Review by Laura Money

Intothemask Theatre presents a charmingly sweet tale that pays homage to the spaghetti westerns of yesteryear. Young Eli is adamant that he tells one last story to his Dad before bed. Well, it turns out Eli has a wonderfully active and humorous imagination! Intothemask use the hallowed theatre genre Comedia del Arte  – a form of theatre that utilises hand-crafted leather masks to indicate different characters. As the story progresses, the highly talented troupe take on several roles to create a rich tapestry of townsfolk and players within Eli’s world.

This is good old-fashioned comedy! Each player characterises a hyper-version of western stereotypes – from the fastest gunman in the west, John Blane, to the corrupt mayor, to the dopey drunk deputy sheriff and the dumb bandits. It is the character of Eli that shines, well acted as the effervescent young reluctant hero.

Yellow Belly is funny and cute, yet contains a sad twinge that colours the second half. It is a metaphor for nostalgia, a desire to hold back change, and how to grow up. It’s a beautiful story that will leave more than one eye glittering!

When: 8th – 12th February 2017 | 7:00pm

Where: The Hellenic Club | Northbridge | PERTH

Tickets: $16 – $26

Info: Duration 55 minutes | Suitable all ages | WA Artist


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