BOOK TITLE: The Australia Times - Tangent magazine. Volume 3, issue 6

Vol. 3 No. 6 July 2015
The bang
Secrets of Pluto
revealed for the
first time...
My beautiful mess
The bang
Joke of the month
Robot walking home, Ben
Garvey, Copyright 2004,
Flickr under attribution licence
Fran Lefroy
From Pluto to Parliament
From Tech to part two of
"Running away is not an option".
Oh yes, and Max goes "bang".
Don't ask, just read his clever
piece of short fiction.
Secrets of Pluto revealed for
the rst time... 09
The Melbourne Underground
Rail Loop 12
My beautiful mess 19
Part two - Running away is
not an option 24
Technology Overload 29
The bang 32
Gasp 34
Alcohol and violence 40
Antestor 46
Joke of the month 47
Quote of the month 48
Stephanie Goulding
Peter Johansen
Sheree Spiteri
Beverley Smith
Dane Keating
Max Voice
Kieran Dell
Joanne Gay
Joel Vallence
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Secrets of Pluto revealed
for the first time...
by Stephanie Goulding
©image from the New Horizons’ Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI)
aboard NASAs New Horizons spacecra, taken on 13 July 2015 from a distance
of 768,000 kilometres from the dwarf planets surface.
Pluto - Image Credit: NASA/APL/SwRI
er travelling through
space for nine and a half
years, on 14 July 2015
NASAs New Horizons
spacecra flew past Pluto,
collecting data on the dwarf planet and
its moons while it travelled through
space at 49,600 kilometres per hour.
Pluto is a dwarf planet and the largest
known Kuiper Belt object – similar to
the asteroid belt located between Earth
and Mars, but made up of many more
rocky (and icy) objects that have been
unable to coalesce into a planet during
the formation of the solar system.
NASA scientists, and people around the
world, waited in anticipation to receive
data from New Horizons' fly-by of Pluto
and its moons. Adding to the delay, a
radio signal from Pluto (which travels
through space at the speed of light)
takes four and a half hours to reach
Earth! Compare this to the measly eight
minutes it takes light to travel from the
sun to Earth and, yes, Pluto really is a
very, very long distance away.
On board are seven instruments: LOR-
RI (Long Range Reconnaissance Im-
ager), a camera that can gather data at
great distances; Ralph, a Visible and in-
frared imager/spectrometer, collecting
data to make colour images and ther-
mal maps; Alice, an Ultraviolet imag-
ing spectrometer, providing data about
the atmospheres of Pluto, Charon and
other Kuiper Belt objects; REX (Radio
Science EXperiment), measuring at-
mospheric composition and tempera-
ture; SWAP (Solar Wind Around Pluto),
a solar wind and plasma spectrometer,
looking at Pluto's interaction with solar
wind; PEPSSI (Pluto Energetic Particle
Spectrometer Science Investigation),
an energetic particle spectrometer,
measuring charged particles escaping
Pluto's atmosphere; and VBSDC (Ve-
netia Burney Student Dust Counter),
an experiment built and operated by
students at the University of Colorado,
measuring space dust colliding with
New Horizons during its voyage.
LORRI took photos of Pluto and its
moons from which their sizes could
be measured. ey have accurately
measured Pluto's diameter at 2,370
kilometers (compared to the Earth's
diameter of 12,742 km). Due to the
lack of atmosphere, Charon had been
previously sized with some certainty,
but now its diameter has been
confirmed to be 1,208 km. Hydra has
been photographed as a lumpy potato-
shaped moon measuring 43km by
33km. Nix is believed to be a moon with
an elongated body with a diameter of
about 40 km. Photos of Pluto's smallest
moons, Kerberos and Styx, were to
be taken during the fly by on 15 July,
however this data has not yet been
sent back to Earth.
Geography of Pluto and Charon
Images from New Horizons have
shown landscapes which have
surprised geologists. Features indicate
regions formed less than 100 million
years ago, considered quite recent,
relative to the 4.6 billion years the
solar system has been around.
Amongst them is a frozen plain of
carbon monoxide (in the le region
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
of the light, heart-shaped feature on
Pluto). is region has been informally
named “Tombaugh Regio” (Tombaugh
Region) aer astronomer Clyde
Tombaugh, who discovered Pluto in
1930, and whose ashes New Horizons
carries on board. Additionally, there is
a region of icy mountains informally
named “Sputnik Planum” (Sputnik
Plain) aer the first artificial satellite,
launched by the Soviet Union in 1957
(which also had antennas spiking
outwards). e youthful age given
to these features is based on the lack
of craters – if features have formed
recently they will be clear of the signs
of impact. Similarly, Charon also
seems to have a young appearance that
indicates it could still be geologically
active. e New Horizons Geology,
Geophysics and Imaging Team will
be examining data for some time
to deduce the surprising features of
Pluto and Charon.
Beyond Pluto
Past Pluto, New Horizons will hopefully
visit one more Kuiper Belt Object. e
New Horizons team is considering two
objects and plan to make a decision in
August. Aer this fly-by New Horizons
will continue its trek into space. Like
Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, it will map
the heliosphere and continue to travel
through to interstellar space – past the
boundary of the solar system. Current
estimates state that the mission will
end in 2026, when the power source
is expected to fail, but the Voyager
probes have continued to function
past their expected expiry dates, so
only time will tell.
Follow the New Horizons mission on
facebook at https://www.facebook.
com/new.horizons and on twitter at @
new.horizons or on the web at http://
Charon - Image Credit:
©image from New Horizons
Long Range Reconnaissance
Imager (LORRI), taken on
13 July 2015 from a distance
of 466,000 kilometres
from the moons surface;
combined with colour
information obtained
by New Horizons’ Ralph
instrument on 13 July.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
The Melbourne
Underground Rail Loop
©Melbourne Central Station, Peter Johansen, copyright 2015
etween 1929 and 1960, there were ongoing
discussions within Government and the
community about the need for a central
Melbourne Underground Rail Loop that
would connect all suburban rail lines. It was
finally commissioned in Victoria, and was approved on
ursday, February 4, 1971.
e decision was to build four separate
suburban rail lines – one for the Clion
Hill branch serving South Morang, and
Hurstbridge railway lines (Melbournes
north-eastern suburban railway lines),
one for the Caulfield-Sandringham
branch serving Pakenham, Cranbourne,
and Frankston railway lines (and in
addition, the Sandringham railway line
on weekends and public holidays only).
ose lines covered o Melbournes
south-eastern and southern suburban
railway lines. ere was also one for
the North Melbourne branch serving
Upfield, Craigieburn, and Sunbury
railway lines (and in addition, Werribee
and Williamstown railway lines on
weekends and public holidays only).
©Flagsta Station, Peter Johansen, copyright 2015
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
ose lines covered o Melbournes
northern and western suburban
railway lines. Finally, there was one for
the Burnley branch serving Lilydale,
Belgrave, Alamein, and Glen Waverley
railway lines. ese were Melbourne’s
eastern suburban railway lines.
e plans included three underground
railway stations – two along LaTrobe
Street – one at William Street on the west
side called ‘Flagsta’, where Flagsta
Gardens are (open Mondays to Fridays
only excepting public holidays). One
between Elizabeth and Swanston Streets
(Walk) which was named ‘Melbourne
Central’ (formerly Museum), and one
along Spring Street with entrances at both
Collins Street and Lonsdale Street . is
was named ‘Parliament’, because that is
where Parliament House, Melbourne is
situated - at the top end of Bourke Street
in Spring Street.
Two new elevated tracks between
Flinders Street and Southern Cross
Stations (from four up to six railway
lines) were built. One for each of the
four suburban rail lines, and two direct
to and from North Melbourne which
were opened on Monday, December
11, 1978. is date was also when the
preliminary stage of the Melbourne
Underground Rail Loop was opened.
e trains didnt go through the loop as
normal services until Saturday, January
24, 1981. ese were to be regular
services on the Caulfield and Burnley
loops and Melbourne Central Station.
e first of Melbournes Underground
Rail Loop had now commenced. On
Sunday, December 6
, 1981, trains
started going round the City Loop,
stopping at Flinders Street, Southern
Cross, and Melbourne Central.
On Monday, April 5, 1982, Melbourne
Central Station, Western entrance
opened exactly nine years aer the
beginning of construction of that
station. On Monday, November 1, 1982,
trains started going round the Clion
Hill loop. Parliament Station opened
on Saturday, January 22, 1983 with
entrances open to Collins and Bourke
Streets only. e Macarthur Street
entrance did not open until Monday,
May 16.
Parliament Station northern booking
hall opened on Monday, February 13,
1984 with two entrances with specific
access facilites for the disabled.
A fun fact: Parliament
Station has the longest
escalators in the Southern
Hemisphere. Along the escalator
tunnels, there is a display of 88
photos of Parliament House,
Flagsta Station opened on Monday,
May 27, 1985 with the main entrance and
Flagsta Gardens entrance complete.
Construction of the entire Melbourne
Underground Rail Loop was completed
aer 13 years, 11 months, and five days
since it had begun on Tuesday, June 22,
1971. Finally at last, Flagsta Gardens
had their own Flagsta Station.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Now, from Monday to Friday until about
12.45 pm, some city-bound trains will go
round the loop. e exceptions are: South
Morang, Hurstbridge, Sandringham,
Werribee, and Williamstown trains.
All outward bound trains will go direct
to Richmond and North Melbourne
excepting the South Morang and
Hurstbridge trains which will go round
the loop all day.
From Monday to Friday from about
12.45 pm, some outward-bound trains
will go round the loop. e exceptions
are the Sandringham, Werribee, and
Williamstown trains. All city-bound
trains will go direct to Flinders Street
and Southern Cross.
On Saturdays, Sundays, and public
holidays, all South Morang , Hurstbridge,
Lilydale, Belgrave, and Glen Waverley
outward-bound trains all go round the
loop. City-bound trains will go direct to
Flinders Street for the Clion Hill and
Burnley loops.
All city-bound trains will go via the city
loop from Upfield, Craigieburn, Sunbury,
Pakenham, Cranbourne, Frankston, and
Sandringham. ose outbound trains
will go direct from Flinders Street and
Southern Cross to North Melbourne
and Richmond for Caulfield and North
Melbourne loops.
It is more convenient for train com-
muters in Melbourne’s CBD in that they
don’t have to walk for more than about
ten minutes to go to any of the five rail-
way stations (only four on weekends
and public holidays). is prevents the
bottleneck that occurred before the
©Parliament Station, Peter Johansen, copyright 2015
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
loop existed when all trains were rout-
ed directly to and from Flinders Street
until the loop was opened progressive-
ly from 1981 until 1985.
A few points of interest
and features located near
the city stations are:
Flagstaff Station: The Law
Courts and the Queen
Victoria Market.
Melbourne Central Station: The
Melbourne Central shopping
centre, the State Library of
Victoria, and RMIT University.
Parliament Station: The top
end of Collins Street and the
beautiful Treasury Gardens.
Parliament Station is one of the best
looking railway station I’ve seen,
having only stairs to five entrances
with no escalators permitted between
both concourse levels and street levels.
It looks a lot better for having only
one li at entrance level, and having
only one platform level li rather
than having two such as at Melbourne
Central Station. Flagsta Station is also
one of the best looking railway stations;
especially the yellow walls.
All the city loop stations have their
own architectural look and colour
scheme, providing variation and ease
of determining which station you have
arrived at.
Upcoming plans for an extension to
the existing loop are in the pipeline.
Should they commence, there will be
a new Melbourne Metro Rail tunnel
from South Kensington to the east of
South Yarra, going towards Caulfield.
Assuming it goes ahead, it will feature
five planned new stations; Arden,
Parkville, CBD North (with direct
access to and from Melbourne Central),
CBD South (with direct access to and
from Flinders Street), and Domain.
It will bypass the South Yarra and
Sandringham railway stations with the
next station being Hawksburn.
Peter A. Johansen.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
My beautiful
211/365 e Artist by
Martinak15. Copyright 2012.
©Flickr under attribution licence
by Sheree Spiteri
She: She smiles in blue as her
eyes glisten like the sky, her cheeks
become pink as the wind hits her
face. Time cannot erase this image,
a picture can’t erase it, the “beautiful
mess” she is.
He: He looks into her blue pale
eyes and catches himself smiling.
Remembering him living the best
moments of his life with her. She’s
now 18.
She: Three years ago he
embraced her in his arms for the
first time, dropping her home from
meeting her for the first time ever.
She remembers it perfectly... so
She and He
– a beautiful mess
softly, she knew from then she had
never felt safer in her entire life.
She’s now living with this man,
and he still hugs her the same, “his
beautiful mess”.
He: He didn’t think she would
stick around, He didnt feel he could
help her much at all... though he
didn’t know he was doing more than
anyone ever could. Telling her he
loved her. She had rarely heard this
word in her life, neither had she felt
it until now. He watches as tears fall
from her eyes once again.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
How he wishes he could take her
pain away, all the mess that she has
had, he hugs her tightly and knows
in his heart it feels right. He knows
she has more than 50 percent of the
continents’ problems at this stage,
or so it felt to both of them, but he
loved her, none the more, none the
less, and thats what mattered.
He couldn’t imagine her being
anyone else’s, “his beautiful mess”.
She: She wonders all the time
how much better off he would be
without her. He wouldn’t be getting
verbally abused and accused of
everything, he wouldn’t have to
come home to someone so sad. She
doesn’t want to put him through this
anymore, though she doesn’t know
why she does it. She seems to have
trouble showing affection or giving
her heart to people. She wonders
why he is staying around after all he
has seen and the things she has said
and done.
She knows he needs more and she
wants to give him the world. Tell
him he is great at all he does. But
she simply cannot explain how
much he means, how amazing he
truly is. He smiles at her just like
every other time she cries, even at
her worst he smiles at her, and tells
her she is beautiful. Right then and
there she knows he wants and loves
her and that she simply cannot walk
away. He is “her beautiful mess”.
He: I know she doesn’t realize
that all her imperfections make her
insanely attractive. Sometimes they
drive me mad, but I know that if I
didn’t have them around anymore,
I couldn’t handle that. I couldn’t
handle not seeing her face every
day, or pretending to listen as she
continues her rant about whatever
it is on that day. I know I would
miss her so much, even the way
her eyes twitch or go cross-eyed
when shes tired. She doesn’t know
that I hate the way she puts herself
down, because I love her altogether.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Check out the
issue of Gourmet,
where we chat
with talented Head
Chef from ARTUSI
Italian Restaurant:
There might be more imperfections
than usual but I love the way she is,
beautiful and strong, “my beautiful
She: He walks through the door
and smiles at her from across the
room. Some days are worse than
others. But he takes it. Like a true
gentlemen. Like someone who has
come to understand the needs of the
woman he loves. And how to handle
tough situations. Sometimes not. But
thats okay. No one is perfect. Overall
I don’t blame him. He likes to think
I have changed his outlook on life
and people within themselves.
However I know its his own strength
that makes him know. Smarter and
wiser then he knows. But what we
don’t realize is together we have
changed so much for the better. We
have come to know what love and
responsibility is. How to look after
each other and changing each other
for the better. Learning new things
from each other. Becoming one, “one
beautiful mess”.
Together: So together they
take on what they can. Because no
one said true love was going to be
easy, but she knows in her heart
when true love feels right. When
someone is there for you even after
they have seen you at your worst.
When they know your secrets,
have seen your stupidity and love
you anyway. Like the way I can do
something completely insane and
he will simply laugh and say “I love
you”, its then and there I know that
we are “a beautiful mess”.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
Part two -
away is not
an option
Chained, Vinoth Chandar, copyright 2011
©Flickr under attribution licence
ow can I change my path of destruction?
I am on a journey. As a child, I can see
the road as many twists and turns in my
story. I mention our Mother many times
as I always felt I had a tiny spark inside of
me. I believe this tiny spark started the day my Mother
le my life when I was a little girl.
It gave me courage. It made me brave.
It was like a beam that showed me the
way home. All through my time in care,
I felt it grow as I grew. It comforted me.
I believed as a child that it was my
angel. As I became older, I realised it
was my strength. It was my journey to
be there to watch, to learn and then tell
my story to others.
During this placement, all my ques-
tions were finally answered. I felt
needed, I was accepted for who I was,
a normal girl living in a time where I
had not really been accepted before as
a family member.
I would also begin to learn who I was, a
journey I would never forget as a child.
At last, I will feel peace. As I was now
appreciated, my feeling of restlessness
le my life. I learnt many incredible
life lessons.
Ma told me I could talk to her and Pa
about everything. How I felt about
being alone, my Mothers dying, the
loss of my father and my siblings
(especially my youngest sister, who I
worried about all the time).
I stayed with Ma and Pa for the next
two years. Pa took me to every football
match he could and I bonded with
them both, like a real family. I finally
felt like a normal child.
Ma and I had a great relationship where
she taught me everything about life as
my actual Grand Mother would have
done if we were still together.
Ma told me aer all our long talks that
we were meant to meet. I had been put
here as a little girl for a reason. She had
great insight into how things work out
in life. I am talking about a very wise,
loving woman who had enough love
in her heart to care of many orphans,
many Grandchildren and other
people’s children.
en, I think that one day I will tell my
story. What it really was like to be a
child as a Ward of the State, owned by
the State and what a cost it extracted
from me and my three siblings. Ma says
it will be my time to shine one day. She
counsels me to remember everything.
My new foster parents Pa, Ma and I
go to church every Sunday. is time
it is dierent. I can relax and know
there is no pressure. I can be myself.
I am told by the Welfare Lady that
my sister and her foster mother go to
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
the same church. I may be able to see
her, yet this did not end up happening
because one day, when Ma and I went
into town, we saw my sister in a shop
with her foster mother. We both got
excited and said “Hello”.
Immediately, my little sisters foster
mother dragged my sister out of the
shop - so fast her feet didn’t even touch
the ground. It spoiled both our days.
We came home and my foster mother
told Pa what had happened. He was
very upset.
My welfare lady advised me that my
sisters foster mother didn’t want me
to see or mix with her new little girl, as
she belonged to them now.
I was told my sisters foster mother
claimed we did not look alike and
would not even know each other if we
saw each other again.
ose words proved to be prophetic.
We would not see each other as
children again. I got to go to School
and have a family member pick me up
just like back home.
I missed my sister though and my other
siblings. How sad that she lived in the
same town but that I was not allowed to
see her. How sad for her too. Yet I had no
way of knowing if my sister was happy
or not. I assumed she didnt want to see
our father. It was only recently that she
told me she did but was not allowed to.
ese were the rules and regulations
and I had to remember them, I was told
constantly. Not long aer, I was told my
sister had been adopted and it would
not be possible to see her until we both
grew up.
I didn’t see her until she was 19 years
old back in Victoria.
What kind of life is it for a child to not be
able to share time with her own family
members? It just makes it so hard for
all the siblings as children not to have a
family history together. I will stay with
Ma and Pa, until I turn 12 as Ma then
became ill and I could no longer stay
with her.
I was then transported to a childrens
home. I lived with 26 Girls all of whom
were living without their parents too.
is place was a haven for me. I was
told I might not have to visit any foster
homes for a long time.
e Authorities finally found me a
safe place. ey declared I would be
moving to a new area of Tasmania and
would leave my sister and two brothers
behind. at I will be not coming back
as I will be placed in a dierent state
under dierent people. I will finally
leave the North West Coast of Tasmania
for good.
I felt nervous and sad to leave this part
of my time behind where I was happy
for a while. I felt sad that I was leaving
my sister behind but was told that I
could not see her anyway.
I will not stop asking though, wishing
to be with my own family.
Bev Smith
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
The application of scientific
knowledge for practical purposes,
especially in industry.
by Dane Keating
Robot Walking Home by Ben Garvey , Copyright 2004
©Flickr under attribution licence
I like technology, and struggle to
keep up, as much as anybody. I was
into computers before they became
commonplace items that are used
everywhere. is was when computers
were expensive, and had the processing
power and sophistication of a stone
slab and chisel. I sometimes think
how comparatively primitive society
was two hundred years ago, and how
advanced it will be a hundred years
from now. Electricity was considered
a magic trick just over one hundred
years ago, and now we would struggle
without it. Have we gone far enough?
Will we go too far?
A washing machine or vacuum cleaner
are great examples of technology that
no one wants to be without, despite
being a chore to use. Having the latest
iwatch, on the other hand, seems
ridiculous and unnecessary to me. If
you need a watch to tell you when you
are sweating from exercising, you are in
trouble. Some technological inventions
are truly beneficial to life, while some
seem to be created just for something
to do and to prove to ourselves just
how smart we are as a society.
As technology progresses, we have
the brainiac minority developing
computers, robots, and all manner of
gadgets with the purpose of making life
easier for the average greater majority
of people, and supposedly giving us
more free time and making life easy.
Ironically, there seems to be just as
much stress and pressure to get life
Technology: e application of scien-
tific knowledge for practical purposes,
especially in industry.
Digital: Where information is stored as
a series of digits, being a combination
of 1’s and 0’s, where a computer will
read and process the information. is
is also known as binary code.
Industrial revolution: the transition to
new manufacturing processes in the
period from about 1760 to 1840.
Modern technology could be consid-
ered to have its roots in the industrial
revolution, a period of time from about
1760 to 1840 where great advances
were made in methods of manufactur-
ing. Tasks that would require lengthy
time and physical labour were now
possible with less eort, resulting in
greater productivity. ings such as
making clothes and harvesting wheat
could be done in days instead of weeks
or months.
Where technology was originally
developed to be a servant to
the people, have we now hit the
point where people are servants
to technology?
e modern expectation of technology
is that if its digital, then it has to be right.
Many people have no idea what digital
even means, but it is the current catch-
phrase where you can say “Its digital.
Trust me, it’ll be okay,” and people will
blindly accept it.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
right now as there was centuries ago.
is majority gladly use those gadgets
so they don’t have to think too hard;
the gadget does the thinking for them.
By not having to think, the end user
becomes dumber as their brain idles
inside their skull. Do we want to get to
the stage where we can just wake up
at midday, speak to a robot butler and
mumble incoherently “Jeeves, carry on
and do everything I would do, but can’t
be bothered.at sounds pretty good
for a lazy Saturday or Sunday, but every
day? Do we really want to press a magic
button so we can lie there and rot with
no purpose for even getting out of bed,
or even living at all?
e catch with all these gadgets and
stu is that they are continually
updating to the next model, so in order
to buy it and keep up, you have to work
more to pay for it, resulting in less free
time to use these devices. Where the
industrial revolution was a great saver
of time and physical labour, modern
technology also requires that one
learns how to use it. Again, that means
we have very little free time le to
actually use it.
While I would gladly have a robot that
would clean my house continually for
me, the down side of technology is that
many people suddenly find themselves
with an obsolete form of employment.
What would take ten people a week
to achieve can now be done in a day
by one person. e things that makes
us human, that is, our individual
personalities, faults and unique ways
of looking at things is now in danger
of becoming unnecessary. Everything
is in trouble of becoming just routine
and by the numbers.
How many films do we have to watch
where the robot with artificial intel-
ligence finally outsmarts the maker
and takes over, to great surprise of the
maker but is apparently obvious to the
viewer, before people get that it might
not be such a good idea aer all? And
yet robots have been in development
for decades, for the purpose of doing
things that people cant be bothered
to do, where they can make decisions
objectively without being clouded by
emotion. We are moving to an age
where every thought and action we
take, be it inconsequential or deliber-
ate, can be recorded and we have to ac-
count for it, and our judgement could
be decided by a machine that has no
idea of what it is to be human.
ere are definitely lazy people in
the world who like to do as little as
possible, but there are still people that
take satisfaction in having achieved
something through hard work and
thinking for themselves. People that
are self-sucient are the people
that get things done. e unique and
unexpected behaviour of individual
people is what makes life interesting
every day. Do we want to throw all that
away, to become even lazier and more
incompetent? Artificial robots may
have some use, but not to the point
when they can outsmart and replace
people. If robots replace people, then
who is controlling the robots, and our
very purpose of existence?
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
The bang
by Max Voice
Explosion by Filter Forge, copyright 2013
©Flickr under attribution licence
watched as civilians went about their daily business in the city
centre. Kids chasing pigeons, Hipsters out for coee, Goths and
Punks scorning the working-class citizens, tourists sightseeing
and clicking their cameras to their hearts’ content.
It was a pleasant summer day, and not a single cloud in sight. Beautiful.
You could almost forget the troubles of the world. You could almost
forget the troubles of your own reality. Oh, what a wonderful thought, to
wash away all the thoughts, forever. I just sat there, tranquil, watching
the water run from the fountain, before closing my eyes and becoming
lost in its sound. For a moment in time, the noise of the busy city had
disappeared behind the running water, and was gone.
But I was awoken by an all too familiar shock; the reason of which
why I had bought myself into the city centre on this day. I had told
myself that today would be the day I could finally rest easy. No
more bills, no more hunger, no more health maintenance, no more
family discord, no more embarrassment, no more humility, no more
confusion, no more misery.
e coming of my death was no spectacle. I never screamed, nor did I
cry, or plead for help, remorse, compassion, forgiveness, understanding.
I just didnt need it anymore. Nothing had ever made as much sense in
life as it did the very moment I stood up from the park chair to ignite the
explosives strapped under my jacket. I flipped my own kill-switch.
Amazing how the explosion of a human body can cause as much social
disruption as it does, a gory mess of red mist and wet pulpy chunks. At
least the city councilmen had their work cut out for them, though some
of their expenses may have had to go straight to psychiatric help.
But what was even more amazing was the amount of people who
either didnt notice, or did but weren’t aicted by the event. Ignorance
or psychosis, even the dead can’t be certain. Not that I’d have expected
any more or less from the human race, you just tend to notice that stu
a lot more intensely when your life flashes before you, or what little of
a life there is to flash before you.
I dont even remember why I did it. But I do regret blowing myself up,
and if I could, I would undo my suicide, because being dead sucks.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
by Kieran Dell
"Eyewitness" by Ihave3kids, copyright 2014
©Flickr under attribution licence
is week on Gasp, the love pentagon between
Linda, David, Richard, Sarah and Lisa heats up with
Lindas shocking revelation.
Linda ran into the lounge room, crying frantically. “David, Richard,” she
stammered between sobs. “I…I’m pregnant.
e two men stared at her in shocked silence for a moment before David
spoke. “And which one of us is the father, you hussy?” he demanded,
slapping Linda hard across the face. Linda fell against the wall, hand
against the cheek David had struck.
Hey, dont you dare touch her, you bastard,” yelled Richard, punching
David hard in the jaw. David fell against the nearest wall, but quickly
recovered and grabbed the front of Richard’s shirt.
No, stop,” cried Linda, stepping between them. “Can’t we all just get
No. is has been going on for far too long,” said David. “Its time you
made a choice: do you love me, or him?”
David. How could you?” came a yell from behind them. Everyone gasped
as they saw Sarah storm into the room.
But Sarah,” said Richard. “I thought you and I had something special.
Just like I thought you and I had something special?” came the enraged
voice of Lisa, who now entered the room. Again, everyone gasped at
this new development.
But Lisa…” stammered Richard.
“Save it Richard, me and Sarah are going,” said Lisa, wrapping her arm
around Sarah’s shoulders.
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Lisa,” started David. “Are you…”?
at’s right David,” said Sarah. “Lisa and I are engaged.
David and Richard gasped in shock. Linda was so stunned by everything
that had happened in the last couple of minutes, she collapsed on the floor.
Meanwhile, James is visited by someone he never
thought he’d hear from again.
Hello James,” came a menacing voice from behind James.
No, it cant be,’ thought James as he turned around, and gasped in shock
at who he saw. “Jason, my evil identical twin,” he said, backing up against
a wall. “I thought they put you away for life for what you did to that bus
full of nuns.
“Silly James, you should know no prison could ever hold me,” said Jason,
pulling out a knife. “Now, I’m here for Zoe, my fiancée.
But…but Zoe is my fiancée,” said James.
Not for much longer she won’t be,” said Jason, walking menacingly
towards James. “Once I dispose of you, Zoe will be all mine. And the best
part is that no-one will ever suspect a thing, since mother was the only
one who could ever tell us apart.
Youll never get away with this Jason,” said James, grasping for some
kind of weapon. James closed his hands around a pair of nail clippers,
when he noticed something odd. ‘Wait, I can’t see Jasons reflection in
the mirror,’ thought James. ‘But how is that be? Unless…GASP! My evil
twin is my split personality.
Exactly,” said Jason, thrusting the knife at Jamess stomach.
NOO!” screamed James, trying to hold the knife away from him.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
And now, the shocking revelation as Nicole gets a
blast from the past.
Nicole is walking down the street when she accidentally bumps into
a man. “Excuse me sir,” she said before looking up at the mans face.
Justin,” she gasped, taking a step back in surprise. “I thought you were
dead…again. I…I even moved on, found someone else, I…” Nicole tried to
think of what to say, but was too flustered by the sudden reappearance
of the man she once loved.
e man just looked at her, confused. “I’m sorry, who were you again?”
he asked.
Justin, don’t you remember me?” asked Nicole, close to tears. “We were
married for eight years, right up until you died of Whooping Measlio.
e man who may or may not have been Justin stared blankly at her.
I’m sorry, I’m pretty sure I’d remember something like that,” he said.
But…but Justin, how could you…” started Nicole, when she suddenly
gasped as realisation hit. “Justin has amnesia.
No way,” said possibly Justin. “I’m sure I’d remember if I had amnesia.
is has been Gasp, the show that’s nothing but
surprising and/or stupid plot twists.
West Midlands Police Day 353 - West Midlands
Police - Tackling Domestic Violence 2008
©Flickr under attribution licence
by Joanne Gay
igh levels of alcohol use are a significant risk
factor for violence, which aects the whole
community. Young people are more likely
to experience alcohol-related violence. e
people more likely to report being verbally
abused or put in fear are young people. Australia does
not have a problem with alcohol; Australia has a problem
with violence. People tend to think violence is caused by
trading hours, licensing rules, advertising etc. However
this is not the case, violence is caused by violent people.
It has been proven that alcohol
consumption interferes with the
chemicals in our brain. So the
more alcohol consumed, the more
it eects our primary perceptions
in our brain. Once intoxicated we
begin to focus on smaller parts of
situations, as we are unable to fo-
cus on the whole of the situation.
Our intellectual skills are severely
impaired and our memory lacks
accuracy. ese factors alone can
cause misunderstandings, over-
reactions and misinterpretations,
possibly trigger crimes of violence,
particularly child abuse, domestic
violence, homicide and assault.
Alcohol is often linked to re-
duced sexual inhibitions, van-
dalism, hooliganism, and drink
driving. Some common senti-
ments of those who consume al-
cohol can include feeling expres-
sive or loud, quiet or withdrawn,
happy, excited, amorous, fear-
less, resentful, relaxed, wound
up, energised, and confident.
There’s no doubt that alcohol
is a drug of confidence, physi-
cal violence, including domestic
violence and abuse (including
child abuse), assault, and homi-
cide. These crimes commonly
blame alcohol as a trigger cause.
In the end, it is all down to the
individual to drink responsibly.
Research has indicated other
factors such as unemployment,
stress, depression, relation-
ships, and childhood upbringing
should be taken into consider-
ation as well. Physical violence
can be divided into three cate-
gories: domestic violence, pub-
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
lic violence, and homicide. Do-
mestic violence is often alcohol
or drug induced. The lack of
money left to feed and clothe a
family may become the central
argument between partners.
Consequently the stress of not be-
ing able to aord these things is
sometimes released by taking it
out on the children of the house-
hold. Domestic violence cases are
most commonly driven by the ag-
gressive actions o the male of the
house assaulting a female within
an existing relationship.
e forms domestic violence
can take are physical, sexual,
psychological, emotional, and
verbal abuse. Others include
social isolation, financial abuse,
actual or threatened violence or
harassment. e main victims
of the domestic violence are
woman and children; the main
perpetrators are men.
ree factors which cause prob-
lems in families and can lead to
domestic violence are financial
problems (for example, arguments
over lack of or how to spend mon-
ey, and loss of job); psychological
problems that are part of a cycle
of violence continued from child-
hood; and unexplained anger and
poor self-esteem. Some others in-
clude social problems and argu-
ments over how to raise and disci-
pline children.
Domestic violence is recognised
as one of the most common forms
of violence in todays society. One
negative aspect of family life is
the eect of domestic violence on
children, either being a victim or
witness to a family conflict. e
welfare of children in these abu-
sive families has always been a
concern of health and child wel-
fare agencies. Domestic violence
has many eects on the child’s
mind. Some long term aects
from witnessing violence hurts
the child’s psychological devel-
opment and triggers behavioural
and emotional problems.
While domestic violence is truly a
problem for a lot of women, there
are also those claims which are
baseless and in my experience, a
lot of those accused of domestic
violence are presumed guilty
before having to prove themselves
innocent. e evidence of guilt
in these cases is oen nothing
more than the testimony of the
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
alleged or actual victim. While we
shouldnt diminish the problem of
alcohol fuelled violence in public,
we also need to acknowledge the
hidden problem of drinking and
aggression in the home. Decades of
research has shown a consistency
between heavy or binge drinking
and physical violence against a
female partner.
Despite the lack of group support
about the role alcohol plays
in intimate partner violence,
evidence shows that it emerges as
a consistent rising factor across
cultures and results in more
severe injuries. Aggression is also
more severe when one or both
partners were drinking. It has also
been proven woman experience
a heightened risk of partner
violence on days that men have
been drinking.
ere is currently a policy and
prevention gap when it comes to
violence against woman in their
own homes. While there are inter-
vention orders victims can receive
to keep the oending partner at
bay, these are sometimes broken.
At that point, the perpetrator will
receive hey fines, warnings, or
even imprisonment.
Independent Media Inspiring Minds
I would give it a 8 out of 10 for its message and
the intense music this band represents.
(ALBUM) the forsaken
(GENRE) unblack metal
Yes, if you’re
wondering what
unblack metal is, it
sounds like black
metal only their
lyrics are more on
the holy side rather
than the unholy. But
anyway, whether
you’re religious or
not, I think this band
is the band that black
metal fans should
listen to.
They have an intense
sound that tries to
take on the Satanic
black metal bands
out there. Alongside
other metal out
there, I think there
should be more of
this style of metal
touring Australia
and the world with
holy messages and a
gospel feel.
For those that want
to believe in the 777
number and not 666
for a change.
Lars Stokstad and or Georg Buer from Antestor
©Beyond my ken, Antestor, Copyright 2011
by Joel Vallence
of a dog
A Sunday School Helper was delivering car full of kids
home one day when a fire engine went past. Sitting in the
front was a Dalmation dog.
The children began discussing his roles. “ They use him
to keep back crowds from the fire, said one. “No”, said
another, “he’s just good luck.
A third child brought the argument to a close. “They use
the dogs,” she said firmly, ”to find the fire hydrant”.
©Robbie Sproule, copyright 2005, Flickr under attribution
of the
'When someone loves you, the way they
say your name is different. You just know
that your name is safe in their mouth.'
Billy - age 4
To learn to love is to love a child
©Flickr under attribution licence