Tangent Team

Peter Johansen


Email: peter.johansen@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Age: 54Who are you?Mainly a single man and I like wearing suits to pretend like I'm going to interviews to maintain a good appearance. Just for me. I am very good with dates, memory and being punctual; I am on the ball.Why do you contribute to 'Tangent' and what does it mean to you?So I can share my stories as well as keeping active. Also to be involved in lieu of working full time in the past, to keep myself occupied and so other people can hear me and I have a voice.3 Words that describe you ?HappyCheerfulMotivatedWhat is your disability?Autism. It affects 1 in 100 people.How has it affected your life?I had to go to a special school in Hawthorn with other diverse kids, mainly with learning difficulties. What is your goal? To contribute one article per edition

Max Voice


Email: max.voice@theaustraliatimes.com.au

At the age of three, I was diagnosed with ADHD & Aspergers. As a form of early coping, I would often improvise various comic strips, even if I had put it ahead of most of my schoolwork. By the age of fifteen, I found a new muse through music and writing. Now, I have been doing just that ever since, with some occasional mundane temp jobs on the side to support the vocation of arts. Embracing my mental afflictions as not disabilities but rather obstacles to overcome and conquer, is and endless learning curb, a lot like the desire to become a better person. Study is not just for a career, more for personal development. I am pretty comfortable with the life of a freelancer, so I cannot see myself retiring. Why would I? What would I do?

Stephanie Goulding


Email: stephanie.goulding@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Im an aspiring science journalist with a background in astrophysics. I contribute science articles to Tangent and manage the magazines social media presence. I have an anxiety condition that affects my motivation and concentration. By having my work published in Tangent I hope to write engaging articles exciting others about the world of science.

Beverley Smith


Email: beverley.smith@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Who are you? A caring and passionate woman - I like to help others. Ive been on an incredible journey in life, particularly my past and that is why I am writing; so maybe others will come share their memories. Why do you contribute to Tangent and what does it mean to you? I think its good to share life stories with people, as they can relate and understand parts of their own life. They may have been there themselves. 3 Words that describe you? Love life, self-aware and gifted. What is your disability? PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) How has it affected your life? It has probably affected my life in every way. It doesnt affect me as much now, as Ive learnt to live with it and cope with it. What is your goal? To finally be myself. I am myself now, but its taken me a long time to accept who I am and acknowledge this is who I am.

Joanne Gay


Email: joanne.gay@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Hi there my name is Joanne Gay i am 46 years old. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters.Status : in a relationship.i am a bright bubbly person and love to meet new people and always have a smile on my face.i enjoy going out with family and friends.My idol is Shannon Noll the runner up on Australian idol.My football team i follow is western bulldogs in Afl footyMy passion is creativity,i love and enjoy doing up pics and collages for people.Always up for new and exciting challenges and roles.i am a contributor to Tangent magazine and also contributing other magazine for the Australia times online.

Joel Vallence


Email: joel.vallence@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Who are you? Where do I start? I like listening to music and watching movies, going to gigs- football games. Why do you contribute to Tangent and what does it mean to you? Hopefully it will lead into something bigger and better, work wise. I enjoy acknowledging the horror genre as I think it goes unnoticed. 3 Words that describe you? Sense of humour, quiet and respectful. What is your disability? Aspergers and depression. How has it affected your life? Lack of confidence to some degree. Sometimes a lack of communication skills, lack of expression. I find some people hard to talk to. Also, sometimes I can be cranky. What is your goal? To self-develop and work out what I want to do in life.

Taylor Hands


Email: taylor.hands@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Who are you? I like drawing pictures and I love animals. Why do you contribute to Tangent and what does it mean to you? I contribute to Tangent to show my artwork to the world. 3 Words that describe you? Quiet, reliable & shy. What is your disability? Learning disability. How has it affected your life? It hasnt affected my life that much, but when I am working - I would need some help. What is your goal? My goal is to get a job.