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Frank Prem

Beechworth, Australia


Frank Prem has been writing poetry as a serious pursuit for in excess of 20 years. He has been published in magazines, zines and anthologies, both in Australia and in a number of countries overseas, occasionally for money. He has won a number of writing competitions over the journey. He has performed his work in various spoken word venues and occasionally recorded it.He has self-published three collections of his work, ‘The Book of Evenings (written as Frank Faust) and ‘Small Town Kid’, which have been reproduced as complete collections on his blog page, and 'also 'Memoir of a Dog'.His work is intended above all to communicate with a reader or listener and aims to be accessible. He tries to celebrates the small things in life by elevating them from the periphery to the centre.Frank lives with his talented singer/songwriter wife Leanne Murphy in the beautiful township of Beechworth in the North-East of Victoria, where they nestle as close to nature as they can.

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