Scarlett Belle

As the audience files into the dimly lit room at the Laksa Lounge in the Noodle Palace precinct, they are greeted by a green velvet-hooded figure, wearing a masquerade mask. She dips into her big black bag and hands a mask to each audience member. The crowd is filled with people donning their masks, taking selfies, and bristling with anticipation. The room darkens. A voice blasts from the speakers, it’s Scottish brogue describing, one can only imagine, a masked orgy – ritualistic and reminiscent of Eyes Wide Shut.

The tension is palpable as one feels the audience swallowing, heart rates quicken, and breathing becoming shallow and rapid. Then the cheeky Scarlett Belle removes her cloak and mask and greets us with a grin and a quip – she apologises for the darkness of the introduction, and laughs that we probably weren’t sure what was going on! Belle is exquisite. She ‘shares her true story of a promiscuous girl’s search for love.’ Hilarious and tragic, Belle created the show based on the question: ‘Do we over sexualise love and de-eroticise sex?’

Belle begins by reading several letters that serve as journals relaying the tale of a true episode of her life. The audience isn’t quite sure how to react when she sings a love ballad to her first ‘sexual partner’ – her teddy bear. It is hilarious! Throughout the show, Belle uses her clear and beautiful voice to belt out classics that fit into her life story. She strips herself bare as she tells of her first foray into internet porn (a story any gen Y will relate to – MSN chat, guys?!) and her few awkward sexual encounters. She takes you into her world of burlesque, mistresses, and orgies.

Scarlett Belle’s Scarlet Letters is a candid and funny journey through one woman’s sexual experiences. It’s subtle, clever, and certainly not crude. Belle is a truly enigmatic performer – this is a great show!

When: 22nd – 30th January (10:20pm); 4th – 6th February (7:40pm)

Where: Laksa Lounge, Noodle Palace (Jan); Rectangle Room, Midlandia (Feb)

Tickets: $15 – $22

Info: Duration 60mins, Suitablilty 15+ (mature only)


Fringeworld Guide: Page 20, Cabaret