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Colin Hope

Toronto, Canada


Australian poet surveyor who has traveled extensively through outback Western Australia in the Pilbara, Kimberley, Goldfields and Murchison regions. Turned 16 working as a Jackeroo in the Kimberley (1981). Started writing in the late 80s, very informal, just for myself and friends. Spent a lot of time in mining camps and towns for 15 years and liked to spread a bit of culture around. Moved to Canada fulltime in 2003 but plans to retire back in Oz. Self-published a book with a friend in the early 90s in Toronto (Observations on Chaos Theory), performed on the Ed the Sock show and in a few pubs.Only wrote sporadically for the next few years, decided to concentrate on the positive and dusted of my unfinished rhymes earlier this year and started writing new stuff.

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