First Aid Saves Lives

What do you do if you’re first on the scene of a road accident? How do you treat a jellyfish sting?

The answer to these and many more first aid questions will be provided by Red Cross first aid trainer, Anthony Cameron in this year’s summer series of Red Cross first aid tips to help prepare for the holiday season and help you and your family stay safe over summer.

The first step is to make sure every family has a well-stocked first aid kit on hand around the home, in the car and when enjoying the great outdoors. Be sure to keep an eye on the expiry date of the contents as many items only have a three to five year shelf life before they need replacing.

If you haven’t already updated your skills, it is also a great idea to brush up on your first aid training. Red Cross first aid courses teach us how to properly use the contents of a first aid kit and to decide which kit is best suited
to our needs.

A first aid kit can make a great Christmas present. You never know when you might need to treat a burn or sting, or something more serious like a snake bite.

To purchase a first aid kit online go to or call 1300 367 428.

Next in our summer series of summer first aid tips will be hints on how to pack the car for a safe family holiday.