According to a new research survey, 48% of Australians say that if they could have dental treatment to fix their teeth, they would have the confidence to smile more often. High costs and long waiting periods in Australian dental clinics and hospitals are a deterrent to patients who would rather save time and money, without compromising on quality.

Medical tourism is on the increase among Australians, with 11% saying they have travelled for medical treatment, and with 37% saying they know someone who has done it. Many overseas clinics provide a premium level of care, as evidenced by full accreditations from Joint Commission International (JCI). Accreditations and patient reviews are displayed in clinic and hospital profiles on the MEDIGO platform.

MEDIGO was developed for and with these patients. It is the world’s first and only platform that allows patients to compare prices of medical treatment and book a medical procedure online in a selection of high-quality hospitals worldwide. MEDIGO has introduced the marketplace concept to healthcare; for patients, this means freedom to choose when and where they are treated and the knowledge of how much they will spend on medical treatment.

Patients have found that they save more than $8,000 for breast implants and more than $15,000 for dental implants if they travel abroad for care. Many thousands of patients travel from Australia each year for medical procedures within general surgery, plastic surgery, and dentistry to Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia, India, and Singapore.

With details of accreditations, patient reviews and clinic profiles, MEDIGO users know the level of care they can expect in addition to receiving a comprehensive assessment and quote as part of the process.

“MEDIGO was built to ensure that patients have better oversight into quality of medical care, so that they can trust the doctor and hospital they choose is of highest possible standards,” said Ugur Samut, MEDIGO CEO.

MEDIGO has partnered with close to 400 internationally accredited hospitals and clinics to serve more than 1,500 patients for procedures ranging from dental implants to hip replacements and from liposuction to cutting-edge cancer treatments. To continue developing the platform and reach thousands more people globally, MEDIGO secured €5 Million ($7.4 Million AUD) in investments led by Accel Partners.