – Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney – into an interior filled with vibrant flora and fauna including eucalyptus mint, waratahs, kangaroo paws and cockatoos – a true nod to our diverse countryside.

“Emirates wanted to mark its 20-year anniversary of operations in Australia and what better way than bringing Australiana to The Birdcage. We are excited to celebrate the home of the Melbourne Cup Carnival as part of our 13th year as Principal Partner of the Emirates Melbourne Cup, and 19th year of involvement with the Victoria Racing Club,” said Barry Brown, Emirates Divisional Vice President – Australasia.  


To create the design, Emirates has collaborated with Head Designer of Bazmark Inq, Silvana Azzi Heras, who has worked alongside Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin for the past 18 years, to create a classic Australian homestead for Emirates’ guests to enjoy.

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For Home Bakers, Foodies and Dessert Diehards!!


Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd October

Melbourne Convention Centre


Renowned global and Australian chefs, bakers and cake decorators including Paul Joachim (USA), Luke Hines (AUS), Queen Of Hearts Couture Cakes (UK), Elena Duggan (AUS), Frank Camorra (Movida, AUS), and Danielle Gotheridge (UK) will take centre stage to teach and inspire Melburnians, whatever their level of experience.

For the first time in Australia, show enthusiasts can join the worlds speediest chocolate sculptor, Paul Joachim, in a ‘Chocolate Geniusmasterclass. Participantscreativity will be tested in a 3 day workshop learning the methodologies and secrets to carving and manipulating 15kg blocks of chocolate into stunning edible art. Pauls most notable work includes a chocolate sculpture of Robin Williams, LeBron James and a Harry Potter sculpture for J.K Rowling’s birthday as well as many TV appearances. To celebrate the Spring Carnival and all things Melbourne, Paul will also be creating a life size chocolate sculpture of Jockey Michelle Payne throughout the Show.

In keeping with Spring Racing, Danielle Gotheridge will also be creating an amazing racing inspired cake throughout the Show. Meanwhile, MasterChef 2016 winner Elena Duggan will bring her inspirational and artistic talent to Melbourne alongside popular 2016 contestant Harry Foster. Elena and Harry will share skills learnt from some of Australias greatest chefs with showgoers, while Luke Hines will be challenging all the celebrity chefs with his natural, healthy desserts!

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 This year’s SAY CHEESE FESTIVAL will be back bigger and better than ever with a brand new format and over double the amount of exhibitors! Now in its fourth year, the highly anticipated event will spill onto Elizabeth Street and even the Market mezzanine to allow even more cheesy vendors, delicious cheesy dishes, FREE TASTINGS and of course, FREE ENTRY.

 The usual list of Prahran Market Traders will of course be there with fantastic food and beverage offerings…many with a CHEESY theme! 

Check out the list below and get together with your friends to enjoy this fabulous event:

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These are scary times. Donald Trump might actually become president, nobody under 30 can afford a house and if you don’t have a booty like Nicki Minaj you’re actually going to have to work instead of twerk. If “the age of entitlement” is indeed over, then Carla Conlin is ready to throw it a cabaret-style farewell party to end all parties.

Wearing the modern day armour of a fabulous gown and wielding a glass of champagne, Carla explores what it takes to make us happy.  This heroine of Gen Y lays her life on the line as she seeks the truth behind the facebook posts and the idea of the happily ever after.

Drawing on Frank Sinatra, Disney and the NY cabaret scene for musical inspiration, Carla cleverly uses lyrics to explore the theme. Taking a mix of new and well-known songs, she up-cycles and repurposes them to tell some hilarious cautionary tales that will leave you laughing with recognition or squirming in sympathy.

Equal measures biting social commentary and wild pop-soaked cabaret party, Where’s My Pony tears up the inter-generational social contract and throws in in the air like confetti. It suggests that if we are all going to die in debt, we may as well max out our credit cards on excellent champagne, shared with friends, against a background of excellent music.

Carla teams up again with Matthew Carey (The Sound of Music, Grease) as musical Director, having written and performed sell out shows at successive Adelaide Fringe and Adelaide Cabaret Fringe festivals, including a sold out season of Where’s my Pony.



Show Details: Where’s My Pony?

Dates: 23rd – 27th November

Time: 7 pm

Cost: $25-32

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne


Netball Australia is excited to announce the star-studded Australian team that will take to the court for this year’s Fast5 Netball World Series, on October 29 and 30 at Melbourne’s Hisense Arena.


Netball Australia have named a 10-player team for the 2016 Fast5 Netball World Series. The team includes some of Australian netball’s most celebrated players, including six current Australian Diamonds squad members, as well as some of the country’s most promising new talent. Australian Fast5 Team (* denotes current Australian Diamonds squad member):

Erin Bell (NSW, 29)
Courtney Bruce (WA, 22)
Paige Hadley (NSW, 24)*
Kate Moloney (VIC, 23)
Caitlyn Nevins (VIC, 29)*
Susan Pettitt (NSW, 32)*
Kate Shimmin (SA, 24)
Caitlin Thwaites (VIC, 29)*
Gretel Tippett (NSW, 23)*
Jo Weston (VIC, 22)*

In this year’s tournament Australia will take on the world’s best netballing nations; New Zealand, England, Jamaica, Malawi and South Africa.

“We have selected a strong team, boasting impressive talent and versatile combinations, our players are primed and ready to take on the world,” said Australian Fast5 coach, Jane Searle. “The Diamonds are reigning Commonwealth Games and Netball World Cup gold medallists and we are working to join them as Fast5 Netball World Series gold medallists.”

“We can’t wait to play host to the Fast5 Netball World Series this year,” said Netball Australia Chief Executive, Kate Palmer. “This year is the first opportunity for fans to witness netball’s newest format on Australian soil, with two massive days of competition, Hisense Arena will come to life, with electrifying netball and entertainment, that will have fans on the edge of their seats.”


Fast5 netball features dynamic rules changes, including; five players-a-side, shortened quarters, multiple point shots and double point power plays. All six teams will play six 24 minute games across the two-day series, each team will feature on both days of competition and finals will be held on Sunday.

The event offers more than just fast-paced on-court action, bringing dazzling light shows, pumping music and delicious food and drinks to Hisense Arena.

General admission tickets for this year’s Fast5 Netball World Series are available now via Ticketek


L-R Caroline Lee, George Lingard, Phil Hayden, Ella Caldwell

Lights out, four silhouettes with light strobes rise from the ground… In totters a stray dog with a rope, out it trots.

The world premiere of Sunshine at Red Stitch near Chapel St is full house for the superb talents of its cast. The bold performances of Ella Caldwell, Phil Hayden, Caroline Lee and George Lingard lend intensity and humour to the sombre albeit playful piece.

The poignant four-crew act exposes distinct lives as monologues, with points of intersection among strangers submerged in angst. Parallel vignettes swell sentiment and expectancy in a production that summons haze, rain and strobe lighting inside the intimacy of a dim lit aura.

Sunshine is an innovative performance that flaunts playwright Tom Holloway’s flair for the fragmented and experimental, and director Kirsten von Bibra’s lust for the spoken and unspoken. Together the creatives deliver a narrative of human frailty, an interplay of parallel stories told with the intensity of solitude inside bustle, with the husk of white noise that speaks.

Mood, setting and the confidence of the performance… this act is not a light escape: it is dense, focused. Without interlude start to finish, Sunshine invites you to ponder life and things that matter, really matter.

Running: Tuesday – Saturday, 8pm / Sunday 6.30pm

Matinees: Saturdays at 3pm

Showing until 5 November, book your ticket now: or 03 9533 8083
Photo by Jodie Hutchinson


Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

Profile: View Eugen's profile here


Vic Beach enters a new era this year and is committed to establishing and maintaining the best possible beach volleyball experience for all participants!

The 2016-17 Summer Series is managed by the Melbourne Beaches Volleyball Association (MBVA), a not-for-profit body, which has contracted Vic Beach to deliver the Series. Vic Beach is currently run by Allister “Big Al” Lyne.


Vic Beach will also be conducting a number of community fun events this year. They will start the year in Mt. Martha and will finish off in Lorne. Vic Beach will also be trialing an adventure race as a fund raiser for charitable institutions such as Seconds to Give.

The Summer Series is being played at the South Melbourne Beach, and the season begins 16th October 2016 and runs through to April next year.

For more information visit


What better way to spend a balmy Melbourne evening than to head into the lovely St Kilda for some theatre. When I heard that Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer had been adapted into a musical I couldn’t help but get excited and start singing ‘You spin me right round baby, right round.’ The movie brings back so many fun memories for me and I was intrigued to see how the live musical would be transformed. I am happy to say that it did not disappoint!

The Wedding Singer is currently playing at Theatre Works in the eccentric suburb of St Kilda. The musical, which is a variation of the movie is presented by Playback Productions, produced by Connor Absolum and is led by director by Monica Cioccia.

The production, which runs for 2 hours (including interval) takes us back to a time of satin bridesmaid dresses, puffy shoulders, crimped hair dos, and, legwarmers.

Set in 1985 the story follows rock-star wedding singer Robbie Hart as he dances and sings upon the stage, he’s the wedding singer everyone wants to have and he loves weddings! That is until, his fiancé, Linda, leaves him at the altar. Robbie is simply heart broken and can no longer find happiness in others weddings. He then befriends Julia, a waitress at the reception centre, who is about to be married to Glen, a Miami Vice wannabe and all round jerk-off! As Robbie and Julia become fast friends and soon it leads to more, but can Robbie get the happy ending that he deserves, or will it be too late!

The storyline does take a slight twist when compared to the movie version, but the cleverly worded lyrics to the new songs are hilarious and work very well with this story. I was completely engaged throughout and felt for Robbie as he fell into his spiral of despair.

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Sarah is an avid lover of books of most genres, including Sci-Fi and thriller. She also enjoys reading fantasy and memoir. She loves to write, both fiction and non-fiction and living in the lovely Williamstown in Melbourne always offer quiet places for her to read or to be inspired. Sarah has a Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing. Alongside her full-time job in insurance and working for TAT she is working on a few of her own novels and short story collections including her first memoir. Sarah is currently studying Bachelor of Professional and Creative Writing at Deakin University which will completed by mid 2019. She loves to travel and loves sharing her experiences with others and is always planning her next destination!

Profile: View Sarah 's profile here


You are invited at the Jayco Dandenong Rangers’ opening WNBL game this Sunday 16th October!

The WNBL (Women’s National Basketball League) is the national women’s competition, same as the NBL, but the women’s league and the Dandenong Rangers is one of eight teams in this national competition and one of three teams in Victoria.

According to Rangers Coach Larissa Anderson, “This is the highest level of basketball that can be played in Australia. The players and league are amazing, very fast paced, athletic and extremely entertaining. I happen to coach this team which has been a life-long dream of mine to coach at this level after playing in the league for so long and now it is another goal to make them better known and hopefully receive more recognition. These women work as hard as any other professional athlete and are wonderful role models. This is the league where the Australian Opals Team is chosen.”

Tip off at 5pm at the Dandenong Stadium, 270 Stud Road, Dandenong.

For bookings:

After a public call out, Melbourne has voted on four finalist artworks for QV Melbourne’s Artemis Lane, choosing Merda’s ‘MELBOURNE’ design as the stand out winner.

QV Melbourne, together with their resident street art curator Andrew Chew of No Vacancy Gallery, selected four finalists in the #ColourQV street art competition, commissioning each to draft a concept sketch of their proposed artwork for an iconic location in Artemis Lane. All four concept sketches were displayed online and via QV’s Facebook page. Over 2,000 Melburnians cast their vote to decide Merda as the winner.

If you’re from Australia’s street art capital, you have probably seen Merdas work. Highly influential in the formative years of Melbourne’s graffiti scene, Merda (Jay Rankine) was at the forefront of style innovation in Melbourne. Now 25 years on, his pieces continue to be lauded widely.

“QV was the original site of the Queen Victoria Hospital and the place of my birth so the obvious choice for me was to base the design around the word “MELBOURNE” and incorporate diagonal graphic elements to match the lines in the surrounding architecture. For a bit of fun I’ve included an optical circle for the letter “O” so the public can use it as a backdrop for the perfect photo opportunity,” says Jay Rankine (Merda).

Merda will complete his artwork from 10 October on the laneway wall between Russell Street and Meat Fish Wine, in QV’s Artemis Lane. Awarded a grand prize of $5,000, Merda will also be provided with all paint supplies and art materials to complete the artwork, spanning 15 metres in length x 2.4 metres in height. With over 40,000 people a day moving through QV, his artwork will catch the eyes of thousands of Melburnians every day.

Competition judge Andrew Chew curates No Vacancy Gallery on QV’s Jane Bell Lane, one of Melbourne’s first galleries to hold regular street art exhibitions. Andrew has curated street art exhibitions all over the world and has worked with Melbourne’s emerging and established street artists for over a decade.

“We have seen a big evolution in street art form and style over the last few years, which was made evident by the entrants this competition received. Our four diverse finalists each presented a unique concept for our wall. Mike Eleven, Loretta Lizzio, Cto and Merda represented one of the most eclectic mixes of Melbourne street artists in 2016.”

QV’s Regional Centre Manager, Lisa Fleming, commends the public choice.

“As the public vote has confirmed, Merda is one of Melbourne’s most respected street artists. We can’t wait to see his artwork’s powerful dynamics give Artemis Lane a new focus point, and create a new landmark at QV.”

For more information on the #ColourQV competition visit
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Australian Volleyball League Round 1 begins today at Victoria University Footscray Park on Saturday and Sunday 8 – 9th October!

Come on down to the home of the Vultures and watch the best volleyballers in the state as the VVA Vultures take on their Victorian rivals University Blues!

Next matches of the Vultures are:

Oct 22 – 23rd vs WA Pearls

Nov 12 – 13th vs Adelaide Storm

Entry is free at the Victoria University Footscray Park, Building L, Level 3

Care for a game of beach volleyball?

Vic Beach was born out of a passion to expand this brilliant sport and deliver events and activities on behalf of the broader beach volleyball community.

Originally begun by beach legends, Peter “Chico” Jones and Greg Jury, then joined by Tony Hampton, Vic Beach has been very successful with its charter resulting in continued growth and awareness over many years.

Vic Beach is run by Allister Lyne and being played at the South Melbourne Beach, season begins 16th October 2016 and runs through to April next year.

For more information visit

The Deakin Melbourne Boomers tip-off its 33rd WNBL season this 9th October Sunday afternoon!

Not only continuing its position as the most iconic women’s basketball team in Australia, but also placing it above all others when it comes to playing in a national women’s sport competition.

Following strong crowd growth last season, General Manager Justin Nelson believes Melbourne’s basketball community is becoming more passionate about women’s basketball and really enjoying the elite-level action the WNBL offers.

“We are fortunate to have some of the absolute best female basketball players right here in the WNBL, our Australian players are globally recognised for their talent out on the court. The opportunity for aspiring players to come and watch them, and then also meet them after games, is terrific.”

To purchase a membership or tickets to Boomers games, click HERE.

Melbourne’s Home Opener against Adelaide tips-off at 3pm this Sunday at the State Basketball Centre, 291 George St., Wantirna South. The game will also feature a tribute to long-time supporter, member and administrator, Linda Perry.

Playback Productions proudly presents

The Wedding Singer,

it’s 1985 and rock–‐‑star wannabe Robbie Hart is New Jersey’s favourite wedding singer. He’s the life of the party, until his own fiancée leaves him at the altar. Shot through the heart, Robbie makes every wedding as disastrous as his own.

Enter Julia, a winsome waitress who wins his affection. As luck would have it, Julia is about to be married to a Wall Street shark, and unless Robbie can pull off The performance of a decade, the girl of his dreams will be gone forever.

Show Information

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 Murderous fun with toe-tapping Motown and Australian 80s rock nostalgia hits!


Straight from seasons at the Perth FRINGE WORLD Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival, this riotous cabaret is set to make its Melbourne debut. Don’t miss this hilarious musical comedy filled with your favourite Motown and 80s Australian Rock songs that will have you dancing the night away!

 Backseat Diamond follows Mary, a long-time back up singer for a Motown girl group called “The Diamonds”, who has always harboured dreams of stardom. Unfortunately, her fellow band members have been struck with a sudden bout of food poisoning, and she heroically takes the stage to save the show (though one suspects not entirely by accident). Her worn out and fed up security guard Chris also gets swept up along the way, as they explore life from just out of the spotlight.

 A night filled sequins, terrible musical puns and toe-tapping tunes, this cabaret is “fun, camp” and “loaded with talent” (Out in Perth). With a roster of classic songs (“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “Son of a Preacher Man”, “Respect” and more), this is a hysterical and outrageous evening “anchored by a leading lady with talent to spare whose criminal intent is easy to cheer for” (The West Australian).

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The inaugural ‘The 8 Percent Festival’ ( will be held in Melbourne on 10-11 October where Australia’s budding entrepreneurs will come together at Melbourne’s Plaza Ballroom this October to celebrate the biggest thinkers and leaders who aim to disrupt and provoke social change.

Keynote speakers will include, lead singer of rock band Everclear, Art Alexakis; undefeated martial arts artist, TEDX Sydney speaker and Cancer survivor, Nadine Champion, South Sudanese refugee and law graduate Deng Thiak Adut as well as author, journalist and television presenter, Indira Naidoo Hosted by one of Australia’s top marketers, Leela Cosgrove, the two-day festival will invite the brightest minds in business and the arts to discuss live on stage, problems facing the health, film, media, education and business industries, designed to prompt thought, question and debate on industry specific topics.

The festival will run across two days from 10 October and consists of four keynotes, 8 Think Tank panels and a number of breakout workshops.

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The Western Bulldogs defeated the Sydney Swans in the 2016 AFL Grand Final with a score of 89 to 67 and have broken their 62-year premiership drought since 1954! Congratulations!

The Docklands precinct is set to deliver a Wonderland of Rhythm as the annual

shakes, rattles and rolls into town with 15 local and international blues acts across three live stages on Sunday 16 October from 10am to 10pm.

The Blues Music Festival is a free family-friendly event and a foot stompin’ hand clappin’ celebration of continuous live music with an indoor stage under the big top at the Wonderland Spiegeltent and two outdoor stages under the Melbourne Star and at the Harbourtown Hotel.

The Festival is an All-Star All Blues line-up of 15 acts across three stages including acclaimed Canadian headliner Mark Green, Key Grip, Sugar Bowl Hokum, Andrea Marr and The Funky HItmen, Isaiah B Brunt, Dream Boogie, Geoff Achison, Lazy Eye, Doggone South featuring Eddie Boyle, Mick Kid & Dave Blight, Dan Dinnen, John McNamara, MBAS (Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society) Youth in Blues, Limelight, Charlie Bedford, Hurricane Hearn, Felicia & The Tradies, and the EBC (Elwood Blues Club) All-Stars with special guest Toni Swain. The annual Blues Festival is also one of the only music festivals with a large contingent of quality female acts.

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Embark on a Delicious Celebration of the Senses

The future will look rosy, sparkling, sun-dappled and everything in between as the 3rd annual Wine & Cheese Fest firmly plants its roots back in Williamstown and returns to Seaworks on Sunday 23 October from 11am-6pm.

w and c fest 3
Over 60 fine quality wine, cheese and gourmet food providores will be showcasing their artisinal products accompanied by live music entertainment, DJs and stunning views of the city and seascape. From wheels of fine cheeses and savoury sauces, to home-style pastries, pickled preserves, smoked and cured meats, luscious desserts and of course a huge array of wine, ciders and beers for all palates, the Wine & Cheese Fest is a tantalizing feast for the tastebuds.

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The World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) World Championships will held in Melbourne on the 19th – 22nd October at the State Netball and Hockey Centre, Parkville Melbourne!

Countries will compete for the World Champion Title in both Men’s and Women’s divisions. The Australian Women’s team currently hold the WDA World Cup title and are strong favourites going into the World Championships. The Men’s team are the strongest team Australia has been represented by thus far and also stand a good chance at taking the title.


The Australian Dodgeball Federation are the hosts of the WDBF World Championship Event. Countries competing are USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Argentina and Australia.

The 19th and 20th October whole day games are free entry. Semis and Finals Tickets (from 7pm) on sale through

For more info visit their website at

Live scores at

Welcome to your September arts injection! Yes, while gentlemen in tight shorts throb across football ovals, Women of Letters will be gathering in the magnificent surrounds of THE THORNBURY THEATRE, where we will once again celebrate the lost art of correspondence with friends, new and old.

On Sunday, 25th September, the WoL team bring together on stage for the first time:

Acclaimed singer, songwriter and visual artist BERTIE BLACKMAN

Beloved AFL writer, journalist and television and radio personality SAMANTHA LANE

Musician, impresario and raconteur MOJO JUJU

Cartoonist, artist, writer and children’s book creator JUDY HORACEK

Performer, polymath and co-director of the Black Honey Company KIM BOWERS

These fine dames will each be penning ‘A Letter to My Never-Again.’

There’ll be the usual wine/aerogramme-penning combo we’ve grown to love and a special DJ set from the inimitable DJ GINGER LIGHT.

Join us for a most pleasant afternoon celebrating a diverse range of strong female talent whilst simultaneously raising funds for animal rescue shelter, Edgar’s Mission (

Event: Women of Letters, September 25th edition

Date:Sun September 25 2016

Doors:2:30 pm

Show Starts:3:00 pm

Cost:$20 + booking fee General Admission $25 Door (if available)

Bookings:Book here

Fresh from his 4star show in the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Willem Richards serves up a heartwarming, and silly, coming-of-age comedy about growing up with a Polish Tennis Dad.
So pull on your favourite sweatbands and get ready for five tight sets of high energy sketch, standup and improvisation.
Willem’s leather-clad, chain smoking Dad had one thing in mind for his son. Doctor? More important. Lawyer? It pays more. Willem’s Dad had centre court Grand Slam glory slated for Willem. Things began well. Willem was crowned Champion of Maribyrnong Tennis Club. In 1991. Under 12s.
But after failing Dad’s dream, Willem needed to find his own…

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Produced By Julz Hay
The man behind cult-favorites The Terminativity and Late Night Letters & Numbers, Nick Caddaye, welcomes some of Melbourne’s finest fabulists, storytellers and liars to Melbourne Fringe!
Each show will feature a completely new story, woven from the audiences very own lies, half-truths and confabulations! That’s right! You get to decide what sort of story you want to hear!
Will it be adventure? Romance? Thriller? Comedy? Will there be a thrilling twist? A tragic ending? A steamy interlude..?
Who knows what sort of journey our fine selections of fabricators will take you on!
Our Fringe season fabulists’ include:
Jason D. Geary, Sarah Kinsella, Rama Nicholas,
Adam McKenzie, Bri Williams, Richard McKenzie,
Amy Moule, Amanda Buckley and Sophie Kneebone!

Over the past seventeen years, Nick Caddaye has developed a reputation as one of the sharpest and most distinctive comedy voices in Australia, whilst remaining defiantly independent. His work regularly pushes the boundaries of Comedy whilst remaining beloved by audiences. This all-new show will continue that tradition.

September 20TH, 21ST, 22ND @ 10.30PM
Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club – The Ballroom
(44 Errol St, North Melbourne)
Tickets: $15.00

Melbourne-based not-for-profit Urban Lifesavers will bring the beat back to raising cardiac arrest awareness with a mass defibrillation training event at Melbourne’s Federation Square.

Coinciding with cardiac arrest awareness month in October, the Back in a Heart Beat event will take place on Wednesday October 12th to encourage everyday people to take responsibility to be an urban lifesaver by becoming better informed, more confident and willing to take action to save another person’s life.
Author of novel Back in a Heart Beat and founder of Urban Lifesavers Anne Holland said the event will raise awareness of the importance of bystanders applying automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to prevent avoidable deaths caused by sudden cardiac arrest. Holland’s passion for educating ordinary people to become urban lifesavers stems from the sudden cardiac arrest death of her husband Paul in 2008, who left behind five children. 
For more information visit

As seen on SBS’s RAW Comedy and Channel 31’s The Leak.

Jewish-ish is Michael Shafar’s debut stand-up comedy show. Michael is one of the country’s best emerging comics and has performed around Australia, New Zealand and the US. He also happens to be Jewish, which is something he will probably mention on stage

Michael is a 2016 RAW Comedy National Finalist, hosts the constantly sold-out Melbourne Comedy’s Rising Stars and has performed to sell-out crowds in 3 Course Comedy at Perth’s Fringe World and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He also hosted RMITV’s flagship TV production The Leak and is the creator of the satirical webpage Round Squares.

In Jewish-ish, Michael brings a fresh perspective to politics, religion and bagels. It’s stand up comedy from the mean streets of East St Kilda.

‘He is really very good’ – Funny Tonne, 4 Stars

‘Mel Brooks would have been proud’ – Herald Sun

‘Hilarious and endearingly awkward… definitely a crowd favourite’ – ArtsHub


Venue: Club Voltaire, 14 Raglan Street North Melbourne 3051 VIC

Dates: September 16-17, 23-24

Time: 9:15pm

Confluence Festival of India in Australia is proud to showcase Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night like it’s never been seen before.

Piya Behrupiya, a unique Hindi rendition of the much-­loved play, will be performed free for Melbourne audiences at 6.30pm on the 20th September 2016 at Federation Square’s Deakin Edge.

Performed by The Company Theatre (tct) and led by internationally renowned theatre director, Atul Kumar, Piya Behrupiya, will delight its Melbourne audience with a cast of unforgettable characters as they explore the experience of unrequited love through a combination of high comedy and cruelty, as well as poetry and song.

Commissioned by The Globe theatre UK, Piya Behrupiya was first performed during the World Shakespeare Theatre Festival and has been a great success throughout India and Singapore.

“The Globe theatre UK contacted me to direct a play by Shakespeare in Hindi and they gave me a few different options of his scripts,” said director Atul Kumar. “I chose Twelfth Night instantly as it lent itself beautifully to song and dance, a form that I had never explored before and a form that enticed me for some time now.”

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Nick Jr., Life Like Touring and VStar Entertainment Group have announced the Australian dates for PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue” touring nationally in April next year. The new music-filled adventure stage show will feature more than a dozen characters from the smash-hit animated preschool series PA W Patrol, produced by Spin Master Entertainment.
PAW Patrol Live! Race to the Rescue is an action packed, high-energy adventure featuring catchy music that is set around the day of the Great Race between Adventure Bay’s Mayor Goodway and Foggy Bottom’s Mayor Humdinger. The drama unfolds when the race is about to begin; Mayor Good way is nowhere to be found. Ryder summons Marshall, Chase, Skye, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, and the newest pup, Everest, to rescue Mayor Goodway and to run the race in her place.
The show combines stunning theatrical scenery set against a high-tech video wall to visually transport families to popular locations from the TV series such as Adventure Bay, The Lookout, Seal Island, Farmer Yumi’s Farm and Jake’s Mountain. VStar Entertainment, who are the world’s leading creators of theatrical puppets, have taken an innovative approach to bringing the pups, amazing vehicles and packs to life on stage.
Kicking off in Canberra on Saturday 1 April at The Playhouse the PAW Patrol Live! Race to the Rescue pups will race to Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena on Saturday 8 April before heading to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Thursday 13 April. The tour will head to Sydney’s Darling Theatre on Thursday 22 April and play at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on Saturday 29 April.
Tickets for PAW Patrol Live! Race to the Rescue will go on sale to the general public on Monday 12 September at 11am.
PAW Patrol Live! Race to the Rescue Australian Tour Dates:

CANBERRA – Friday 31 March, Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April, The Playhouse Theatre,

MELBOURNE – Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 April, Margaret Court Arena,

BRISBANE – Thursday 13, Friday 14 and Saturday 15 April, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre,

SYDNEY – Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 April, Darling Theatre, ICC,

PERTH – Friday 28 and Saturday 29 April, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre,

For more information on additional tour date announcements, visit or by using #pawpatrollive to search on social media.

It’s about Chucking time!

David Strassman returns with a brand new show, an evening of side-splitting comedy and riotous antics from Ted E. Bare and the malicious Chuck Wood. Ted is cuter than ever, and Chuck just as evil; the spaced-out Kevin the Alien lets us know who’s really in charge, and Sid the Beaver cracks a heap of depraved jokes. You’ll cack yourself at that sick, pissed clown, Buttons!

Heralded as the artist who “made venriloquism hip again”, Strasso’s characters are a renegade band of puppets you wouldn’t want to meet on a dark night, and these characters really come to life!

30 Sept – 15 Oct 2016, The Athenaeum 188 Collins Street, Melbourne

For tickets visit

Bachelorettes from the current The Bachelor Australia reality show graced Fashion+Aid 2016 with their presence! (Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge)

ronquinonez-1042 ronquinonez-1047


The fund raiser gala for the Leukemia and Fight Cancer Foundations was attended by gorgeous TV celebrities, athletes, artists and well-known designers. The sold out event was held yesterday at the prestigious Crown Palladium Hotel.

ronquinonez-1059 ronquinonez-1066



Thanks to HRPR Public Relations and Events Management for inviting us.

The Royal Melbourne Show is one of the largest annual events. It is held every year at the Melbourne Showgrounds (Epsom Road, Ascot Vale, 3032). It commences on 17th of September and ends on the 27th of September.

It a great event for family and friends with many attraction such as show bags, rides, art & craft, animals and many more.

To purchase your ticket in advance, click on the link below:

The Australian Diamonds and New Zealand Silver Ferns return to Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney for the first time since the 2015 Netball World Cup for what promises to be a thrilling replay of the historic grand final!

Having held on for a three-goal win in the Netball World Cup Gold Medal Match, the Diamonds are keen for a repeat victory whilst the Silver Ferns are as eager as ever to knock the Diamonds off their perch in the 2016 Constellation Cup!

For tickets:

You are invited to a night of fashion, live entertainment, special guests and more as we unveil the signature Intimate Collection by the queen of pop herself, Britney Spears!

Proudly supporting National Breast Cancer Foundation through donations, proceeds from ticket sales, product sales and related fundraising activities.

Aria Bar and Events
Shop 17G – 18G
427 Docklands Drive
Docklands, VIC 3008

October 12, 2016 6:00pm

For bookings:

The Australian Netball Diamonds have won over arch rivals New Zealand Silver Ferns (Diamonds 60 vs Silver Ferns 55) and been crowned inaugural winners of the Netball Quad Series!

(Full story and action shots will be featured in our October issue of TAT Melbourne)

The worldwide smash hit musical WE WILL ROCK YOU has returned to Australia!

The original Australian tour of WE WILL ROCK YOU opened at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre on 7 August, 2003 with a record advance, and Brian May and Roger Taylor in attendance. Australia was the first country outside the UK to produce a local version of the mega-hit musical, and the production dominated the 2004 Helpmann Awards, receiving five Helpmann Awards.

Since 2002 over 16 million theatregoers in 28 countries have been thrilled by this awe-inspiring production which is based on the songs of Queen with a book by Ben Elton (The Young Ones, Blackadder, Popcorn). Elton fashioned this hilarious futurist comedy around more than 24 of Queen’s biggest hit songs including We Are The Champions, Radio Ga Ga, I Want To Break Free, Somebody To Love, Killer Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, Under Pressure, Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites The Dust and of course, We Will Rock You.

“There’s no escaping the irresistible pull of these songs, or the visual and aural assault on the senses thatthe show accompanies them with.” – Sunday Express

“A new breed of musical. It’s brilliant.” – BBC Newsnight

For more information visit or follow @ROCKYOUAU at Instagram

PRICE: FROM $69.90*

Photo by Jeff Busby




IMAX Melbourne Museum is thrilled to welcome retired Astronaut Marsha Ivins to Melbourne this September 7-10 to celebrate the release of highly-anticipated IMAX space documentary film, A BEAUTIFUL PLANET 3D.


Marsha retired in 2010 after 37 years with NASA and 1,318 hours in space. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science (Aerospace Engineering), Marsha began her employment with the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas in 1974, working in human factors and man-machine engineering on the development of Orbiter cockpit layout, displays and controls, and the Head-Up Display. In 1980 Marsha was assigned as a flight engineer on the Shuttle Training Aircraft and as a pilot on the NASA administrative aircraft.

“Any opportunity to introduce this film to a new audience is a special privilege and a great joy for me. I am thrilled to be able to introduce A BEAUTIFUL PLANET 3D to audiences in Melbourne and Sydney. Many of the scenes in this film are ones that have been impossible to capture in previous IMAX space films so we are very excited to bring them to the IMAX screen and share them with audiences all over the world. To be able to immerse the audience in the experience of living and working in space is the best way to answer the hardest question any astronaut is ever asked – what’s it like”, says Marsha.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Toni Myers (HUBBLE 3D, SPACE STATION 3D – in which Marsha appears), A BEAUTIFUL PLANET 3D is narrated by Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence and filmed on ultra-high resolution IMAX cameras from the International Space Station in cooperation with NASA.

“A BEAUTIFUL PLANET 3D is the most advanced space film ever produced and one that we are very proud to present in IMAX 3D”, says IMAX Melbourne Museum General Manager Richard Morrison.

A BEAUTIFUL PLANET 3D opens exclusively in Australia’s two IMAX theatres – Melbourne Museum and Darling Harbour – on September 8. Tickets will go on sale early September.



Congratulations to Caris Tiivel for winning the crown of Miss Universe Australia 2016! The nationwide finals was held at the Sofitel Melbourne Hotel last night 31 Aug 2016.

It has begun! In case you missed out on the Opening Runway of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016, here’s a glimpse of the latest designs from Emporium Melbourne in time for Spring!

Please hit 720 HD Quality, runs for about 3:36min, and hope you enjoy the vid.

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The worldwide smash hit musical We Will Rock You is coming back to Melbourne!

We Will Rock You reflects the scale and spectacle that marked Queen’s live performances and earned the band its pinnacle position in rock history. With Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor as music supervisors and ‘a band without parallel in the theatre’ behind the cast, the audience can expect We Will Rock You to rock as fiercely as the best of Queen’s concerts!

Regent Theatre, 191-197 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, dates: 30/08/2016 to 09/10/2016

For more info visit

For inquiries call 1300 111 011 or email customer.service@ticketmaster….

To book click

Miss Universe Tix now on sale! Click on

The Miss Universe Australia pageant provides a platform for the most beautiful, talented, educated and confident young women to compete for the Miss Universe Australia Crown, and go on to represent Australia at the Miss Universe Pageant.

The Miss Universe Australia 2016 National Finalists will be taking the stage at the Australian National Final at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, to see who will be crowned Miss Universe Australia 2016.

A night of glamour, beauty and style, guests will enjoy a red-carpet arrival with pre-dinner drinks, followed by a 3-course dinner, and beverages by Vinaceous WinesGage Roads Brewing Co. and Herbal Fix.

The night’s entertainment will feature Introductions, the Antler Sash Parade, Swimwear, Questions and the Crowning of the 2016 winner. The Gown of the Evening will also be announced, with the winning designer being awarded the prestigious role of dressing Miss Universe Australia 2016 for the International Final.


Australia’s Premiere Celebration of Tap over the September School Holidays


The 5th annual Australian Tap Dance Festival stomps into town these September school holidays as a cavalcade of world class dancers arrive in Melbourne from across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the U.S.A. With an action-packed week of tap and choreography master classes, jam sessions, dance-offs and special events, the ATDF offers something fun for all ages and levels and is the only festival of its kind in Australasia.

”The ATDF is about bringing the tap community and the interested public together to learn, share, meet new people and most of all, have fun!”, says Creative Director and Founder of the Festival and Melbourne Tap Dance school, Winston Morrison. “We select the highest caliber faculty from across the world to deliver a truly unique immersive festival experience for our guests. Many of our festival sessions book out quickly as there is no other chance for Aussie tappers to learn from the best in one place!” he added. Morrison is himself highly regarded in the tap world as the Australian representative for the International Tap Association, experienced teacher and an in-demand performer across Australasia and the U.S.A.

One of the most sought after tap dancers in the world today, Michelle Dorrance, will be headlining the festival this year. A 2015 MacArthur Fellow and multi-award winner, Dorrance has been labeled “one of the most imaginative tap choreographers working today” by the New Yorker magazine.

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Edgar Degas is one of the most celebrated artists associated with French Impressionism. Modern life as he experienced it in nineteenth-century Paris provided Degas with a repertoire of motifs he explored with endless variation and innovation; from scenes of work and industry to ballet and the theatre, racecourses and boudoirs. This sweeping exhibition brings together more than 200 works by Degas from dozens of collections worldwide, offering a fresh and dynamic reappraisal of this legendary artist’s genius.

The Poise, Poses and Pirouettes exhibition held on the 18th and 27th of August offers a chance to see what inspired Degas to paint ballerinas by having dancers from The Australian Ballet pose next to works by Degas.

Over the past few weeks on a Friday night, Madame Brussels Lane transforms from a typical Melbourne laneway to a bustling hub of culture, a European night market.

Inspired by traditional Christmas markets popular across Europe, the night market showcases specialty food and beverages from all over the continent. Enjoy mulled wine with a German Bratwurst or pretzel, a Turkish gözleme, Polish dumplings, fondue French cheese or crème brûlée… Savour French crepes with your choice of toppings from banana and Nutella to caramel… Gobble Greek donuts and bite-size slider burgers.

An aroma of delicious food reaches you way before you enter the laneway. No surprise, then, that the market spills with those who seek it and those who simply stumble across the cultural degustation it offers. Thriving with people jostling for another mug of ale or mulled wine, or for some scrumptious delight, the market does not overwhelm you with claustrophobia. Rather it adds a cosy European feel to a wintry night, where market goers share the calibre of camaraderie you would see at Christmastime.

With live music all through the night, both food and atmosphere contribute to a distinct experience. The night market is the perfect way to spend a winter evening. It runs until August 22nd on Madame Brussels Lane, 50 Lonsdale St, 5pm til late.

Hannah is in her final year of studying a combined Bachelor of Arts (writing and editing) and Bachelor of Business (marketing) at Swinburne University of technology. She enjoys creative writing as a personal hobby and hopes to make writing part of her future career.

Profile: View Hannah's profile here



Chunky Yoga is for everyone!

Chunky Yoga classes are a safe place to explore the practice of yoga regardless of you size, gender, age, sexuality or race.

Chunky Yoga honours and embraces our differences and strives to create an environment where all bodies can do all poses.

Traditional Asanas (poses) are modified and presented to each indervidual’s ability.  Chunkier peoples thighs, arms, bellies and butts can change the way we are capable of expressing our practice and that is ok, you will still feel supported and loved.

Evidence prove yoga has a transformative power, and through a committed yoga practice, people can embrace a relationship with their body and find joy in movement.

Chunky Yoga is a specialised class ensuring you get the most out of your practice regardless of your body type.  Chunky Yoga’s focus is not on weight loss but on strength, flexibility, balance, self-acceptance, confindence and peace of mind.

Yoga is about the soul, not about your body shape.


Cheltenham, 1218 Nepean Hwy (5 min walk from Cheltenham Station, Frankston Line)

​North Melbourne, 420 Victoria Street

Yarraville, 110 Somerville Rd

St Kilda, 26 Acland St

Redfern, Sydney, Level 1, 141 Redfern St, Redfern (5 min walk from Redfern Train station)


More info at

Feel free to call Emily Dunstan regarding any questions or concerns.

E:, Tel: 0450772192​

Kingston City Rollers (KCR) are proud to host the United Roller Derby Playoffs (URDP) for the second year running!

This year, we see URDP expand to a bigger venue, with more teams from around Australia, competing at the Melbourne Showgrounds in two divisions. You will see strength, agility, amazing team work and ‘David and Goliath’ battles.

Qualifying & Quarter final games will be played on the Saturday the Semi finals and Grand finals on the Sunday.

Teams participating:
Division 1:
– Brisbane City Rollers (BCR)
– Geelong Roller Derby League (GRDL)
– Kingston City Rollers (KCR)
– Light City Derby (LCD)
– Varsity Derby League (VDL)
– United Tasmanian Roller Derby (UTRD)

Divison 2:
– Brisbane City Rollers (BCR)
– Diamond Valley Roller Derby Club (DVRDC)
– Team Regional Victoria (TRV)
– The Guild of Roller Derby (GoRD)
– The Mystery Rollers – URDP Potluck team (MR)
– Wagga Derby Dolls (WDD)


Tournament schedule available

To purchase tickets:

Door tixs:
Family weekend pass $45
Family day pass $35
Kids (10-17yrs) weekend pass $20
Kids (10-17yrs) day pass $15
Adult weekend pass $30
Adult day pass $20
Kids under 10yrs free

*Please note: there is a $10 parking fee at the Melbourne Showgrounds, if you choose to park your car there.

For entertainment and excitement out of the ordinary, Australia’s largest mixed roller derby tournament is a MUST to watch for the whole family!

For more INFO contact us at


IMAX Melbourne Museum will this year be participating in the Melbourne International Film Festival, providing film-lovers with two advanced screenings of the smash hit IMAX documentary, A BEAUTIFUL PLANET 3D.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Toni Myers (HUBBLE 3D, BLUE PLANET 3D), the 47 minute film is narrated by Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence and filmed on ultra-high resolution IMAX cameras from the International Space Station.

 A BEAUTIFUL PLANET 3D is a breath-taking portrait of Earth from space, providing a unique perspective and increased understanding of our planet and galaxy as never seen before.

Made in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the film features stunning footage of our magnificent blue planet — and the effects humanity has had on it over time — captured by the astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

“We are thrilled to be able to show this spectacular film during MIFF, it showcases both the beauty of our planet and the incredible technology we are capable of harnessing and creating film magic with”, says IMAX Melbourne Museum General Manager Richard Morrison.


The documentary film opened in the US earlier this year to rave reviews.

“The result is the best kind of spectacle: that which encourages us to look up and beyond ourselves – and does so using only organic special effects.” – Mike McCahill, The Guardian

“Fulfils its inspirational function with screen-filling, soul-filling views of the main space station in the story-the one that harbours all our lives and hopes.” – Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

MIFF ticket holders can see A BEAUTIFUL PLANET 3D at IMAX Melbourne Museum ahead of its scheduled September 8 release on August 7 at 1pm and August 10 at 6pm. Join the conversation online using #MIFF2016!

Tickets are available at [Search term: ‘A BEAUTIFUL PLANET 3D’]

Home to Australia’s only IMAX Laser Projector (technology only available in 15 theatres worldwide), Melbourne’s IMAX is an independent movie theatre with a single screen – the second largest on the planet, offering patrons an unparalleled viewing experience.

Image care of NASA and IMAX Corporation

Scene from TREVOR, the play

You unwrap from your winter coat inside a weatherboard theatre across the road from The Astor. Red Stitch is at the corner of Chapel St and Dandenong Rd, ensconced in the corner of a church yard. A tiny bar with quaint décor offers up mulled wine as you wait to be astonished.

You pick the buzz from patrons, their eyes dancing with eagerness for the newest offering. Red Stitch boasts 15 years of gripping playlists. ‘The plays here are something special,’ says an annual subscriber.

Lights dim, lights scream.

A screen door opens. Enters Trevor – a human with legs set wide apart. Look at him: he is shoving a string of sausages under the cushion. He leaps onto a coffee table, grabs a plush toy with his toes. Ah, wait, is he a chimp? A chance knuckle-walk, some bow leggedness and a few bounds settle your conviction. An irate neighbour with more than a few words for Sandra, Trevor’s ‘mother’, reassures you that Trevor is an animal, a wild animal, tamed, and he has been driving a car, madly, again, on the freeway.

In the intimacy of the performance, in the intensity, you are thrown aback as Trevor now and again gazes deep into the audience, and addresses you. He is breaking the fourth wall as in Elizabethan drama, makes you feel like part of a secret.

You understand his dilemma: he is a born thespian, currently out of acting. He aches for showbiz, a time gone. And more than ever, he craves to understand, be understood… But shit happens, and he cannot help that it happens. By Jove he’s an ape! And things get worse when people try to fathom him in human terms.

In a titillating seven-crew act, TREVOR is about the follies of showbiz; about the pathos of miscommunication; about hyperreality—the inability to separate hallucination from realism; and about decent people becoming perilous to each other.

In an Australian Premiere by Nick Jones and directed by Denis Moore, TREVOR is a poignant, rib-cracking and continually fascinating performance. It spotlights Rory Kelly (Trevor) and Dion Mills (Oliver) who, with depth, represent the animal world and its disenchantment with humanity, and Andrea Swift (Sandra) who, with a mother’s heart, will do whatever it takes to make it right.

Curtain call, all is silent. You notice the subscriber, a seat beside you.

‘Virtuoso,’ he says.

‘Hear, hear,’ you say.

Thunderous clapping swallows your awe.


Rating: 4.5 stars

TREVOR is running until August 26th. Book your tickets now, go to Red Stitch (


Photo by Jodie Hutchinson

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

Profile: View Eugen's profile here


If you’re sick of spending your Friday nights sitting on the couch in these cold winter months, head to Madame Brussels Lane and immerse yourself in the sights and smells of Europe.  With various food on offer such as German Pretzels, Polish Dumplings, Flammkuchen, melting fondue French cheese, crème brûlée, French crepes and Greek donuts; there is sure to be something to please every pallet while indulging in a German ale and enjoying the live music.
The European Night Market is based on the classic Christmas night markets held across Europe and only runs until the 12th of August from 5pm until 10pm so make sure you don’t miss out!

Location: Madame Brussels Lane, 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Hannah is in her final year of studying a combined Bachelor of Arts (writing and editing) and Bachelor of Business (marketing) at Swinburne University of technology. She enjoys creative writing as a personal hobby and hopes to make writing part of her future career.

Profile: View Hannah's profile here


12 August 2016

Melbourne Pavilion 135-157 Racecourse Road, Flemington VIC, Kensington, Victoria 3031

RAW is an indie arts organisation for artists, by artists. We focus on spotlighting indie underground talent to the public. Every second month in Melbourne we hand-select and showcase approximately 40 artists in film, fashion, music, visual art, photography, performing art, hair and make up for a one night creative explosion!

Check out the list below for all the amazing talent who’ll be showcasing on the night! Tickets are on sale now!

Tickets: $20.00(+bf) pre sale or $25 (cash only) on the door. Select an artist’s name from the drop-down menu when purchasing to show them some love:

Come support emerging local talent in Melbourne!

The anime event of the year is coming to Melbourne!

The Madman Anime Festival brings anime culture straight to you with everything from exciting international guests and exhibitors, cosplay, and exclusive anime events. Madman Anime Festival has something for all fans.


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Convention Centre Place
South Wharf VIC 3006

Contact details:

03 9261 9200

Dates and times:

03/09/2016 to 04/09/2016

Sat: 10am – 6pm Sun: 10am – 6pm


$40 per day or $60 for the weekend. Madfest VIP Pass $290


Click here to book

Henry Talbolt Photography

He arrived by boat, a German immigrant fleeing war-torn Europe. After setting up a photographic studio in the cultured Flinders Lane, he soon started shooting for the who’s who of fashion. The names Vogue Australia, Sportscraft and Holden rise to mind.

Henry Talbot is a legendary lens man. His renowned and intimate photographs are on display at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) for nearly two months running until August 21st, featuring more than 80 images by the émigré. 

The collection sheds light on the energising internationalism he brought to Australian photography. Looking at his editorials and celebrity profiles, you find yourself taking second looks at the location. What consistently reads as ‘Melbourne’ is easily mistaken for bustling, lively streets of New York, or even quaint, historic laneways of Paris. Talbot’s ability to transform an image to a wholly unique scene is just one element of the creative skills that make him eminent in the world of photography.  

The NGV exhibition covers the ’60s start to finish, from double denim, flowing hair to austere mod-minimalism. The showcase offers insight, in a visual transformation, to the changing role of women. The pictures serve as ingenious historical records and give an inspiring overview of Talbot’s talent.

How was the gallery lucky to get its hands on these images? Talbot donated more than 35,000 images to the NGV at the end of the ’80s. Exhibition curator Van Wyk spent momentous hours selecting 80 pieces from the ingenious collection for the retrospective exhibit. 

‘Henry Talbot: 1960s Fashion Photographer’ is still running at NGV until August 21st. Entry is free.

Photo of Talbot photography by Taylor Woodward

Profile: View Taylor's profile here


It’s time to experience the ultimate in natural bodybuilding and sports modelling – it’s doesn’t matter where in the world you live or train. Held at Moone Vally Race Course on 17th and 18th of September at 11am.
There will be fabulous trophies and competitor gifts, the amazing trade displays, the marshaling experts in an area that’s larger than a football field, the rolling check-in for a the stress free day.

Love & Friendship film

Director Whit Stillman’s take on Jane Austen’s Lady Susan is a riotous and extraordinary film that brings out the best of dry British humour. The costume drama unwraps a comedy of etiquette as Lady Susan (Kate Beckinsale) flaunts her widowhood. She manipulates the 18th century gentry in her quest to find a moneyed husband for herself, and another for her wilful daughter Frederica (Morfydd Clark).

Eligible bachelors in the dashing Reginald DeCourcy (Xavier Samuel) and the bumbling Sir James Martin (Tom Bennett), in contrast to attached gallants in the likes of fine-looking Lord Manwaring (Lochlann O’Mearáin), find much to court. Lady Susan is visibly delightful and privately contemptuous as she consorts in cunning with her exiled American friend Alicia Johnson (Chloë Sevigny), whose husband Mr Johnson (Stephen Fry) is ‘too old to be governable, and too young to die’.

A special screening at Cinema Nova culminated with a conversation with Australian actor Xavier Samuel, who burst into the limelight as vampire Riley in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Samuel spoke of the film Love & Friendship’s shooting in Dublin, of his work with extraordinary actors and his awe at ‘the degree of manipulation in an anti-heroine’ who ‘breaks the system’.

Of director Stillman, Samuel said: ‘He’s very meticulous’.

But the actor also allowed that the director’s approach was ‘adaptive and collaborative’, for instance in writing out (during shooting) side-splitting scenes with the blundering Sir James Martin, who gets the audience roaring with his utterance of the name ‘Churchill’. Some acts, Samuel revealed, needed a few takes to quell the film crew’s mirth.

Lady Susan is a curtailed novella—presented as a series of letters shedding insight into their writers’ characters. It was a work never intended to be published. Now it offers an intimate gaze at a young woman with discernment beyond her years. Austen, in this narrative, shapes an anti-hero in a most calculating albeit charming female protagonist.

The acting in Love & Friendship is riveting, in particular in the characters played by Kate Beckinsale, who brings a dose of her Underworld and Van Helsing femme fatale to cool and measured Lady Susan; by Xavier Samuel, who brings his devilish charisma from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse to idealist Reginald; by Tom Bennett who brings his ingenious acting and writerly improvisations of British television to pea-brained Sir Martin; and by silent Lochlann O’Mearáin, who brings his commanding presence and arrogant good looks, which served him well as a Roman Commander in King Arthur, to adulterous Lord Manwaring.

In its stellar cast, the hilarity it brings and the gender-bending role of its main character, Love & Friendship measures up to a 5-star rating.

Director: Whit Stillman
Writers: Jane Austen (based on her novella Lady Susan), Whit Stillman
With: Kate Beckinsale, Chloë Sevigny, Xavier Samuel
Running time: 1hr 32mins
Rating: 5 stars

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

Profile: View Eugen's profile here


Miss World Australia National Finals this Friday the 22nd July!

For more information visit


VIC Finalists – Georgina Gunn, Esma Voloder, Siobhan Liston, Anna McEvoy and Brooke Cairns

Photos by Reniel Torres of RGT Photography

MSW NSW Finalist

NSW Finalists – Lavinia White, Paige Klimowsow, Izzi Ramsay, Georgia May, Bridget Rootsey and Tasha Ross

Photos by Edwin Jardin

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Divenire is a striking presentation of precision and impressive athleticism featuring works created by Director Simon Hoy together with dance-maker Tim Podesta – also with international credentials. This work has already toured successfully within Australia. While the beauty of classical ballet and related works is driven by a narrative or message, this program sets out to push the boundaries of the genre further, and also to show some of the great strength and versatility that Melbourne Ballet Company has become known for. It also sets out to offer something for everyone and we are especially happy to be able to present such a potentially outstanding season in our forthcoming touring schedule. It tries to encapsulate as much as possible of the beauty, athleticism and passion of contemporary ballet with strong classical technique, underpinned by a sparkling selection of musical masterpieces – all making for a truly uplifting experience.

Date: Saturday July 16 2016
Time: 8:00PM
  • Save if you subscribe to 3 or more shows
  • Adult $45
  • Conc/Group 10+ $35
  • Under 25 $25
  • School Student $15


  • Visiting Wyndham Cultural Centre, 177 Watton Street, Werribee
  • Contacting Box Office 8734 6000
  • Online (internet fee $1.95 is applicable)
  • Subscription and group booking discounts available from Wyndham Cultural Centre Box Office, in person, by phone or mail
Retro Futurismus

Retro Futurismus: New World is cabaret meets burlesque inside a circus wrapped in tune! As you nibble and drink under an ambience of haze or pitch black, a scream of strobe lighting heralds the next parody in an otherworldly-themed variety tease.

You don’t know what to expect, until the opening act arrives in the shape of twin explorers Anni and Maude Davey, garbed in sparklers—space odyssey type costume. As they shake booties and perform a jest rap about all that’s gone bad with Melbourne, Australia, the US and the rest of the world, just then, only then – not sooner –do you brace yourself for a blissful (albeit eerie) spectacle of crude fun.

Lights, action! The next act unsettles and provokes you, invites you to get at ease with the female body as a ‘brickini’ woman hatches naked from a fluorescent pupa. You watch as she crafts a bikini made of bricks (rather than leaves) to cover her nudity.

As you clap, clap, clap, suddenly there are roller skates, a monstrosity of silver worm, a swing rope dancer, a flame-haired hula hooper and big dollops of coarse language and nudity amidst sassy acts. With a promise of interludes by a guest artist each week, the fluid and abstract nature of the revue couldn’t shout louder. The oddity is not for everyone, but a progressive audience will stay awed.

The weird and wonderful show is showing at fortyfivedownstairs on Flinders Lane, an art space in a basement. In its multi-stage layout, it’s of no consequence where you choose to ensconce yourself in a rollercoaster night out.

Retro Futurismus is running until July 31st. Book your tickets now, go to fortyfivedownstairs


Photos by Ponch Hawkes


Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

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William Shakespeare

O! ye creators of art. Indeed the flames of thine passions and dreams should ignite thou this winter. Come hither, rouse thee with perfection, ne’er to ash.

Australia loves his art, and this year we joined the UK and the rest of the world in commemorating 400 years since the death of Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare (1564–1616) offered the world his assorted comedies (Love’s Labour’s Lost / As You Like It), tragedies (Macbeth / King Leah), histories (Henry IV / Henry VIII) and problem plays (All’s Well That Ends Well / Measure for Measure). His adaptations have over centuries enjoyed continual study and performance, his creativity containing an appealing timelessness and linguistic flair.

In medieval Gaelic or Welsh society, a bard was a professional poet who composed eulogies, hence Shakespeare’s nickname: ‘The Bard’ or The Bard of Avon’. Much ado about the Bard, and herein we link this 16th century poet, playwright and actor with postmodernism.

Think of postmodernism as great fun: like the cool step-grandma who embraces hip-hop, krumping and juba, who—in the middle of whipping up your favourite creamy chicken pie—astonishes you with a drop of head and a raised elbow in a calibre of dab dance that beats Jay Z’s moves.

Postmodernism is a 20th century style and concept in literature, the creative arts and criticism. It is about language and form, about breaking boundaries. Postmodernism embraces new ways of thinking. So it is understandable that great postmodernists, thinkers like Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida, emerged from France and its free thinking philosophy.

Postmodernism reopens our eyes to art, language and text. It embraces the creation of new by returning to the past—a borrowing, reusing, remixing of older ideas, narratives and techniques. While working in a different era and not visibly a postmodernist (no one has yet stamped him with the badge) Shakespeare borrowed, reused and remixed older ideas to generate new art. His works recreated the old.

We question what inspired Shakespeare and from whom he borrowed his plots. Of these musings, new theories continually emerge. Some suggest a potential influencer in English poet Geoffrey Chaucer, whose poems and tales such as Troilus and Criseyde and The Knight’s Tale may have inspired Troilus and Cressida and The Two Noble Kinsmen. Others shine the spotlight on Plutarch, an early philosopher (AD 46–120), whose Parallel Lives may have inspired Antony and Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Coriolanus and Timon of Athens.

It appears that Shakespeare borrowed from ancient Latin and Greek plays and literature, adapting stories from all around Europe. But he so personalised them with finer detail that each story became uniquely his own. So there’s the postmodernist. The creative thinker who appropriated, who reconstructed the old to deliver new insights.

Then and now, without word from the horse’s mouth on Shakespeare’s thinking, we can only contemplate and debate about what he intended for us—erupting yet another dispute on the concept of authorial intent… But one thing is clear: the passage of time and multiplicity of readers has not affected the constant demand for the playful Bard’s work, and the muse he casts upon us.


Image by Joe Campbell

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

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It’s winter time again in Melbourne and seems it’s more colder than ever! With this extreme weather I remembered those who are doing it tough and living on the streets. So I decided to visit HoMie, a shop of one of the charities close to my heart and bought an item in support of their cause.

If you’re not aware, HoMie is a streetwear clothing store that provides training, job opportunities and brand new clothing to people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne. Such an apt name which makes you feel invited, welcomed and cared for.

Every time you purchase clothing at HoMie, they donate a similar item of new clothing to a person experiencing homelessness. They also receive free haircuts, food, coffee, and a dignified shopping experience.

So come and visit their pop-up clothing store in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, their new store on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, and online at All net proceeds go towards tackling homelessness.

For more info visit

Ron is a fashion and sports photojournalist by passion and been doing freelance since 2010. Indeed a simple down-to-earth guy who's easy to get along with, well organised and communicate well with people. He has done and continue to do model shoots, covering fashion shows and sporting events including special occasions. Some of the celebrities and major fashion and sporting events he had covered are: The Sound of Music, Black Swan, Jennifer Hawkins, Heidi Klum, Serena Williams, Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix, Arnold Schwarzenegger Classics Australia, Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Jayco Herald Sun Tour, Kooyong Classic, Swimming Victoria, Hyundai A-League, Netball Victoria, Australian Ice Hockey League, Netball Australia, Miss Universe Australia, Miss World Australia, among others.

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A selection of paintings by Degas

Painting is not at all difficult when you don’t know anything about it. But when you know, oh, it’s something quite different. –Edgar Degas

French artist Edgar Degas was a radical realist whose unconventional work spanned diverse media and moved other master artists such as Picasso. Celebrating his heritage,Degas: A new vision’ is featuring as a winter masterpiece until 18 September 2016 at the National Galleries Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne.

The NGV exhibition stages a chronological and thematic premier of Degas’ work by decade, using illuminating inscriptions alongside his phenomenal art to shed insight into the hand and mind of this brilliant artist.

Born into an artistic and multicultural family in Paris in 1834, Degas was an intellectually enthused creative influenced by exposure to France, Italy and America. His reading list included literary realists and romanticists like Émile Zola, Gustave Flaubert and Victor Hugo. He idolized the French artists Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Eugène Delacroix and Honoré Daumier. Surrounding himself with impressionist and post-impressionist artists including Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, Vincent van Goph and Camille Pissarro, and art critics like Théodore Duret and Louis Duranty, Degas was stimulated to try manifold forms of art against unassuming or intense backgrounds.

He was inspired by Rembrandt’s chiaroscuro, his showcasing of the effect of light and shade. Degas’ zest with light is manifest at the start of the NGV display. Exhibits showing first modellings with siblings, family members and friends in dignified suits or floor-length dresses showcase experiments in a studio with artificial light from oil lamps or stage footlights.

Degas explored the human form, like in the nude study of a seated man in three-quarter rear view, hands together.

No art is less spontaneous than mine. What I do is a result of reflection and studies of the Old Masters. Of inspiration, spontaneity, temperament, I know nothing. –Edgar Degas

Revolutionary in his openness to new forms of expression, even delving into Japanese art, Degas worked with diverse motifs such as pen, graphite, chalk, charcoal, water colour, pastel, gouache, oil on canvas, oil on cardboard, oil on linen… even turpentine in black and white monotypes, and photography.

His realist paintings captured the aloof, the still or the resigned, with mirrors, chandeliers, carpets and upholstery in deliberate contrast against ambiguous backgrounds. He told story by adding or omitting, for example highlighting the subject’s hands to denote an artist, or displaying the absence of a little girl’s leg or a dog’s head in a family portrait (The Bellelli Family) to accentuate an ambience of unease.

The fluid and continuous nature of his works, some encompassing series of variants, expose a true exercise in precision. Historical paintings include images of ancient Greece, a young Alexander the Great taming a wild horse, stories from the Old Testament and conflicts set in the Middle Ages.

Inspired by van Gogh, Pissarro and French watercolourist and printmaker Joseph Tourney, Degas carefully painted layers, patterns and fabric, as exampled in the genre scene of a Roman beggar woman holding a walking stick and wearing many layers of clothing, gazing in the distance.

His fascination with the female form and studies of movement is evident in his women at work, women in intimate moments, women in brothels or women at their toilette series. In later years, Degas used what he termed ‘an orgy of light’ in motion art that captured music and dance in a ballet series.

When we are in love with nature, we can never know whether she loves us in return. –Edgar Degas

Despite his disdain for open-air painting, perhaps a result of the weakness of his eyes and their vulnerability to bright light, Degas astounded his peers and critics with landscape and beast paintings such as Beach at a low tide (1869), Horses in a meadow (1871) and Dead fox in the undergrowth (1861–64), also on view in the NGV show.

As he embraced new and unusual techniques of the time, Degas became enamoured of photography, where he continued his play with the effects of light.

Upon his death, at his request, the legendary artist received no eulogy, simply a statement that this was a man who loved art very much. But this was not his last word. His final legacy was a collection of 150 wax sculptures of racehorses, ballerinas and women bathing, found in his studio after his death.

You must have an elevated idea not of what you do, but what you can one day do. Without this it is not worth the trouble looking. –Edgar Degas

Roman Beggar Woman
Roman Beggar Woman
The Bellelli Family
The Bellelli Family

The NGV has assembled an indulgent collection, over 200 pieces from worldwide collections, in this global premiere reappraising the lifework of a revolutionary maestro.

Tickets on sale now from

Adults $28 / Concession $24.50 / Child $10 / Family (2 adults, 3 children) $65

Photography of paintings and studies by Eugen Bacon, courtesy of NGV

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

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WARNING:  Full Puppet Nudity and Other Vulgarities will induce Laughter!

Be prepared to be transported into a world of puppet debauchery, where puppets and hu- mans mingle with gregarious consequences. From sexual congress, failed childhood star- dom and excessive drinking to finding your purpose in life, Avenue Q hilariously navigates adult life from a puppet’s point of view – no strings attached!

Her Majesty’s Theatre
Wednesday 3 August – Wednesday 14 August
Tuesday – 7.30pm | Wednesday – 7.30pm | Thursday – 8.00pm |
Friday – 8.00pm | Saturday – 2.00pm & 8.00pm | Sunday – 3.00pm

Bookings: or 13 28 49

For more information head to



Truman is the dog. But there is nothing Beethoven, Benji, Turner or Hooch in director Cesc Gay’s film. There’s no ‘must-love’ dogs in Truman but it’s certainly a must-see. It’s also a ‘read-me’ movie, in Spanish with English subtitles.

Palace Cinemas hosts a range of foreign film festivals across the year, each movie evoking its own unique gaze at culture in a diverse offering of mystery, drama, romance, comedy or thriller. If you find fascination in watching a film in a different language, you may appreciate that expressions of the everyday can be unearthing of a lifetime. Truman featured in the Spanish Film Festival that recently closed in Melbourne, and is in the pipeline for general release soon.

“Why don’t you stay here?” asks Julián (Ricardo Darín) of new arrival Tomás (Javier Cámara) from Canada.

“You snore and your dog doesn’t like me,” says best friend Tomás.

Then unveils a wistful tale of friendship, a close observation of the human heart and mind.

Julián has terminal cancer. Tomás is a willing yet bewildered party to a four-day visit. How to spend time with a dying person, especially one as dogged as Julián who has a few goodbyes up his sleeve—counting one to the doctor to say no to chemo. Julián wishes to die with dignity. He wants to put his affairs in order. He wants to sort out the dog—do animals experience grief? Who to look after the beloved terrier once Julián is gone?

Truman is a love story. It examines a sombre topic with poise and humour. Actors Darín and Cámara portray human nature in astounding performances that make this film spectacular.

Director Cesc Gay delivers, and then some. Truman has won notable awards—the los Premios Goya (Spain’s main national annual film awards) and Premis Gaudí (best film in Catalan language) for best film director, actor, supporting actor (and actress) and screen play.

Keep a lookout for Truman’s general release to the big screens real soon.


Director: Cesc Gay; Written by Tomàs Aragay, Cesc Gay; Produced by Daniel Burman; Diego Dubcovsky; Marta Esteban; Alejandro Gorodisch; Axel Kuschevatzky; Matías Mosteirín; Hugo Sigman; Music by Nico Cota; Toti Soler

WITH: Ricardo Darín, Javier Cámara, Dolores Fonzi

Running Time: 108 min

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Spanish with English subtitles

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

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22/06/2016 to 25/06/2016

Nederlands Dans Theater, recognised as arguably the most innovative dance company in existence, are returning to Arts Centre Melbourne’s State Theatre.

Since its inception half a century ago, Nederlands Dans Theater has gone on to define dance and attract admiration the world over. Led by Paul Lightfoot, this rebellious company has built a rich repertoire of 600 ballets by master choreographers such as Ji Kylin and Hans van Manen, renowned house choreographers Sol Len and Paul Lightfoot, associate choreographers Crystal Pite and Marco Goecke and high-profile guests such as Gabriela Carrizo, Johan Inger, Hofesh Shechter and Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar.

The multi-national company consists of 28 phenomenal dancers from all over the world, varying in age between 24 and 41 years, each one of them excelling in their solo qualities. Their Australian performances include three distinctive works Sehnsucht (Sol Len/Paul Lightfoot, 2009), Solo Echo (Crystal Pite, 2012) and Stop-Motion (Sol Len/Paul Lightfoot , 2014).

Location: Arts Centre Melbourne, 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004

Bookings: 1300 182 183, Click here to book

Victoria Polytechnic’s “Makeup Carnivale”: an evening celebrating the creativity and talent of our Diploma of Specialist Make-up students as they transition from training to industry.

Our students will be showcasing their outstanding achievements in a spectacular and interactive event. Mingle with characters created by our graduating class and see who you can identify.

A drink on arrival and canapés will be served from 7pm

When Monday, 20 June 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Where Alumbra – Shed 9 Central Pier 161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands, VIC 3008


Saturday 18 June – Sunday 17 July, 10am – 10pm

River Rink in Fed Square is making an exciting return this Saturday so bring your friends and family to enjoy some ice skating along the stunning River Terrace! During the day views of the city and Yarra River form a dramatic backdrop for skaters and as nightfall arrives River Rink in Fed Square transforms into a fairyland of light and colour. On selected evenings the rink will come to life with themes and music and if you’re looking to recharge your energy levels there’ll be a great selection of food and beverages on offer. Don’t worry if you’re still learning to skate, assistants in the form of 70cm high penguins and seals can be rented to help support you on the ice!

Where: River Terrace, Fed Square
Price: Pre-sale from $12.50 (Kids), $22 (Adults) | Tickets available at Ticketmaster

The Wailing

In Cinema Nova fashion of arthouse and eccentric film, a preview of director Hong-jin Na’s The Wailing (Goksung) unveils a personification of evil in a different kind of horror narrative.

Starring Jun KunimuraJeong-min HwangWoo-hee Chun, The Wailing employs archetypal horror tropes of cruel and unusual death, the haunted house, ineffective barricades against evil – even a shaman cannot dispel it, a creepy child and cannibalistic zombies. When a Japanese stranger arrives in a South Korean village and evil surrounds him, a laughing stock cop must toughen up when that same evil threatens his family.

As far as storytelling goes, horror can be an exhausted genre, and artists and producers are continually hunting ways to tap into audience curiosity by reinventing the genre. The Wailing is a somewhat appropriation of Scream in its mystery, horror and comedy blend, but that’s as far as similarity goes. No inane pretties racing screaming up the stairs of a trapping mansion

Opening scenes are parodic with laconic, dry humour. But the mood goes increasingly sombre when the audience must confront darkness in a child. Enter primitive and the obscure with shamanism, faith and mind play, twist after twist. Director Hong-jin Na reinvents the supernatural in genre hybridisation that contains a who-dun-it, exorcism and ancient tradition in an unsettling wallow in evil.

The narrative goes full circle, adds up and assuages an hitherto undecided audience dissuaded by its jesting start. In its play of anti-Japanese sentiment, this is not a film that will cure inherent cultural Korean and Japanese animosity. The alienation of a Jap stranger in a Korean village does not encourage the audience to engage with difference.

For cinematic effects and the disquiet it brings, this mystery, crime, drama horror emerged a pleasant find for the Cannes 2016 critics, and continues to be a box office pick in Korea, also stealing the spotlight in Hollywood as a foreign entry. In crossing genre, this world cinema with sub-titles is for a broad audience. Look out for its general screening at Cinema Nova.

Produced by: John Penotti

Running time: 2 hours, 36 minutes

Rating: 4 stars

Image courtesy of Pan Media & Entertainment

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

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Opening night for Songs for a new world at Chapel off Chapel was full house for the robust talents of its cast. Natalie O’Donnell, Linden Furnell, Teagan Wouters and John O’Hara lent the lushness of their voices to the sombre, playful and abstract musical.

With the sizzling accompaniment of musical director Geoffrey Castle’s titillating harmonies, contemporary vignettes tugged the heart and mind in a production that spew haze, smoke and strobe illumination. The sound and lighting creatives realised a phenomenal accomplishment in rendering the best form of director Luke Joslin’s vision in a song cycle that was awe-upon-awe in the intimate setting of a loft.

If you are familiar with the story cycle in the literary world, nineteenth- and twentieth-century American authors adapted and expanded the short story to relay subversive ideas without alienating the audience. Narratives are held together by the arrangement of stories, thematic ties or collective protagonists, where a set of related tales constitute a closed and sufficient unit. This was the calibre of rare beast that producers Joshua Robson and Damien Bermingham unleashed in an astonishing premier of the human condition.

It is lockout policy at Chapel off Chapel so, when in for a show, hang around with agreeable staff at the bar and box office, unwind with a cider, sparkly, red or white as you wait for sparks to begin. There’s a choice of fruit-flavoured fizz for the teetotallers and cabaret festival trailers in the background for the visuals, not to mention beguiling posters upfront on the wall towards the loft where theatre unveils for the eager.

The throng was eager but unrehearsed for the energy and newness of each act in a poignant rendition of the choices humans make in Songs for a new world. Clap, clap, clap. Encore, encore…

More information about the musical production at

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

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JUNE 11-12, 2016

Oz Comic-Con Melbourne returns to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre this June!

Come join in a weekend of fun for the whole family. Our guest list is growing each day – Lucy Lawless and John Barrowman, David Anders, Ingrid Oliver, Timothy Omundson, Rose McIver and more!

Check out all the guests who will be at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne! Plus, have dinner with our guests on the Saturday night! Or Want the Ultimate Fan Experience? Check out what Speciality Tickets are available.

Show Hours: 9am-6pm daily

Tickets are on sale now!

(TAT Melbourne team would be covering this event)

SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD is about one moment. It’s about hitting the wall and having to make a choice, or take a stand, or turn around and go back. These are the stories and characters of today. The first musical from Tony Award winner Jason Robert Brown (Parade, Bridges Of Madison County), this moving collection of powerful songs examines life, love and the choices we make.

Brown transports his audience from the deck of a 1492 Spanish sailing ship to a ledge 57 stories above Fifth Avenue to meet a startling array of characters ranging from a young man who has determined that basketball is his ticket out of the ghetto to a woman whose dream of marrying rich nabs her the man of her dreams and a soulless marriage.
With a small, powerhouse cast and a driving, exquisitely crafted score running the gamut of today’s popular music, Songs For A New World is a great way to bring the next generation into the theatre.

JUNE 2 – 12, 2016
More info at; tickets at


Come down to see the best of Melbourne’s freelance and boutique designers in a fashion runway show!

With the show beginning in the early evening, the night is still young so stay for a boogy and drinks after the show and to get the chance to meet the designers. Finger food provided, bar available at cheap prices.

Get your early bird ticket now for $10.00

See the most famous section of Swan Lake in just 45 minutes!

After a sell-out season in Sydney, join us at Arts Centre Melbourne on Thursday 9 June at 12.30pm and see a fully staged performance of Act Three of Baynes’ Swan Lake. This is your chance to watch the black swan, Odile as she tempts the Prince away from his true love in a thrilling pas de deux, set to Tchaikovsky’s famous score.

With drifts of tutus, mesmerising turns and graceful leaps, this is the perfect chance to experience the world’s most famous ballet!

For more info visit

(The Black Swan will be covered and featured by our Melbourne Mag team)

See the Big Guns Fly!

The Victorian Championships for Men’s, Women’s and Trampoline Gymnastics are held annually on Queen’s Birthday weekend, at Melbourne’s prestigious State Netball Hockey Centre, from Saturday 11 to Monday 13 June, 2016.

The Championships features Victoria’s top athletes competing across two arenas in a three-day extravaganza of awe-inspiring gymnastics. Our own gymnasts are often joined by teams from across Australia and Oceania, making it an event not to be missed!

For more info visit

(The Victorian Championships will be covered and featured by our Melbourne Mag team)

On May 18 artist Minna Gilligan will join Heide curator Sue Cramer for a discussion on how the pop-art cinematic musical The Umbrellas of Cherbourg inspired the exhibition Dancing Umbrellas: An Exhibition of Movement and Light, before a rare screening of the 1964 French film at Cinema Nova in Carlton.

An angelically beautiful Catherine Deneuve was launched to stardom by this dazzling musical heart-tugger from Jacques Demy. She plays an umbrella-shop owner’s delicate daughter, glowing with first love for a handsome garage mechanic, played by Nino Castelnuovo. When the boy is shipped off to fight in Algeria, the two lovers must grow up quickly. Exquisitely designed in a kaleidoscope of colours, and told entirely through the lilting songs of the great composer Michel Legrand, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is one of the most revered and unorthodox movie musicals of all time.

Wednesday 18 May at 6.30pm, Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon Street, Carlton

Tickets $25 ($20 Concession/Member), Ticket includes cinema admission and admission to Dancing Umbrellas: An Exhibition of Movement and Light at Heide Museum of Modern Art.

13/05/2016 to 17/07/2016, Regent Theatre, 191-197 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

The world’s best-loved musical, The Sound of Music, is now showing in Melbourne!

The Sound of Music touches the hearts of all ages and features some of the most memorable songs ever performed on the musical stage, including My Favourite Things, Do-Re-Mi, Climb Ev’ry Mountain, The Lonely Goatherd, Sixteen Going on Seventeen and, of course, the glorious title song, The Sound of Music!

Starring alongside Cameron Daddo as Captain von Trapp are many of Australia’s favourite stage performers such as Marina Prior in the role of the Baroness Schraeder, Lorraine Bayly as Frau Schmidt and Jacqueline Dark as Mother Abbess. In the coveted role of Maria is one of Australia’s newest and most outstanding award-winning musical theatre stars, Amy Lehpamer from Once, Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show and Rock of Ages!

More information at

Photo by James Morgan (The Melby tour was recently covered and will be featured by the Melbourne Mag team.)


“A fabulously fun international award-winning musical based on the adored movie, Legally Blonde JR. follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes, snobbery, and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. This action-packed musical explodes on the stage with memorable songs and dynamic dances. Hilarious and heart-warming, this musical is so much fun it should be illegal!” – Hal Leonard Australia

Wyndham Theatre Company is proud to announce that tickets are on sale for our June production of ‘Legally Blonde Jr’.

Friday 10th June 7:30PM
Saturday 11th June 2:00PM
Saturday 11th June 7:30PM

Adults: $25
Concession: $20
Family (2 Adults + 2 Children U12): $80

More information is available on their website at

10th May 2016 – 28th May 201

Garry Pumfrey’s first solo at FLG was a bleak portrayal of Melbourne’s Port Melbourne and heavily urbanized areas and was a critical and commercial success. His most recent solo at FLG in 2012 Obres Noves sold out as did his suite of paintings of Barcelona at the 2014 Melbourne Art Fair. He has continued to be immersed in the Barcelona art scene, the resulting body of works enticing us to join him in exploring the heart of the old city, Barris Gòtic, Born & Raval. United in darkness, we find Pumfrey drawn to capture these history laden yet clearly contemporary lanes.

Pumfrey has won the Town of Vincent Art Award, Peoples Choice Award at the City of Joondalup Invitational Art Award, and has taken out first prize twice at the Gascoyne Biennale and once at the Kalgoorlie Boulder Art Exhibition. He was awarded ArtsWA funding for his Melbourne and Sydney exhibitions, and has work in several public collections, including Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University and the Town of Vincent. Recently his work was acquired for the Parliament House Collection.

137 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC
Tues – Fri 11am to 6pm, Sat 11am to 5pm (except for 3pm on the last day of exhibiton.), (03) 9654 3332

Tuesday, 17 May at 11am and 2pm
Clocktower Centre, 750 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds
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In 2016 The Australian Ballet School will once again present what is now a favourite on the arts calendar; a showcase of works, by talented students, revealing the sublime meeting of dance and music that is the art of ballet. Audiences will be thrilled by a wonderfully creative repertoire brought to vivid life by the passion, fire and beauty of youth. A performance not to be missed.

Meat Fish Wine bar and restaurant presents 80 world class Pinots from around the globe between now and July 30. A new wine is on show every day and a Meat Fish Wine Pinot Pass gives the holder access to over $1000 worth of Pinot over the 3 month long event.

May 5, 2016 – Meat Fish Wine, part of the Apples + Pears Restaurant Group, today announced the Meat Fish Wine Pinot Party has started!

Meat Fish Wine restaurant and wine bar is hosting a Pinot party from May 2nd to July 30th. Pinot lovers can enjoy a new glass of Pinot every day, for 80 days. The 3 month long event kicked off this week with local Pinot Noirs from the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley leading the charge. Wines have been sourced from the world’s very best wine regions, and over $1000 worth of Pinot can be accessed with an $80 Pinot Pass valid for the three month long Pinot party.

The Meat Fish Wine Pinot Pass gives the holder the chance to try a host of old and new world Pinots, sure to delight the palate of the most discerning Pinot drinker. Over the 80 days wines from local winemakers, France, Italy, U.S.A, Chile, Germany, Australia and New Zealand will be featured. The limited number of $80 Pinot Passes are available at Meat Fish Wine or online, giving the holder access to over $1000 worth of wines from around the world.

More information on 80 Pinots in 80 days:

Contact details: Vanessa Green, Director Marketing and Wine,, +61 3 9603 1640

Cinema Nova from 12 May

Down-on-their-luck punk rockers The Ain’t Rights agree to a last-minute gig in a backwoods Oregon roadhouse. The gig soon takes a sinister turn as the band members stumble upon a grisly murder scene and find themselves targeted by a ruthless club owner and his associates, determined to eliminate all witnesses.

From the internationally acclaimed filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier (BLUE RUIN), GREEN ROOM is a nerve shredding thrill-ride with a thick vein of dark humour, featuring a gripping ensemble performance from Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat, Joe Cole, Macon Blair and Callum Turner.

Source: Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon Street, Carlton, 93475331

5 May – 19 June 2016, NGV International, 180 St. Kilda Road, Southbank, VIC 3004

One of the world’s most iconic paintings, James McNeill Whistler’s Portrait of the artist’s mother, 1871, will travel to Australia for the first time in March 2016.

On loan from the Musée d’Orsay, Paris, and exhibited exclusively at the NGV in association with Art Exhibitions Australia, the exhibition Whistler’s Mother will explore this complex work from multiple perspectives to reveal the artist, the sitter, and the work’s immense artistic, social and historical impact.

Source: National Gallery of Victoria, photo cropped (spoiler alert), please visit NGV to see the whole portrait

19-29 May, opening Saturday 21 May, 2-5pm

Japanese sculptor Takahiko Sugawara has been based in Melbourne since 2012, for Repetitive Nature, his second exhibition with Tinning Street he will be presenting select cut wood sculptures and one major work; nearing the length of the gallery, and made entirely from matchsticks. Sugawara makes use of simple geometric forms, which he repeats en masse to form intricate large-scale sculptures. The organic hand-building of individual structural layers brings an entrancing tactile quality to the potentially austere sculptures.


Sugawara’s use of repetition, form, and discipline are rooted in his teenage years where he was in Japan’s number one high school marching band. The band practiced for six hours a day, every day, walking in formation, making lines and shapes whilst playing their instruments.

Tinning Street is located at 5/29 Tinning Street, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia, Brunswick, VIC 3056

It’s all happening at the newly named O’Brien Group Arena (formely Medibank Icehouse) at Docklands, Melbourne. Last Saturday, the Melbourne Mustangs won over the Canberra Brave Ice Hockey team by scoring most of their points at the last period to take a 7-1 win!

Photo credit: ADLP Photography

More information from the AIHL website

14 May – 11 June 2016

In a subtle shift from photography to moving image Simon Obarzanek’s forthcoming exhibition will showcase a suite of six high definition video pieces, fittingly titled “Video Portraits”. The subjects, with their formal uniformity are paired back to no more than highlighted faces lit against a dark background. The protagonists at times give only the very subtlest hint at physical exertion and at other times they are at battle, as they appear to be coerced by something unseen. Obarzanek continues to explore the notions of loss, passion, strength, illness, gravity, and loneliness that are at the core of the common human experience.

Obarzanek has exhibited in many significant group and solo exhibitions including: Photographic Portrait Prize, National Portrait Gallery, London (2005),Melbourne Now (2013), Negotiating This World: Contemporary Australian Art, (2012); and Order and disorder: Archives and photography (2008/2009), all at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. A survey exhibition Simon Obarzanek, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne (2008).

Source: Karen Woodbury Gallery, Level 1/167 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, +61(3)9639 5855, Tuesday to Saturday 11 – 5,,