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Danielle Carr

Melbourne, Australia


Bachelor of Arts Film and Theatre, Deakin University, Rusden, 1994. Master of Arts Writing and Literature, Deakin University, 2013. Graduate Certificate, Tesol, 2013. Studying Graduate Diploma, Counselling, and Phd preparation, Swinburne University.Published poet, Southerly, national Australian journal.Books written by D.S, Danielle Shelley Carr include Blood for St Valentine, Raiders of the Headland and other stories, Blom-A Woman's Journey, and Ellipse, a collection of her poetry, also translated into Swedish and becoming available in Stockholm Public Library.Completed thesis, Psychological Reflections on Post-Modernist Gothic Literature available at Deakin University library.Danielle has worked as an English as second language teacher at Deakin University.

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