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Kathy Figueroa

Bancroft, Ontario, Canada


Kathy Figueroa likes to create the old-fashioned style of poetry that tells a story and was popular in another era, when the recitation of poems served to entertain audiences at social gatherings, particularly during the pioneer days. In a continuation of this tradition, Kathy also gives poetry readings in and around the Bancroft area. Since 2012, her work has appeared in ten self-published chapbooks, dozens of anthologies, over one hundred editions of “The Bancroft Times” and “Bancroft This Week newspapers,” and her four books: “Paudash Poems,” “Flowertopia,” “The Cathedral of the Eternal Blue Sky,” and “The Ballad of the PoeTrain Poeteer: Winnipeg to Vancouver.” A fifth collection is slated to be published in 2016. Numerous international blogs and websites also contain her work. Born in a mountainous region of southern British Columbia, Kathy Figueroa resides in a rugged rural area near Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.

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