Unearthed Fiction Team

Diana Heath


Email: diana.heath@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Diana Jane Heath is an author, editor, poet, and blogger who lives in Sydney, Australia. She is the proud owner of a bachelor of communication degree, with two majors: creative writing and screen studies. She has her own website, www.creativedestination.com.au, which provides creative writing tips for aspiring writers. Some of her short stories and creative writing articles have appeared in online publications such as www.short-story.me, and www.ezinearticles.com. She has recently published a collection of short stories,Tales for the Sisterhood.

Meg Hellyer


Email: meg.hellyer@theaustraliatimes.com.au

is a freelance writer and editor living in Melbourne. She has sub-edited for a range of publications that include ArtsHub, Ferntree Gully News, and The Pun, and is also the author of several short stories. Growing up surrounded by books, Meg has always had a love of literature. When she is not editing for The Australia Times, she often finds herself writing about the people she sees on trains.

Julian Gasparri


Email: julian.gasparri@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Freelance journalist and journalism graduateEditorial/writing experienceInterests: TravelCultureFilmMusicPoetryFiction

Damien Lawardorn


Email: damien.lawardorn@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Damien Lawardorn is currently studying English Literature and Writing at James Cook University, Townsville. As an aspiring novelist, journalist, and essayist, his goal in writing is to inspire readers to engage and think, rather than simply consume and enjoy. With broad interests ranging from literature and video games to fringe science and social movements, his work frequently touches on the unexpected. Damien is a regular reviewer for TAT Books magazine, and an occasional contributor to ABC Open and OnlySP.

Sarah K.Gill


Email: sarah.gill@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Sarah is an avid lover of books of most genres, including Sci-Fi and thriller. She also enjoys reading fantasy and memoir. She loves to write, both fiction and non-fiction and living in the lovely Williamstown in Melbourne always offer quiet places for her to read or to be inspired. Sarah has a Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing. Alongside her full-time job in insurance and working for TAT she is working on a few of her own novels and short story collections including her first memoir. Sarah is currently studying Bachelor of Professional and Creative Writing at Deakin University which will completed by mid 2019. She loves to travel and loves sharing her experiences with others and is always planning her next destination!

Philomena Van Huyen


Email: philomena.vanhuyen@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Welcome to correspond through social media links below or philomena.vanhuyen@theaustraliatimes.com.au for as long as available.

Eugen Bacon


Email: eugen.bacon@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Eugen M. Bacon studied at Maritime Campus, less than two minutes walk from The Royal Observatory of the Greenwich Meridian. A computer graduate mentally re-engineered into creative writing, Eugen has a PhD in writing. She has published over 100 short stories and creative articles, and has in work a creative non-fiction book and a literary speculative novel. Her short stories are published in journals, magazines & anthologies worldwide. Eugen is editor of MELBOURNE Magazine and sub-editor of FICTION Magazine at The Australia Times.

Tristyn Harrison


Email: tristyn.harrison@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Tristyn Harrison is an emerging writer and blogger with an interest in all things fantastical. She writes for herself first, shaping the raw mass of creation and inspiration into stories that reach in and pluck the heart-strings. Amongst the daily hustle and bustle of life, she alternates between finding time to work on her first novel, perfect her craft, and revisit the work of authors who have shaped her life's journey. If you'd like to read more of her work, head over to her Patreon page at www.patreon.com/cherrywolf and/or check out her website.

Al McCartan


Email: al.mccartan@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Former broadcaster and journalist - now retired - enjoys the opportunity to 'scribble' poetry and short stories.

Shweta Gupta


Email: shweta.gupta@theaustraliatimes.com.au

An Electrical Engineer by profession, Shweta has a Masters in management from The University of Melbourne. She is a voracious reader and an occasional blogger. Shweta has been a keen volunteer for various causes like Guide Dogs, Child Fund Australia and Teach India Initiative. Now as the Editor of the GEO magazine, she hopes to educate various readers of all ages about the cause she cares about very closely- Environment.

Claire Fitzpatrick


Email: claire.fitzpatrick@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Claire Fitzpatrick is a journalist, author, and poet. She has over 40 publications in magazines, journals, and online. Claire is completing a bachelor of Government and International Relations. She has previously studied Business, HR, and Psychology. She writes horror, science fiction, and historical fiction. Her debut novel will be released soon.

Nina Adriana


Email: nina.lew@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Malaysian born, Perth livin'! Two decades young and seizing it.

Toni Susskind


Email: toni.susskind@theaustraliatimes.com.au

Fascinated with ancient Egypt and all the possibilities it holds, Isis and Raimi’s chronicles have become very special for Toni. Originally meant to be peripheral characters in a bigger tale, Issi and Raimi kept demanding to be heard. Eventually, Toni, a third year literature student at Monash Uni and mother of 2, finally gave in and wrote their love-story. If you like them and want to hear more, please let us know. Issi in particular will be happy. I am a mother, wife, student and adult. I am strong, passionate, loyal and clumsy. I am a reader who enjoys the escapism of books. I am a writer who enjoys becoming one with her stories. I am the sum of everything that has been and yet to come. I am me.