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Monday 24th July

In honour of this day of international importance, El Camino Cantina is celebrating with a week’s worth of tequila-inspired offers until Sunday 30th July!

Throughout Tequila Week there will be tequila flights, a limited-edition Daisy Margarita, as well as three exclusive Tequila Week tacos, seasoned with tequila-doused dressings.

Tequila Flights (15ml tastes of three different tequilas):

1 Premium Flight ($39) featuring Ley 925 Blanco, Arette Artesenal Suave  Anejo and Siete Lequas Reposado

2 Standard Flight ($23) featuring George Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila Blanco, Fiesta Mexicana Reposado

3 Dessert Flight ($23) featuring Xo Café Patron, La Pinta Pomegranate and Patron Citronge
*note: tequilas may change depending on availability

Exclusive Tequila Week tacos: (1 for $6 and 3 for $15)

  1. Pulled pork with tequila habanero vinaigrette
    2. Grilled steak with tequila lime vinaigrette
    3. Crispy dessert taco, comprising tequila lime pastry cream and tequila macerated oranges

Limited-edition Daisy Margarita
A refreshing, tart cocktail called Daisy is said to have predated and influenced the Margarita. The Daisy cocktail typically consists of a spirit, citrus juice, and a sweetener or liqueur: much like the Margarita. What sets it apart is its fizz. During Tequila Week, El Camino Cantina will serve a fizzy Daisy Margarita with flavours of citrus and guava.


Information & Images Courtesy of Rockpool Dining Group/El Camino Cantina

Connie Lambeth – The Australia Times Gourmet News – Food/Wine/Hospitality/Events

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