A rising hum of excitement animated the eclectic inner-city living room. The walls were plastered with mismatched knickknacks, stylish paintings, and gaudy fairy lights. It felt as though we’d been transported back to the 50s, and stolen into the house of an eccentric old lady. What better venue than this, the kooky, quirky Butterfly Club, to host a racy cabaret show? For the throng of eager frill-seekers, getting to explore the retro fit-out of the waiting room worked well to set the tone for the kitsch performance to come.


The stars of the evening were The Candy Topps – Stella, Kitty, and Fifi; a trio of talented songstresses presenting ‘Femme Fatales’ as part of the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival. A homage to the sounds of jazz and swing, the performance featured revamps of pop classics by famous female artists, punctuated by bawdy banter.


They literally burst onto the stage to kick off the show. Stumbling through a heavy curtain with torches in hand, they promised a throw-back to the exaggerated, physical comedy of the 30s and 40s. The three Candy Topps themselves were perfect caricatures of the middle-class minx; frustrated, adventurous, hoity-toity, and very irreverent. Their tongue-in-cheek story telling won many laughs from the crowd and, although it was too dark to tell, probably a few blushes.


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