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Who are you? I am an extremely creative person with an interest in painting, creative writing, fashion- but also science and philosophy. Why do you contribute to ‘Tangent’ and what does it mean to you? I would love to be a writer, so Tangent is a great outlet and I would like to shed light on the relatively unknown illness that is Wegener’s. 3 Words that describe you? Introverted, chameleon & individual. What is your disability? Wegener’s Granualomatosis. It is a rare rheumatic disease that usually begins in your sinus (I lost the cartilage in my nose due to the illness), and works its way around your main organs. I have to take anti-inflammatories every day to stabilise the condition. How has it affected your life? Before I was diagnosed my health deteriorated to the point when I became deaf, I had severe bronchitis and I couldn’t move due to the pain in my lungs. I had to drop out of my University Degree (and I was nearly finished). What is your goal? To become a popular, published writer and make a living out of it because it is what I love and what I am good at!

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