MICF 2017 - Jewish-ish Cover Photo(3)

Image courtesy of Michael Shafar

The Archive Room at Town Hall is a space you’d expect no less than a top quality show- and Jewish-ish certainly delivers on that.

A rising star in Melbourne comedy brings you 50 minutes of stand out stand-up material, using his Jewish roots as fuel for jokes that set the room on fire with laughter. It was a full house on Thursday night.

A lot of the humour is drawn from Michael’s experience being Jewish, but you do not need to be Jewish to enjoy this show. Michael is a talented comedy writer- every punch line is utterly clever. This is intelligent humour with energised, polished delivery- and a warm performance quality. Michael tells the audience they are ‘nice’ several times during the show- as he appears humble about receiving such big laughter. This contributes to his appeal as a likeable, down-to-earth performer.

If you are a fan of great comedy, but not a fan of comedians who use a lot of ‘dirty jokes’ or offensive material, then this is the show for you. If you are Jewish, you will love the relatability.

Early in the show Michael explains that he gave up a career in law to pursue comedy, if you see the show you’ll understand why this was the right choice.



You can see Jewish-ish as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival…

When: April 3rd- April 23rd (except Wednesdays)

Where: Trades Hall (Cnr Lygon & Victoria Sts)

Tickets: $20- $25

Information: The venue is wheelchair accessible


Profile: View Jessica's profile here