Politics Team

Ghill de Rozario


Email: ghill.derozario@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Ghill is currently undertaking a Masters of Social Work at the University of Melbourne, and has previously completed an undergraduate and postgraduate in Design. She is interested in politics, social science, human rights, policy analysis, environmental issues and public affairs. She has previous experience contributing writing and graphics to Farrago Magazine and is always looking for new opportunities or projects. Her professional pursuits include goals within the areas of research, media and policy.

Natalie Corrigan


Email: natalie.corrigan@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Natalie Corrigan is one of the newest editions to TAT. A born and raised Melburnian, she enjoys analysing everything from politics to film and art. She is currently completing her Journalism degree at Deakin University. Her past publications have been featured in the likes of Lip Magazine and Deakin's Wordly Magazine. Natalie blends expert opinion with the voices of everyday Australians.

Claire Fitzpatrick


Email: claire.fitzpatrick@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Claire Fitzpatrick is a journalist, author, and poet. She has over 40 publications in magazines, journals, and online. Claire is completing a bachelor of Government and International Relations. She has previously studied Business, HR, and Psychology. She writes horror, science fiction, and historical fiction. Her debut novel will be released soon.

Sonia Cuni


Email: sonia.cuni@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Growing up in an Italian family, I was surrounded by good home made fresh food everyday. Although I believe that my passion for food and cooking is in my genes. It wasn't until I hit my 40's and a midlife crisis that my love of food and cooking grew to such a point that I traveled to Italy for six months; cooking in Italian schools and restaurants. Although, I never became a chef. My love of food saw me write my first book and memoir 'Where's the desert?' Since then I haven't stopped and I want to tell anybody who will listen about my love of food and favorite cafes or restaurants.

Shevaun Grant


Email: shevaun.grant@theaustraliatimes.com.au

joined The Australia Times in 2013. She studied political science at the University of Melbourne and has political interest ranging from Australian politics and policy to international law and politics. Shevaun writes mainly about domestic political issues and along side working with The Australia Times is currently studying a Juris Doctor