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Brunch lovers shared a collective sigh on Sunday June the 24th, as ‘Long Story Short’s’ Port Melbourne cafe closed its doors for good. Meanwhile on the Northside, Brunswick residents were enjoying a new delectable menu, innovative decor and the best coffee for miles (as coined by me). This reinvigorated brunch hot spot was no other than Long Story Short, now synonymous with Brunswick and Brunswick alone.

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The cafe is somewhat of a hidden gem, slightly off the main road, but close enough for convenience. Cold drip coffee provides a centrepiece for the interior, whilst greenery threads its way through alcoves. The menu is refreshing in the sense that it is artistically crafted yet not pretentious. After long deliberation we choose one sweet and one savoury dish, and wait with keen anticipation.

The first thing I notice when our dishes are served is the plating. With almost 40k Instagram followers, it’s no wonder every dish that exits this kitchen is 100% photo worthy. In fact, Long Story Short’s Instagram is so well received that people have been known to come into the cafe and order simply by pointing at a photo on said Instagram. Kudos to the power of social media!

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My Buttermilk Tim Tam Pancakes ($19) arrived covered in a drizzle of mascarpone chocolate soup, vanilla peanuts, poached Nashis, and the pièce de résistance….Tim Tam Gelato. Not your typical healthy brunch dish but delicious none the less! In stark juxtaposition, our second dish, Arturo’s Corn Fritters ($19) came accompanied by a poached egg, Rise Venere salad, Hot Paprika Babaganoush, crème fraiche, Lemon Balm, and to top it all off, smoked Almond Kimchi Popcorn.

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With multiple scrumptious menu options to choose from, it was hard to pick just two. But with coffee tasting that good, and a menu straight from Instagram heaven, Long Story Short will soon be your new local.

Long Story Short Brunswick

6/10 Tripovich St

Brunswick VIC 3056

Phone: (03) 9048 4967

**Katelyn was a guest of  Long Story Short Brunswick – Ly Nguyen

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