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There are a couple of small theatre companies operating in the Bayswater area, one of them is Stageworx which is run by Trish Carr, who is a graduate of Deakin University’s theatre program after it moved to Burwood. The other is Fab Nobs who specialise in the production of musicals.

9 to 5 rewinds us to the 80s when technology, by modern standards is extremely backward.

Carbon sheets are used to make copies of your teenage novel and ledger books are hardcovers with lined pages to record accounts which can now be digitally filed on computers. The average worker faces a gruelling 9 to 5 shift five days a week, and the workplace consists of a larger office of employees, mostly women, in the typing pool, supporting a male hierarchy. 9 to 5 is essentially about the oppression of sexual harrassment, but in a lighter, comic strip coloured genre. Rachel Tigel plays a stereotypical role of an office tart, Doralee,  who is misjudged but ultimately leads a revolution against her suppressive superior, a cartoonish Franklin Hare junior played by Ash Cooper.

This is an interesting collective of young people with an interest in amateur theatre alongside those who have a lot of experience, which can be extremely hard to gain, due to the competition in auditions. Auditioning in itself is a craft. Of particular note is Bethany Girardi who plays Maria. Her dancing and poise is notable in the chorus, honed through her involvement in children’s theatre, and credits of the past include The Producers and Funny Girl (MDMS), and Snow White in Snow White. She also manages her own performing arts school.


Bachelor of Arts Film and Theatre, Deakin University, Rusden, 1994. Master of Arts Writing and Literature, Deakin University, 2013. Graduate Certificate, Tesol, 2013. Studying Graduate Diploma, Counselling, and Phd preparation, Swinburne University.Published poet, Southerly, national Australian journal.Books written by D.S, Danielle Shelley Carr include Blood for St Valentine, Raiders of the Headland and other stories, Blom-A Woman's Journey, and Ellipse, a collection of her poetry, also translated into Swedish and becoming available in Stockholm Public Library.Completed thesis, Psychological Reflections on Post-Modernist Gothic Literature available at Deakin University library.Danielle has worked as an English as second language teacher at Deakin University.

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This is an original Australian musical presented by the Mad Cat Theatre Company, and so reflects the decades that have influenced Australia’s sociological development as a society. After having been to Sweden and England, it is funny to find yourself around the world again, watching a play about a life, country and society that you grew up with and know all too well. It also makes a change from going to see a lot of plays where Australian actors have to assume American accents to tell U.S. stories. This is what makes this original musical so compelling, and appealing. As a musical it deftly portrays in order, the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, 90s through to the Millenium but as it specifically relates to Australia. The original script is by Joanna Buddee, and the strong major character of Sarah is broadly played by Kadey McIntosh.


It is fascinating to watch your own country evolve through the different decades. Firstly, we are witness to the 50s and 60s, which I can’t say I was present to, but we view the heady rock’n’roll rhythms of the 50s, then the peace and love seeking anthems of the 60s.  For Australia, therefore, the 70s is momentous, as my early childhood has its background setting in the Whitlam era, when it was time for freedom and change. As an X-generationer I might envy too, the job security and free university of the 70’s. Of course I remember the eighties as the background to my adolescence, and its fashions particularly look askew in the context of historical relativity, but along the way we have learnt of the sedate, conservative era of Robert Menzies, who was a leader suited to his particular times, a safe Australia, with wealth and resources. Then, remarkably we hear about the disappearance of the Beaumont children at Glenelg, in Adelaide, an ever deepening mystery, in 1966. Of course 1980 too produces another mystery, that of Azaria Chamberlain at Ayers Rock in central Australia. Remember the celebration of a nation? The stories particular to each era intersect each act, as a social scene is played out, from the Bicentennial celebrations, to Cathy Freeman sprinting to victory in the Sydney Olympics. Then of course the turn of the century, and the Twin Towers crumbling in New York, in the global spectrum.


The noticeable change in fashions is a lesson in life and modernity. Human society is in a state of constant flux, the changing of fashion and sentiment with great pace. Each decade has its own social context, and set of concerns and values. However the human relationship stays a constant, with the central character of Sarah yearning for a relationship, then producing a baby along the way, and finally seeing her father die, which I can relate to, having recently lost a parent. Through the movement of time, we not only change and age, but we lose a few people also. However, the main message is rather interesting, there is great significance in this musical. The study of narrative therapy asks us to look at what aspects of the linear narrative of our lives we have missed, just like we do when we look at a film or a play, in order to fully understand it and ourselves. One Life, No Regrets does exactly that, finding that there is no one perfect moment, or narrative. Life is what it is, and no moment need be changed, yet there may be sense to it, if we fill in the gaps, and contest a different viewpoint.  


One Life No Regrets, Renaissance Theatre Kew, 12-14 May, 2017.

Bachelor of Arts Film and Theatre, Deakin University, Rusden, 1994. Master of Arts Writing and Literature, Deakin University, 2013. Graduate Certificate, Tesol, 2013. Studying Graduate Diploma, Counselling, and Phd preparation, Swinburne University.Published poet, Southerly, national Australian journal.Books written by D.S, Danielle Shelley Carr include Blood for St Valentine, Raiders of the Headland and other stories, Blom-A Woman's Journey, and Ellipse, a collection of her poetry, also translated into Swedish and becoming available in Stockholm Public Library.Completed thesis, Psychological Reflections on Post-Modernist Gothic Literature available at Deakin University library.Danielle has worked as an English as second language teacher at Deakin University.

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Following a hugely popular season last summer, QV Melbourne’s Outdoor Cinema has returned this summer with another program full of Melbourne’s favourite things: live entertainment, free cocktails, special food, red carpets, instafamous dogs, charity screenings, a film festival and more.

Melbourne’s only silent cinema is located on the open air Astroturf square in the heart of the precinct. One of the city’s most affordable outdoor cinemas, QV Outdoor Cinema’s $12 ticket includes deckchair seating and high quality headphones for every audience member.

Pre film dining is easy at QV, whether it’s a wrap from Schnitz, a Movenpick ice cream, a dark hot chocolate from Max Brenner, or a modern Asian dinner at Red Spice QV, audiences will be spoilt for choice before settling into the intimate 80-seat deckchair and beanbag cinema. 

Sessions begin at 8:30pm Thursday to Sunday nights right through until 26 February.

Sessions and events read on

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Enjoy a saucy evening in a dimly lit Parisian bar as the aging, exotic and irresistible Bijou weaves her tale. Chrissie Shaw, 72 year old award winning theatre veteran, brings her gem of a cabaret to The Butterfly Club, giving audiences a a rare glimpse into the private and sensual world of an aging woman on the fringes of society.

It’s Paris, 1933. Bijou enters the Bar du Papillon ready to regale the other regulars with her scandalous tales and lurid palm readings. Her glory days are long gone, but she basks in their glow. This bubble is burst as she catches sight of an unflattering photo of herself on the wall.  Who is this ‘Nightmare from Baudelaire’, in tatty fur and fake pearls?  Insulted, she launches into a wild recounting of her life, a tale of seduction, secrets, reinvention and triumph.

Once Queen of the Demi-Monde, Madame Bijou is one of the night people captured in Brassai’s revealing photographs of depression-era Paris.  Chrissie Shaw first glimpsed a photo of her at the National Gallery of Victoria, six years ago.  She was hooked.  She says “since then I have taken an engrossing journey through the streets and tunnels of Paris, its years of turmoil and triumph, a lot of French literature as well as much internet surfing”.

Bijou is a sumptuous feast of Satie, Weill, Lenoir, Hollaender, Bruant, Saint-Saens, Debussy and a tasty tale of love, lust and loss.  Chrissie Shaw is joined by leading accompanist Alan Hicks as the long-suffering bar pianist and occasional reciter of symbolist poetry.

Show Details: Bijou

Dates: 23rd – 27th November

Time: 7 pm

Cost: $25-32

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne



Suffering from Festival withdraws? Don’t despair, this November Theatre Works presents  exciting new works from Melbourne’s most daring independent theatre makers.

ANIMAL by inFlux | 17 – 27 NOVEMBER
Two sisters prepare themselves for society, one punch at a time. ANIMAL is a dark horror, a minute tale of epic proportions. Developed by theatre makers Susie Dee, Kate Sherman and Nicci Wilks, ANIMAL asks the question: how do women respond to a world that celebrates the brutishness of men? >> Watch the trailer

Theatre Works
14 Acland Street St Kilda 3182

To all members of our TAT family, readers and contributors, who celebrate Diwali..

We wish you Safety, Good Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Good Fortune.

May they all be with you in the coming year.


Suffering from Festival withdraws? Don’t despair, this November Theatre Works presents exciting new works from Melbourne’s most daring independent theatre makers.

ANTI-HAMLET by Mark Wilson | 03 – 13 NOVEMBER Presented by the New Working Group ANTI-HAMLET is the final work in Mark Wilson’s trilogy of radical excavations of Shakespeare’s iconic plays. A raucous and ruthless expose of Australia’s cultural and political identity crisis. Starring: Marco Chiappi, Natascha Flowers, Natasha Herbert, Brian Lipson, Marcus McKenzie, Charles Purcell and Mark Wilson.
Theatre Works 14 Acland Street St Kilda 3182

By popular demand, Petrasexual is back this November at The Butterfly Club.

A cabaret that evokes discussion about sex, in a venue at the end of a Melbourne laneway with its cocktail bar full of conversation-starting kitsch. The pairing of venue and performance is a perfect adventure for those on a first date, or wanting a memorable night out with friends. And for those visiting Melbourne for the Spring Racing Carnival, it’s also a great opportunity to get a taste of what the Melbourne arts scene has to offer.

Petrasexual, part of The Butterfly Club 2016 Curated Spring Season, examines a society which often has a narrow definition of sexuality, gender and ‘acceptable behaviour’. Through a hilarious and emotive narrative, Petra reflects on her own less-than-romantic experiences that led to an understanding that everyone’s got their something. At times raw and emotive, it’s also a clever and funny perspective on society that leaves you with a sense of empowerment and pride in your sexuality.

With soulful piano by Adam Rudegeair (The Bowie Project, Lake Minnetonka), who has provided musical direction in both seasons, Petrasexual now welcomes Ben Christensen (Frankie Wants Out, The Bird Conference) to the trio on double bass.

Paired with a bespoke cocktail inspired by the show and crafted by The Butterfly Club’s incredible team, Petrasexual is a smart, sexy and sensational night out for one, two, three or more … there’s no judgement here.  

Show contains brief, partial nudity, and a little bit of blue language.

Presented by

The Butterfly Club

5 Carson Place (Off Little Collins St), Melbourne


Time: 8:30pm

Date: 2-6 November (Wed-Sun)


Phone: 03 9663 8107


These are scary times. Donald Trump might actually become president, nobody under 30 can afford a house and if you don’t have a booty like Nicki Minaj you’re actually going to have to work instead of twerk. If “the age of entitlement” is indeed over, then Carla Conlin is ready to throw it a cabaret-style farewell party to end all parties.

Wearing the modern day armour of a fabulous gown and wielding a glass of champagne, Carla explores what it takes to make us happy.  This heroine of Gen Y lays her life on the line as she seeks the truth behind the facebook posts and the idea of the happily ever after.

Drawing on Frank Sinatra, Disney and the NY cabaret scene for musical inspiration, Carla cleverly uses lyrics to explore the theme. Taking a mix of new and well-known songs, she up-cycles and repurposes them to tell some hilarious cautionary tales that will leave you laughing with recognition or squirming in sympathy.

Equal measures biting social commentary and wild pop-soaked cabaret party, Where’s My Pony tears up the inter-generational social contract and throws in in the air like confetti. It suggests that if we are all going to die in debt, we may as well max out our credit cards on excellent champagne, shared with friends, against a background of excellent music.

Carla teams up again with Matthew Carey (The Sound of Music, Grease) as musical Director, having written and performed sell out shows at successive Adelaide Fringe and Adelaide Cabaret Fringe festivals, including a sold out season of Where’s my Pony.



Show Details: Where’s My Pony?

Dates: 23rd – 27th November

Time: 7 pm

Cost: $25-32

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne


What better way to spend a balmy Melbourne evening than to head into the lovely St Kilda for some theatre. When I heard that Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer had been adapted into a musical I couldn’t help but get excited and start singing ‘You spin me right round baby, right round.’ The movie brings back so many fun memories for me and I was intrigued to see how the live musical would be transformed. I am happy to say that it did not disappoint!

The Wedding Singer is currently playing at Theatre Works in the eccentric suburb of St Kilda. The musical, which is a variation of the movie is presented by Playback Productions, produced by Connor Absolum and is led by director by Monica Cioccia.

The production, which runs for 2 hours (including interval) takes us back to a time of satin bridesmaid dresses, puffy shoulders, crimped hair dos, and, legwarmers.

Set in 1985 the story follows rock-star wedding singer Robbie Hart as he dances and sings upon the stage, he’s the wedding singer everyone wants to have and he loves weddings! That is until, his fiancé, Linda, leaves him at the altar. Robbie is simply heart broken and can no longer find happiness in others weddings. He then befriends Julia, a waitress at the reception centre, who is about to be married to Glen, a Miami Vice wannabe and all round jerk-off! As Robbie and Julia become fast friends and soon it leads to more, but can Robbie get the happy ending that he deserves, or will it be too late!

The storyline does take a slight twist when compared to the movie version, but the cleverly worded lyrics to the new songs are hilarious and work very well with this story. I was completely engaged throughout and felt for Robbie as he fell into his spiral of despair.

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Sarah is an avid lover of books of most genres, including Sci-Fi and thriller. She also enjoys reading fantasy and memoir. She loves to write, both fiction and non-fiction and living in the lovely Williamstown in Melbourne always offer quiet places for her to read or to be inspired. Sarah has a Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing. Alongside her full-time job in insurance and working for TAT she is working on a few of her own novels and short story collections including her first memoir. Sarah is currently studying Bachelor of Professional and Creative Writing at Deakin University which will completed by mid 2019. She loves to travel and loves sharing her experiences with others and is always planning her next destination!

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After a public call out, Melbourne has voted on four finalist artworks for QV Melbourne’s Artemis Lane, choosing Merda’s ‘MELBOURNE’ design as the stand out winner.

QV Melbourne, together with their resident street art curator Andrew Chew of No Vacancy Gallery, selected four finalists in the #ColourQV street art competition, commissioning each to draft a concept sketch of their proposed artwork for an iconic location in Artemis Lane. All four concept sketches were displayed online and via QV’s Facebook page. Over 2,000 Melburnians cast their vote to decide Merda as the winner.

If you’re from Australia’s street art capital, you have probably seen Merdas work. Highly influential in the formative years of Melbourne’s graffiti scene, Merda (Jay Rankine) was at the forefront of style innovation in Melbourne. Now 25 years on, his pieces continue to be lauded widely.

“QV was the original site of the Queen Victoria Hospital and the place of my birth so the obvious choice for me was to base the design around the word “MELBOURNE” and incorporate diagonal graphic elements to match the lines in the surrounding architecture. For a bit of fun I’ve included an optical circle for the letter “O” so the public can use it as a backdrop for the perfect photo opportunity,” says Jay Rankine (Merda).

Merda will complete his artwork from 10 October on the laneway wall between Russell Street and Meat Fish Wine, in QV’s Artemis Lane. Awarded a grand prize of $5,000, Merda will also be provided with all paint supplies and art materials to complete the artwork, spanning 15 metres in length x 2.4 metres in height. With over 40,000 people a day moving through QV, his artwork will catch the eyes of thousands of Melburnians every day.

Competition judge Andrew Chew curates No Vacancy Gallery on QV’s Jane Bell Lane, one of Melbourne’s first galleries to hold regular street art exhibitions. Andrew has curated street art exhibitions all over the world and has worked with Melbourne’s emerging and established street artists for over a decade.

“We have seen a big evolution in street art form and style over the last few years, which was made evident by the entrants this competition received. Our four diverse finalists each presented a unique concept for our wall. Mike Eleven, Loretta Lizzio, Cto and Merda represented one of the most eclectic mixes of Melbourne street artists in 2016.”

QV’s Regional Centre Manager, Lisa Fleming, commends the public choice.

“As the public vote has confirmed, Merda is one of Melbourne’s most respected street artists. We can’t wait to see his artwork’s powerful dynamics give Artemis Lane a new focus point, and create a new landmark at QV.”

For more information on the #ColourQV competition visit
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The spectacular and avant-garde creations of international luxury fashion house, Viktor&Rolf, will be showcased in a world-first exhibition developed in collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria.  

As self-confessed outsiders of the fashion world, since forming their artistic partnership in 1992, fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren have gained critical acclaim for their rebellious approach to design, technical virtuosity, and deep knowledge of fashion history. Throughout their illustrious twenty-year career, Viktor&Rolf have carved a contradictory identity that pushes the boundaries between art and fashion, often contrasting romance and violence, exuberance and control, classicism and rebellion.

 The duo have become renowned for their experimental runway shows, including their 1999 ‘Russian Doll’ runway show in which model Maggie Rizer was progressively dressed by the designers in nine different layers and 2003’s ‘One Woman Show’ fashion collection inspired by actress and muse Tilda Swinton, in which the actress herself appeared amidst a runway of models made up in her likeness.

 The exhibition will feature some of the most show-stopping and innovative works by the Dutch design duo. These will include over 35 haute couture pieces from the designers’ collections, presented alongside earlier designs from the Viktor&Rolf archive and international museum collections.

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Playback Productions proudly presents

The Wedding Singer,

it’s 1985 and rock–‐‑star wannabe Robbie Hart is New Jersey’s favourite wedding singer. He’s the life of the party, until his own fiancée leaves him at the altar. Shot through the heart, Robbie makes every wedding as disastrous as his own.

Enter Julia, a winsome waitress who wins his affection. As luck would have it, Julia is about to be married to a Wall Street shark, and unless Robbie can pull off The performance of a decade, the girl of his dreams will be gone forever.

Show Information

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 Murderous fun with toe-tapping Motown and Australian 80s rock nostalgia hits!


Straight from seasons at the Perth FRINGE WORLD Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival, this riotous cabaret is set to make its Melbourne debut. Don’t miss this hilarious musical comedy filled with your favourite Motown and 80s Australian Rock songs that will have you dancing the night away!

 Backseat Diamond follows Mary, a long-time back up singer for a Motown girl group called “The Diamonds”, who has always harboured dreams of stardom. Unfortunately, her fellow band members have been struck with a sudden bout of food poisoning, and she heroically takes the stage to save the show (though one suspects not entirely by accident). Her worn out and fed up security guard Chris also gets swept up along the way, as they explore life from just out of the spotlight.

 A night filled sequins, terrible musical puns and toe-tapping tunes, this cabaret is “fun, camp” and “loaded with talent” (Out in Perth). With a roster of classic songs (“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “Son of a Preacher Man”, “Respect” and more), this is a hysterical and outrageous evening “anchored by a leading lady with talent to spare whose criminal intent is easy to cheer for” (The West Australian).

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Fresh from his 4star show in the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Willem Richards serves up a heartwarming, and silly, coming-of-age comedy about growing up with a Polish Tennis Dad.
So pull on your favourite sweatbands and get ready for five tight sets of high energy sketch, standup and improvisation.
Willem’s leather-clad, chain smoking Dad had one thing in mind for his son. Doctor? More important. Lawyer? It pays more. Willem’s Dad had centre court Grand Slam glory slated for Willem. Things began well. Willem was crowned Champion of Maribyrnong Tennis Club. In 1991. Under 12s.
But after failing Dad’s dream, Willem needed to find his own…

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Produced By Julz Hay
The man behind cult-favorites The Terminativity and Late Night Letters & Numbers, Nick Caddaye, welcomes some of Melbourne’s finest fabulists, storytellers and liars to Melbourne Fringe!
Each show will feature a completely new story, woven from the audiences very own lies, half-truths and confabulations! That’s right! You get to decide what sort of story you want to hear!
Will it be adventure? Romance? Thriller? Comedy? Will there be a thrilling twist? A tragic ending? A steamy interlude..?
Who knows what sort of journey our fine selections of fabricators will take you on!
Our Fringe season fabulists’ include:
Jason D. Geary, Sarah Kinsella, Rama Nicholas,
Adam McKenzie, Bri Williams, Richard McKenzie,
Amy Moule, Amanda Buckley and Sophie Kneebone!

Over the past seventeen years, Nick Caddaye has developed a reputation as one of the sharpest and most distinctive comedy voices in Australia, whilst remaining defiantly independent. His work regularly pushes the boundaries of Comedy whilst remaining beloved by audiences. This all-new show will continue that tradition.

September 20TH, 21ST, 22ND @ 10.30PM
Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club – The Ballroom
(44 Errol St, North Melbourne)
Tickets: $15.00

As seen on SBS’s RAW Comedy and Channel 31’s The Leak.

Jewish-ish is Michael Shafar’s debut stand-up comedy show. Michael is one of the country’s best emerging comics and has performed around Australia, New Zealand and the US. He also happens to be Jewish, which is something he will probably mention on stage

Michael is a 2016 RAW Comedy National Finalist, hosts the constantly sold-out Melbourne Comedy’s Rising Stars and has performed to sell-out crowds in 3 Course Comedy at Perth’s Fringe World and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He also hosted RMITV’s flagship TV production The Leak and is the creator of the satirical webpage Round Squares.

In Jewish-ish, Michael brings a fresh perspective to politics, religion and bagels. It’s stand up comedy from the mean streets of East St Kilda.

‘He is really very good’ – Funny Tonne, 4 Stars

‘Mel Brooks would have been proud’ – Herald Sun

‘Hilarious and endearingly awkward… definitely a crowd favourite’ – ArtsHub


Venue: Club Voltaire, 14 Raglan Street North Melbourne 3051 VIC

Dates: September 16-17, 23-24

Time: 9:15pm

Australia’s Premiere Celebration of Tap over the September School Holidays


The 5th annual Australian Tap Dance Festival stomps into town these September school holidays as a cavalcade of world class dancers arrive in Melbourne from across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the U.S.A. With an action-packed week of tap and choreography master classes, jam sessions, dance-offs and special events, the ATDF offers something fun for all ages and levels and is the only festival of its kind in Australasia.

”The ATDF is about bringing the tap community and the interested public together to learn, share, meet new people and most of all, have fun!”, says Creative Director and Founder of the Festival and Melbourne Tap Dance school, Winston Morrison. “We select the highest caliber faculty from across the world to deliver a truly unique immersive festival experience for our guests. Many of our festival sessions book out quickly as there is no other chance for Aussie tappers to learn from the best in one place!” he added. Morrison is himself highly regarded in the tap world as the Australian representative for the International Tap Association, experienced teacher and an in-demand performer across Australasia and the U.S.A.

One of the most sought after tap dancers in the world today, Michelle Dorrance, will be headlining the festival this year. A 2015 MacArthur Fellow and multi-award winner, Dorrance has been labeled “one of the most imaginative tap choreographers working today” by the New Yorker magazine.

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National Gallery of Victoria is currently exhibiting prominent 1960s fashion photographer Henri Talbot who brought invigorating internationalism to Australian fashion photography.

Closing  21 August 2016

See it at National Gallery of Victoria

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Federation Square, Level 3.

Henri Talbot was a commercial photographer and artist photographing major editorial campaigns for many of Australia’s fashion houses. He studied commercial art at the Reimann School in Berlin before fleeing Nazi Germany. He then developed a strong interest in photography and also was interested in design.

Talbot approached photography as an artist approaches a canvas, forming images by fashioning blocks of colour, compositional lines and depth of field, employing lighting and techniques to illuminate details, manipulating the model and drape of a fabric to finally capture his subject in a unique and extraordinary result.


Talbot’s career in Melbourne began in the late 1950s when he went into business with renowned international fashion photographer Helmut Newton. Together they ran a prominent photography studio in Melbourne’s fashionable Flinders Lane working with many prestigious fashionable clients including Sportscraft, the Australian Wool Board, Hilton, Kayser, Ford, GMH, Lucas, Pelaco, and worked with renowned models including Maggie Tabberer, Helen Homewood, Maggie Eckardt and Janice Wakely. This exhibition includes more than one hundred photos from Talbot’s photography work for Australian fashion editorial and advertising campaigns, with many of Talbot’s striking never-seen-before photographs from fashion shoots in campaigns for these and many other clients, and from working with these models as his muses.

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Qualifications:Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Public Relations) degree, Swinburne University of Technology.Bachelor of Business (Music Industry) degree, Victoria University.Certificate of Public Relations, Eventtrix.Currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art & Visual Culture) degree, Curtin University and Open Universities Australia.

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Your Last Chance to Win!


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We’ll be back very soon to reveal juicy details from the MIFF 2016 program.


The NGV’s annual Melbourne Art Book Fair opens tonight and runs until Sunday!

29 April – 1 May 2016 | NGV International                   

The Fair will see NGV International transformed into a bazaar of over 60 stalls touting books, art, merchandise and collectables. The weekend-long event will also feature a dynamic program of free talks, book launches and performances, including an exclusive keynote address by Sternberg Press, a leading independent publisher from Berlin, Germany.


Draped over the stalls like a geometric canopy, Thai artist Wit Pimkanchanapong’s Durian is an architecturally-designed awning made from over one kilometre of paper, over 1,200 pairs of bamboo chopsticks and 3D printed clips. This site-specific installation is his largest to date, spanning over fifty metres long, and has been commissioned exclusively by the NGV.


Among the highlights includes a recently-announced book signing by renowned Australian photographer Bill Henson.  In a rare in-person event, Henson will sign copies of his new publication Particle Mist, which draws together works from three of Bill Henson’s earliest photographic series: Untitled 1974, Untitled 1975 with additional previously unseen photographs from an unfinished work begun in 1976.


Inaugurated last year, the Melbourne Art Book Fair saw over 16,000 visitors over a single weekend.


To view the full 2016 Melbourne Art Book Fair program, visit

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Modern Love: The Lives of John & Sunday Reed (until 10 Apr 2016) ENDS ON SUNDAY!
Alex Selenitsch: LIFE/TEXT (until 17 Apr 2016) FINAL WEEKS!
Sarah crowEST: #straponpaintings (until 29 May 2016)
Dancing Umbrellas: An Exhibition of Movement and Light (until 5 Jun 2016)
Artists at Leisure: Albert Tucker Photographs (until 7 Aug 2016)

Making History: The Angry Penguins (16 April – 6 November 2016)
Michelle Nikou: a e i o u (23 April – 28 August 2016)


BOOKINGS: or 03 9850 1500

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After a colossal 100-day search, Museum of Brisbane has found 100 residents to star in 100% Brisbane, its groundbreaking exhibition presented in partnership with Brisbane Airport Corporation that will showcase a living, breathing portrait of the city.
Opening on 15 July 2016 and running for three years, its interactive and ever-evolving content will make 100% Brisbane one of the biggest social research experiments undertaken by a museum anywhere in the world.

The search for the 100-strong community is part of a global phenomenon started by Berlin-based theatre company Rimini Protokoll and in a world-first, the innovative company has collaborated with a museum for the first time.

Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data, each person selected represents one per cent of the city’s population. Together, the 100 people reflect the true face of Brisbane.

The 100% Brisbane community spans 15 nationalities and 30 different languages, its youngest member was less than four weeks old at the time of recruiting and the oldest was 84 years old. There are five Indigenous Australian members and 10 LGBTI residents, including one transgender person. Ninety-nine per cent have never been in an exhibition before.

An ex-prison guard, ‘manscaper’, canteen manager and ICU doctor are just a few of the recruits’ occupations. The cast also comprises a controversial identity who claims to have shaped 80 per cent of Brisbane’s skyline, four siblings from a Burundian family of seven and two drag queens.

Associate Producer Bec Reid completed the mammoth search by travelling more than 3,000 kilometres, having more than 300 hours of conversations and recording 75 hours of interviews.

100% Brisbane began with one local, Nicky Walker from Everton Park. Nicky had 24 hours to recruit the next Brisbane resident who then chose the next until 100 people were connected. The more people who were recruited, that harder it became to find such specific subjects.

Museum of Brisbane Director Peter Denham said 100% Brisbane was a potent collection of personal accounts about the city’s identity.

“From a hedge fund manager, to an individual that identifies as homeless, this exhibition will be a very real snapshot of Brisbane today,” Mr Denham said.

“We asked people all kinds of questions and we have gained some powerful perspectives on what connects Brisbane to its residents – from the smell of jacarandas that takes you back to childhood to the ever-growing multiculturalism in the city.

“But it is not all about the 100 people. Visitors will be able to share their beliefs or views on hot topics, allowing us to map how attitudes and perceptions change within our city, which is invaluable for us as the custodian of Brisbane’s story.”

Brisbane Airport Corporation Head of Corporate Relations Rachel Crowley said BAC  was honoured to partner with a social initiative that revealed the character and variety of the people of the city.

“We loved this idea of putting a mirror up to Brisbane and celebrating the people who make it so special. Everyone has a story, we see this every day at the airport, so an exhibition that reveals who we are as a city, where we come from and where we’re going, is something we were thrilled to get behind,” Ms Crowley said.

Over the course of the exhibition, visitors will be able to connect with the project and share their information and opinions to compare themselves to the 100 participants.

Alongside this interactive experience, 100% Brisbane will also feature a film about the history of Brisbane written and narrated by acclaimed author and actor William McInnes, an exploration of Country and a showcase of objects with extraordinary stories.
A program of events will accompany the exhibition, including panel discussions, curator tours and workshops. More information will be released soon via

Museum of Brisbane is open daily from 10am to 5pm, on level three of Brisbane City Hall – entry is free.