Ghosts, Witches and Creatures of Fright: Chefs Gallery Introduce Devil Sago Delights!

Chefs Gallery, Sydney’s favourite contemporary Chinese, have conjured up a terrifying new menu addition this Halloween. Wickedly delicious and frighteningly fun, the Devil Sago Delights are a terrifying treat for the tastebuds, and will be available 29th to 31st October only.

With a devilishly indulgent meringue laid to rest atop chocolate soil and silky coconut sago, the Devil Sago Delights are finished with a petrifying Chinese-spiced pumpkin sponge, and chocolate bone and cross. They will be available at Chefs Gallery restaurants in Town Hall, Macquarie Centre, Bankstown, Parramatta and Hurstville.

“Creating innovative food experiences has always been our mission at Chefs Gallery, but for Halloween we like to come up with special treats that are as sumptuous as they are spooky. Be sure to come in and summon our Devil Sago Delights, if you dare!” said Pastry Chef Candy Liang.

Chefs Gallery has become famous for its innovative desserts, from their hugely popular Piggy Faced Buns to the creamy delights of their Emoji buns, which encourage diners to poke a hole in their mouth, squeeze their head and watch the eggy custard goodness ooze from their mouth.

The experience of dining at Chefs Gallery is one that is unique in its theatre, artistry and taste. With chefs crafting hand-made noodles behind the glass walled kitchen, as well as a superbly curated menu bursting with taste sensations, Chefs Gallery is a true feast for the senses.


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Instagram: @chefsgallery

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Chefs Gallery Locations:

Town Hall – Shop 12, 501 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

Macquarie Shopping Centre – Shop 402, North Ryde NSW 2113

Bankstown – Little Saigon Plaza Ground Floor – Shop G03-06, 462 Chapel Rd Bankstown NSW 2200

Parramatta – Westfield Parramatta Ground Floor – Shop 2184, 159-175 Church St Parramatta

Hurstville – Westfield Hurstville, 256 Forest Rd entrance via The Eatery, Hurstville


Information and Image Courtesy of Chefs Gallery/Cardinal Spin – Amy Owen

Connie Lambeth – The Australia Times News

Editor GOURMET – Food/Wine/Events



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Chefs Gallery is a multi-award winning Chinese dining experience like no other. At Chefs Gallery food is created meticulously combining art and artistry. Here the artistry of modern Chinese cuisine and contemporary Chinese art combine to indulge diners with a mouth-watering, multi-sensory Chinese experience. From the mesmerising theatre of hand-made noodles being pulled and stretched behind the glass walled kitchen, to each artfully created dish from the sumptuous menu – the experience is unique. These gourmet masterpieces draw their culinary influences from across China and are served in an environment of changing displays of thought provoking Chinese artwork. This synergy is designed to transport, inspire and create a true gallery of exceptional experiences to stimulate and nourish all your senses.