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I’m born and bred in industry, held many rolls, and always striving to raises awareness and leave a lasting mark in the industry, I love so dearly. My journalism provides the platform, where I do my best work, and where I will leave my mark on the world.As a journalist and rodeo competitor, my copy bridges the gap between Australia’s hidden talents and promoting the best of the best on the world stage. My long term career is to highlight and support the under reported arena of strong rural families and community leaders in the sport of rodeo, and wider rural life. From my days working as a Jillaroo in the Northern Territory and on the plains of the California central coast, I know first hand the struggles and triumphs of women in the Rural world. Even as a competitor, through my days of schooling, through my days at Burdekin Agricultural College, and all in between including completing my degree in Multi Media Journalism at James Cook University. Having competed and worked under many strong influences (Both Equine, Cattle, Photography and Journalism) I aspire to be at the top of the Journalistic world, that tells the stories of hardship and victory of those silent many.I aim to be recognized on the same level as Kendra Santos, a woman who incorporates all that can be achieved in the western and sports lifestyles. I only hope to follow in her footsteps and become as great as she is and be the Journalist that the Rodeo and Rural world look to, to tell their stories here in Australia and around the world

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