Take a Peek & Eat from their New Seasonal Lunch & Dinner Menu too!

The Cut’s new Wagyu Beef Burger is a high end take on a lunchtime staple. The star of the burger is the broiled patty made with *Robbins Island sirloin and brisket. As you’d expect from a steak restaurant, it’s perfectly cooked – juicy, flavoursome, and tender. Fillings are simple, but classic. American cheddar, tomato, lettuce, and relish, balance the burger, which is served on a brioche bun. Hand cut chips and house aioli are the perfect accompaniment to this meal, and the chips prove very useful in mopping up the relish when things inevitably get a little messy. This offering will delight those who love burgers, but not grease, and it’s only $9.95 at lunch for the month of November.

 “It’s got to be one of Melbourne’s most pocket-friendly premium burgers, served with hand-cut chips”, said Rachel from Urban Purveyor.


 **Get in to The Cut before 31st December. In the meanwhile we’ll try convince them to keep this limited edition burger on at that price for a while longer!

 **Take a Peek & Eat from their New Seasonal Lunch & Dinner Menu too! Specialising in Prime Australian Beef & Seafood.



*Robbins Island Wagyu Beef (Tasmania)

The Cut Steakhouse

7 Alfred Place



 Review & Image by Celeste Juliano

Additional Image Courtesy of The Cut Steakhouse

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