Review by Laura Money

Bubbles fill the air in this mesmerising show for adults only! Who says kids should have all the fun? Well, not Kurt Murray and Iulia Benze, the couple responsible for bringing the joy and wonder of bubbles to the sexy cabaret scene of FRINGEWORLD 2017. This fusion of childhood delight and adult entertainment is delightfully sinful – prepare to be soaked wet afterwards, bubbles have to burst after all!

The show opens with a first date – something you’re not used to seeing at a show with bubble blowing as its central theme. In a silent-film style homage to Lady and the Tramp, the couple bond over blowing bubbles – well, it’s actually Murray impressing the young Benze with his bubble skills. This is only the first moment of sexism that is unfortunately woven throughout the whole show. Murray’s particular talent is creating smoke-filled bubbles – they float above Benze with hypnotic beauty, yet it is his biggest trick, so might have been better placed near the end.

Murray and Benze bond over bubbles – they share their first kiss, their first love-making session (don’t worry, it’s censored!) and then a scorned Benze proceeds to elicit revenge by performing a strip-tease. Murray exposes his tights – that’s about it. All of the nudity/risque feats involve Benze’s body being used as everything from a prop (Murray literally uses her spread legs to create bubbles) to being provocatively doused in bubble mixture, to having a bubble ‘pearl necklace’ placed on her chest. In a backwards ‘bored housewife’ sketch, Benze finally leaves Murray to his own devices – he literally wears her clothes and tucks his genitalia between his legs in what I can only assume is meant to symbolise his strange love for Benze.

With these obviously backwards themes, it is hard to love this show. The bubble feats are spectacular – Murray is clearly the master of the art, and Benze gives a wonderfully symbolic dance complete with veil and, of course bubbles. They are a great duo and work very well together, and it’s a great idea, but they would be better sticking to their forte – kids shows.


When: 10th – 15th February 2017 | 10:00pm

Where: Black Flamingo | Pleasure Garden | PERTH

Tickets: $16 – $21

Info: Duration 60 minutes | Definitely 18+



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