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I got my first tattoo at the age of 18 (that is the legal age in Singapore without parental consent), my second one at the age of 19 and my third one at the age of 20 before my parents busted me. You might be thinking what is up with me having to hide the tattoos from my parents? Well, that is because I grew up in a very traditional family where tattooing is a big no-no. Despite growing up in that kind of environment, I developed a deep interest in the tattoo arts since primary school. I remembered being very impressed with the drawings on the skin worn by those tough dudes that walked the streets at night.Disappointingly, I did not grow up to be a tattoo artist as I hoped I would be. I carried on my studies like many others and ended up being a degree student with a major in psychology. However, my passion for tattooing did not wane. Instead, it deepens every single time I saw a magnificent piece of art inked on a walking canvas. Enough said, I just really love tattoos.

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