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There’s a new theatre company in town and they are ready to entertain. Hand in Hand’s debut show, The Violent Outburst That Drew Me To You is a bold and quirky piece of theatre that works perfectly for a budding new company. It’s not perfect, the set changes are too frequent and distracting (and at most times unnecessary,) the actors are sometimes out of their league and the costuming is a bit off but overall, the show is a great first shot.

Connor (Bradley Clarke) is angry. He expresses how angry and frustrated he is through funny little monologues and quirky moments with his parents and friends. Clarke’s performance is impressive but it still feels a little contrived. He manages the right balance between frustration and humour but at times it feels like he’s just shouting without the angst. The plot is simple, Connor is frustrated with everything – he hates on a girl in detention, can’t stand the teachers, even finds his patient parents annoying in the extreme. Hock Edwards and Grace Pusey are hilarious as Connor’s parents, even if their portrayals are a bit of a caricature.  Their innovative technique to calm Connor down by sending him to his uncle and aunt’s (Hannah Anderson) and making him endure constant marathons of Antiques Roadshow is a brilliant moment and utterly hilarious.

It is when Connor’s parents are at their wits end that he is left, abandoned in the forest to calm down that he meets the equally angry and repressed teenager, Lotte (Karen Hansord.) She gets him, she understands him, and she also eclipses him in his torment. Hansord is the stand-out in this ensemble, charming, funny and full of angst – her tears are and she portrays teen frustration in an accurate way.

The Violent Outburst That Drew Me To You is a great debut for a young and energetic company. It’s fun, and light but hints at the darkness facing teenagers today. It will take you back to your youth and unresolved tension, have we actually gotten over it?


The Violent Outburst That Drew Me To You played at Murdoch University, Perth from 1st – 3rd September 2016


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