DOCUMENTARY: “How the Victorians Wired the World” (BBC. 2000).

DOCUMENTARY: “Modern Marvels” (The Transatlantic Cable). Season 01. Episode 06.

DOCUMENTARY: “American Experience”. Episode: The Great Transatlantic Cable.

Shahan has been an avid student of history for as far back as he can remember, and has read and written about a wide range of subjects, from the Black Death, Feudalism, knights, the American Revolution, the Royal Navy, the World Wars, and almost all facets of social history from almost every period imaginable. He enjoys reading and studying all elements of history, but especially the kind of history which isnt generally taught in high school, the kind of history which the books dont always cover. Shahan holds a B.A. in Professional and Creative Writing, and a M.A. in Writing from two different universities. He also majored in history while completing his Bachelors degree. Shahan likes collecting antiques, and has also been a regular history-blogger since 2009. His blog, Not Yet Published (a title which will probably have to be changed soon!).

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