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Lannah Sawers-Diggins

Perth, Australia


I am a wife, mum, writer, columnist, freelance journo, photographer and a very strong, stubborn, determined and probably extremely painful advocate for several causes, most of which are completely out of left field. While I now live in Perth and have done for over half my life (I am 60 years young and proud of it) I was born in Adelaide and raised on a sheep station in SA. I have remained passionate about that way of life ever since - and always will. So much so, that I am currently writing a book about this huge area and have spent some of the last three - four - five years criss-crossing (all on my lonesome - although I travelled by coach) the outback of SA., NSW., Qld., the NT and WA, visiting sheep and cattle station after station. This year I covered WA, driving much of it, for myself - I am absolutely passionate about this. The book, 'Red Dust Dreams' is scheduled to be published around June or July next year.

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