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Spencer Adika

Nairobi, Kenya


Author,Motivation For You,Poet,Simple Guy,Happy to be Alive,Human Rights Activist,With love I represent Kenya,Thank you / Ahsante.Say No To Racism.Strong believer of Social Justice. I have the ability to work out with different personalities so as to achieve good results in a perfect workforce.*I believe everyone has the opportunity to put whatever idea she/he has into reality.*I am passionate to working with with everyone so that I get exposed to different ideas.Ideas are worth millions if executed,you got to believe you are capable of something.*Life comes to life when you live it right.Its the little things that make you a unique brand from the rest.*I am very sure that exposure is a breakthrough to success. Successful people need others to prosper.The fact remains that if you are human you need one another. *This is an opportunity to interact with you and make the best of what we have in mind.*Although am ART based that doesn't mean am not a professional in other Fields.*Definitely committed to inspire and motivate people globally.*Feel free to contact me so that we can engineer a change to the next generation, that is,leaving a legacy."Creativity is expressing out your real you."-Spencer Adika

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