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Sydney, Australia


Formally a primary school teacher from UK, I now live in Sydney spending time writing for children and adults alike. My works reflect the world from a child’s perspective explaining their world and experiences through their voice. I have published two books; “The Disappearing Sister”, child’s account of anorexia nervosa and “The Sweetest Lollipop Lady in the World”, a picture book about a kind lollipop lady. These two books are from two distinct series of bodies of work I am currently developing. The former is part of the ”Elephant in the Room Series”; where difficult topics are raised so that they might be a “way in to” a conversation with young children. The latter, is the first in a series of books about characters in a fictional town I have created called “Verityville”. The second story in this series “The Garbage Guy” is due out in April 2016; a simple tale of a hard-working garbage guy striving to keep the town clean despite it often being a thankless job. The second narrative in the “Elephant in the Room” series is titled ”The Forever Kid” and deals themes of grief and loss.

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