Black Label - The Native Burger

Black Label by Burger Project opened today on National Burger Day with a sensational menu…

Black Label by Burger Project opened at 7am today unveiling a much anticipated menu of premium burgers, expansive breakfast items, flavourful salads, and alcoholic milkshakes.

Black Label Granola
Black Label Granola

The newest venture by the Burger Project team brings bold flavours and tasty, healthy options, building on an already established foundation of fresh, sustainable produce. Located at Grosvenor Place, Sydney, the restaurant is cool and sleek, with dark timber finishes and chocolate leather furnishings, making it the ultimate burger, breakfast and bar destination.

The Black Label menu showcases seven masterpieces of burger craftsmanship, packed with flavour and quality ingredients. The Black Label burger heroes the menu: a succulent Cape Grim, grass-fed beef  and triple smoked bacon pattie, layered with pickled jalapenos, cheese, fresh onions, lettuce and tomato, and drizzled with a Black Label secret sauce. Premium produce features prominently throughout the menu. A buttermilk-brined, free-range chicken burger, known as Henrietta, layers coleslaw, tomato, cheese, pickles, onions and zingy house-made Sriracha mayonnaise, while Native features locally-sourced Paroo Kangaroo and Cape Grim grass-fed beef pattie, lemon myrtle mayonnaise, spiced native quandong and bush tomato sauce.

Black Label - The Henrietta Project
Black Label – The Henrietta Project

Vegans can get their fix with Zeppelin, a moist chickpea and zucchini pattie topped with layers of juicy beetroot, tomato, lettuce, tangy zucchini pickles and house-made tomato relish, all sitting between a gluten-free vegan bun. Waffle-cut chips, onion rings and a range of specialty dips and sauces bring unique sides to the menu.

Black Label - The Zeppelin Vegan Burger
Black Label – The Zeppelin Vegan Burger

Diners can choose between a selection of three bountiful salads, all of which can be protein boosted with poached chicken breast or a chickpea and zucchini pattie. An Asian-inspired noodle salad combines buckwheat noodles, kimchi, shiitake mushrooms and raw vegetables, topped with fragrant coriander, toasted sesame seeds, crispy nori and a splash of gochujang dressing. A superfoods salad mixes green beans, edamame, radicchio, lettuce, red quinoa, almonds, seeds, sprouts and whole grain mustard with apple cider vinegar. A crisp, classic Caesar is also available.

Black Label - Salads
Black Label – Salads

Black Label’s sit-down and takeaway breakfast menu is accompanied by cult Sydney roaster Mecca Coffee, serving house blend, special blend and nitro coffee on tap, a cold, frothy brew infused with nitrogen gas. Coffee is free with any breakfast purchase throughout the opening week, with $1 coffee with a breakfast purchase in June.

Black Label - Breakfast Pastries & Mecca Coffee
Black Label – Breakfast Pastries & Mecca Coffee

Breakfast lovers can kick-start their day with a choice of bircher with seasonal poached fruits, honey and Meredith Valley yoghurt, crunchy toasted granola, or fluffy ricotta hotcakes with maple syrup and butter. Also on offer is a superfoods breakfast bowl: a mixture of barley, quinoa, broccoli, seeds and beans, topped with soft-boiled, free-range eggs. Sonoma’s toasted linseed and sourdough partner up with combinations of soft-boiled, fried and scrambled eggs, as well as avocado and goats cheese smash, grilled mushrooms and house-made baked beans. Those wanting to grab and go can enjoy a gourmet bacon and egg roll filled with Black Label tomato relish, or choose between a selection of Sonoma pastries and muffins.

Black Label - Breakfast Bacon & Egg Roll
Black Label – Breakfast Bacon & Egg Roll

Chocolate peanut butter, salted caramel and strawberries and cream are just a few of the flavours on an ‘adult shakes’ menu, which means they can be mixed with a choice of spirits, including Belvedere, Jack Daniels and Campari, for an added hit. An array of craft beers, including Young Henrys, Stone and Wood, Hope Brewhouse, and Balter are also on the drinks list, as well as negroni, old fashioned and espresso martini cocktails. Guests can also enjoy 11 local wines by the bottle, or two reds and whites by the glass each.

Black Label by Burger Project is located at Grosvenor Place Courtyard, 225 George St, and will be open Monday to Friday, 7am to 10pm, and Saturday 11am to 10pm, with breakfast available every weekday, 7am to 11am.

For more information:

 **Information & Images Courtesy of Burger Project/Rockpool Dining Group – Rachel Lebihan

 **Photo Credits: Anna Kucera 

The Black Label - Signature Burger
Black Label – Signature Burger

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Black Label - The Native Burger
Black Label – The Native Burger

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Pure South Dining – Southgate – Melbourne

A special event celebrating the island’s world class produce on Friday 1 June


Pure South Dining is thrilled to offer Melbourne a taste of King Island, with a menu inspired by this year’s King Island Long Table, a grassroots festival that celebrates the island’s unique produce. Pure South’s chefs, staff and owners play a key part in the festival each year, designing menus and running masterclasses.

 King Island boasts some of the planet’s purest soil and air, with produce that is coveted the world over. For 14 years, Pure South Dining has fostered relationships with the island’s, growers and producers, enabling the restaurant to offer some of the best and rarest produce from the island.

 The special event will include King Island’s pasture-fed wallaby and local prime lamb, currently not available anywhere else on the mainland.

Set in Pure South’s awarded Dining Room upstairs, Michelin star executive chef David Hall has designed six courses celebrating King Island producers with matched wines from Pipers Brook Vineyard in Tasmania’s North East.

 Showcasing some of Pure South’s most remote, and in some cases exclusive, suppliers, the hero ingredients will be flown in by light plane from King Island’s farms, dairies and fishermen.

 The King Island wallaby is exceptionally tender and pasture-fed, produced by a newly formed farmer’s co-op, who has also just begun producing lamb, which will be offered for the first time at Pure South Dining during this special event. Other menu highlights include the famous Southern Rock Lobster, eye fillet beef tartare and salt-baked beetroot with honey, all sourced from the island. Advance booking is advised.

Long before provenance became a buzzword, Pure South Dining’s close relationships with an extensive variety of remote growers and producers has proven their ongoing commitment to bringing the best of Tasmania and the ‘pure south’ to their Melbourne table.

Date: Friday 1 June 2018, bookings available from 5:30pm onwards.

  Address: Pure South Dining, River Level, Southgate, 3 Southgate Ave, Melbourne 3003.

 Bookings: $130pp for six courses, an additional $70 with matched wine.  Email or call +61 3 9699 4600.

**Information & Images Courtesy of Pure South Dining/Fuller PR – Keshia Hutchens & Rain Fuller


KING ISLAND DEGUSTATION – 6 courses $130 / matched wines $70 [100ml]

  • King Island salt-baked beetroot, goats curd, King Island honey, walnut 2015 Pipers Brook Sparkling, Pipers Brook, Tasmania
  •  King Island grass fed eye fillet beef tartare, celeriac, pear, seaweed 2017 Pipers Brook Riesling, Pipers Brook, Tasmania ~ King Islan
  • Southern Rock Lobster, fennel, rouille, bisque 2017Pipers Brook ‘Estate’ Pinot Gris, Pipers Brook, Tasmania
  •  King Island pasture-fed wallaby, quince, carrot, pepperberry 2016 Pipers Brook ‘Estate’ Pinot Noir, Pipers Brook, Tasmania
  •  King Island lamb, Nicola potato, garlic, navarin sauce 2015 Pipers Brook ‘The Lyre’ Pinot Noir, Pipers Brook, Tasmania
  •  King Island Dairy cheese ‘Surprise Bay’ cheddar ‘Furneaux’ double cream 201 7Delamere Rose, Pipers Brook, Tasmania ‘King Island

Long Table’ is an annual community-driven festival celebrating the quality of produce on King Island. Pure South Chefs and staff visit the island to cook and manage KI Long Table lunch for locals & visitors. This menu is inspired by our 2018 menu for those who couldn’t make it.

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Words by Connie Lambeth

Photos by Fiona Hamilton

We Need To Talk. And we did – at the recent launch of the book ‘We Need to Talk’ by Sally-Anne Ward, adapted from the original screenplay of the same name, by filmmaker David M. Raynor from Bad Hat Films.

Filmmaker David M. Raynor & Author Sally-Anne Ward - 'We Need To Talk'
Filmmaker David M. Raynor & Author Sally-Anne Ward
– ‘We Need To Talk’

Fill a hip bar along Chapel Street with a wide range of guests, throw in bevvies paired with shared platters of ‘conversation starters’ like those mac ’n’ cheese fritters, add a generous sprinkle of goodwill, and you’re sure to get people talking. Guests at this special event included teachers, counsellors, authors, journalists, students, actors, celebrities, musicians, business people and members of Victoria Police, as well as Gary Lee, Young New Australian of the Year (2016).

Young New Australian of the Year (2016) - Gary Lee & guest
Young New Australian of the Year (2016) – Gary Lee

This was no ordinary book launch, with serious topics including mental health and teen suicide up for discussion. Judging on shreds of overheard conversations on the night, we felt a sense of the Melbourne community standing together to try and understand the problems facing our youth today, and to look for a way forward. There was acknowledgement too, that after a closeted past, such issues are now out in the open. Talking together is definitely an important first step. As a community we are at last up for sharing our own stories, and those of family and friends coping with issues such as bullying, anxiety, depression, isolation, and suicide.

South Yarra’s Two Wrongs (, where graffiti meets art in a luxe-grunge space, offered a playful balance to offset the book’s sober themes  – an appropriate setting for the launch of a Young Adult Novel.


The crowd soon settled into the serious side of the evening, when MC Adam Samuel (@theadamsamuel), mentioned that if we can get through the difficulties of our teen years we build up resilience which serves us well as adults, when we are better able to make good choices. His intro was so on point – if only we could get every young person over the line.

MC Adam Samuel with David Raynor, Sally-Anne Ward & Sophie Thurling
MC Adam Samuel with David Raynor, Sally-Anne Ward & Actor Sophie Thurling

David M. Raynor spoke of how his award-winning short film: We Need To Talk came about, sharing the story of a Christmas Day family lunch several years ago, when his sister, a school counsellor, received a phone call related to students on suicide watch. David was shocked. This incident, along with reflecting on his own challenges with bullying during school years, was enough to fuel his determination to do something to make a difference. The result was his compelling film, followed by collaboration with Sally-Anne Ward to write a book based on David’s original screenplay.


Sally-Anne Ward spoke of how she was inspired to write the novel as a mother of teenagers, with first-hand knowledge of the challenges of youth today. Living with ‘teen speak’ no doubt assisted her skilled mastery of dialogue throughout the novel, which kept the story real, even with an ‘otherwordly’ presence. Her collaboration with David Raynor to create a book adaptation of the film, significantly boosts the chances  of ensuring their powerful message reaches the target audience.

Sally-Anne Ward with David Raynor & Adam Samuel
Sally-Anne Ward with David Raynor & Adam Samuel

Reality struck when the next speaker was introduced. Jennii Johnson, a Melbourne secondary school teacher, gave guests a rundown on a general day at school as she and her colleagues dealt with kids managing emotional upheaval often due to anxiety, depression, bullying and family breakdown. Stories and stats from a teacher on the ground every day, who along with her colleagues, do what they can to offer support and professional guidance, a listening ear and safe space for students – thought provoking to say the least.

Jennii Johnson (R)
Jennii Johnson (R)

Actor Sophie Thurling won an Accolade award in 2017, for her lead character role as Bree in the film. Speaking at the book launch, Sophie revealed how deeply impacted she was by playing the role of a young girl who decides to end her life when on the surface appears to have everything to live for.

Actor Sophie Thurling
Actor Sophie Thurling who plays Bree in the film: We Need To Talk

Though the tragedy of teen suicide dominates the novel’s plot, with protagonist Bree bullied to the point of taking her own life, the flip side offers up positives to prevent such tragedies among our kids. The story alerts the reader as to how suicide dramatically affects people left behind. The importance of the constant love and support of family and friends. The need to change our social media habits and replace screen time for increased face-to-face communication. The necessity to tone down the hectic pace of our lives and become more aware of what’s happening in our networks. To laugh more and find joy in each day.


There’s an authenticity, a subtle power to the book We Need To Talk.

The unvarnished honesty of the story tugs at the emotions, yet astutely leaves us with a sense of hope.

David M. Raynor has the last word when he says on his Facebook page:

“And as always from us at Bad Hat Films, remember to love and take care of each other.”


*Congratulations David and Sally-Anne – your passion and commitment is an inspiration.

Original Screenplay: “We Need to Talk” by David M. Raynor – Bad Hat Films (@bad_hat_films)

Original Novel: “We Need to Talk” by Sally-Anne Ward

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Age Group: 12+

Amazon link at – to purchase


**Connie was a guest of Helen Reizer HRPR (@hellreizer) – Thanks for organising this wonderful event Helen.

Connie Lambeth

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READ ON FOR FURTHER DETAILS –  ‘WE NEED TO TALK’ – plus more fab pics from Fiona Hamilton

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Burger Day 2[2]

Dandenong Market – National Burger Day – Melbourne 

**Full Burger List & Prices Below

Melbourne’s first Pizza Burger and Shake Burger to make their debut at one of Victoria’s oldest markets

Melbourne’s most loved burger party is back for one-day only at Dandenong Market on Sunday 27 May to celebrate National Burger Day.

For one delicious day, 21 of the market’s vendors are turning burger mad and will offer their own limited-edition burgers. Running from the savoury to sweet – representing a host of different cuisines – these clever creations will take anyone’s burger obsession to the next level.

Burger Day 3[2]

Burger lovers have the opportunity to munch on Melbourne’s first ever pizza burger from Dandy Pizza (two Margherita pizzas as ‘buns’, with a beef patty, cheese, fresh sliced tomato, spinach and homemade sauce), bite into Thela Indian Street Food’s Indian Stack Burger (rice pancake buns, vegetable samosas, cheese, avocado and lamb keema), chomp into Market Tavern’s Schnitzel Burger (2 chicken parma ‘buns’, fried egg, tomato and lettuce) or jump on the charcoal trend with the Charcoal Burger.

Market goers will be able to indulge in a sweet tooth’s dream with over seven dessert burgers. After the success at last year’s Burger Day, Dandee Donuts will be recreating their Tim Tam burger: Tim Tam, jam sauce and cream inside two steaming hot Dandee Donuts. A Lamington Burger, a Donut Ice-cream Burger and another Melbourne first – The Monster Burger Shake: a smoothie topped with a cinnamon donut, chocolate sponge, strawberries, toffee, white chocolate syrup and whipped cream – will all be on offer.

Burger Day 1[2]

The burger royalty who have an adventurous appetite can take part in the professional burger eating competition and demolish The Double Chompster:a 900-gram burger including 5 burger buns, 8 beef patties, 8 cheese slices, bacon rashers, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce. The burger has been created by Instagram food sensation and burger faithful Riley ‘Chompamatic’ Murphy (@chompamatic) for Dandenong Market’s burger specialist, The Grill. If contestants conquer this, they have the chance to win $500.

Burger Day 4[2]

 Briony Walker, Marketing Manager at Dandenong Market, says Dandenong Market will play host to Melbourne’s biggest burger party in 2018 with more than 25,000 people expected to attend.

“After the success of last year’s Burger Day celebrations, we and the stall holders knew we had to step it up a notch; and with double the amount of traders this year, no one will go hungry!

“This free, community event has something to offer for everyone – from pizza lovers to ice-cream lovers – all in the shape of a burger,” Walker said.

Visitors can have their Dandenong Market ‘Burger Passport’ stamped at each participating trader and go into the running to win $500 in Dandenong Market vouchers. Each stamp counts as a separate entry, so conquer all 25 limited- edition burgers and get 25 entries to win big.

To top off the mouth-watering festivities, The Grill will also be giving away unlimited burgers for one year. Enter via Dandenong Market’s Facebook page and go in the draw to treat your friends for 12 burger-endless months.

Event Information

What: National Burger Day at Dandenong Market
Date: Sunday 27th May
Time: 10am – 3pm
Where: Dandenong Market, Corner Clow and Cleeland Streets, Dandenong Cost: Free Entry

Dandenong Market:

**Information & Images Courtesy of Dandenong Market/Supplied by Kate & Co. Publicity & Events – Claudia Hackworth

Burger Day 2[2]

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Read here for full Burger List & Prices / Plus About Dandenong Market…

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Rotisserie Selection_preview

Fratelli Fresh opens this Friday – Darling Harbour, Sydney

Fratelli Fresh opens a vibrant Italian food and dining emporium this week in the heart of Darling Harbour, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as a destination for all occasions.

Breakfast Selection_preview

Opening at 7am on Friday, 25 May, the flagship Fratelli outpost is located below the International Convention Centre Sydney Theatre, opposite the Chinese Gardens, and accommodates over 550 customers. A 100-seat beer and wine garden brims with citrus and olive trees and offers a front-row view of the busy harbour-side precinct.

Serving house-made Neapolitan pizza, pasta, gelato and rotisserie-roasted meats, the menu showcases premium produce from local partners, including Vannella Cheese, Salumi Australia, Sonoma Bakery, Mecca Coffee, as well as Italian hero brands, Baci chocolate and Campari, and iconic American craft beer pioneer, Goose Island Beers.

Butterflied Jumbo King Prawns_preview

The first 2500 customers to buy a coffee, specially blended for Fratelli by cult roaster Mecca, will receive a complimentary Fratelli Fresh KeepCup, entitling them to $1 KeepCup coffee for the first 30 days. Breakfast customers will also receive $1 coffees for the first 30 days. Fratelli KeepCup holders are entitled to $2.50 coffees thereafter. Mecca is also providing specialised nitro coffee on tap, a cold, frothy brew infused with nitrogen gas.

Every time a customer purchases a drink in the first month they will go in the draw to win one of four bright red Scomadi scooters. One winner will be drawn at 6pm every Friday, over the first four weeks.

A Meet the Maker calendar of complimentary tastings featuring Mecca, Sonoma, Vannella Cheese, Ross Hill Wines, Campari and Goose Island Beers spans the launch weekend of Saturday, 26 May and Sunday, 27 May, with performers adding some live vibes to the opening days. See the full opening weekend program here.

Fratelli Darling Harbour offers a convenient grab and go selection of Sonoma breakfast toast and pastries, fresh salads, pastas, and Roman-style pizza by the slice. Slow-cooked, spit-roasted meats, including porchetta and lamb shoulder, take the rotisserie lunch menu and fresh-cut Sonoma sandwich selection to the next level.

Breakfast Selection (1)_preview

The emporium is home to a decadent dessert bar and cioccolateria, featuring treats such as tiramisu, tortas, panna cotta, biscotti, sfogliatella, hand-made truffles, chocolate bars and cannoli with three flavours of filling: salted caramel, ricotta and chocolate, all created by Italian Head Pastry Chef, Riccardo Falcone. A gelato bar stars 15 flavours, including Snickerone, caramelised fig and mascarpone, almond, Nutella, and mint choc chip.


Take-away enthusiasts can select from the whole menu and meals can be delivered by Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Fratelli Fresh Darling Harbour has added a little pizzazz to the drinking experience with Australia’s first Campari Bar that showcases an impressive line-up of cocktails, including seven spritzes and six negronis available on tap. A tap takeover by Goose Island will see an evolving six beers by the iconic brewery flowing through the venue and heralds Fratelli Fresh as the exclusive Australian partner to showcase a broad range of its craftmanship.

Another premium partner is Ross Hill Wines from Orange, NSW, which serves Fratelli’s cool-climate house wine. The wine list includes five whites, five reds and one rosé by the glass and carafe. Over 80 Australian and Italian wines by the bottle are showcased in the on-site vinoteca, ready for purchase and to be enjoyed with a meal.

The venue boasts an adult-skewed games corner, including ping pong, jenga, shuffleboard and foosball. An events calendar is packed with gastronomic experiences, including pizza, pasta and cocktail masterclasses, coffee workshops, and tastings with key partners.

Daily food and drink specials include all-you-can-eat classic pizzas on Tuesdays, $20 carafes of wine on Wednesdays, $20 endless antipasti boards on Thursdays, and a daily happy hour of $5 espresso martinis, negronis, spritzes, house beers and wine, alongside $5 classic pizzas. See the full list of daily specials here.

More information & bookings:

 **Information and Images Courtesy of Fratelli Fresh/Rockpool Dining Group – Rachel Lebihan

Fratelli Fresh Picnic Hamper
Fratelli Fresh Picnic Hamper

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Pizza Selection_preview

Photo 2_preview


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Bier 1_preview

The Bavarian Beerhaüs celebrates launch with fun fair fuelled weekend – BRISBANE

Six local brew masters take over the bar

Roll up! Roll up! The Bavarian Beerhaüs opens at the RNA Showgrounds Brisbane on Friday, 25 May followed by a two-day grand opening beer carnival and fun fair experience over the launch weekend.

Located in the refurbished dining precinct, King Street Co-Op, at the heritage-listed site of the iconic Royal Snack Bar, The Bavarian Beerhaüs is a beer lover’s playground with  40 premium imported German and local craft brews on tap.

The 350-seat Beerhaüs boasts Queensland’s largest range of Australian craft beers by Hope Brewhouse, Green Beacon, Newstead, Stone & Wood, Burleigh Brewing Co, and Young Henry’s. New Zealand brewery Monteith’s joins the party, as do house brews by Urban Craft Brewing Co., and legendary Californian craft brewer Lagunitas, which brings an exclusive, limited-edition line-up including Undercover Shutdown (Uber ESB), Hop Stoopid (Double IPA), Maximus (Imperial IPA), Lucky 13 (Red Ale). Beerhaüs is also the only Queensland bar with Lagunitas IPA on tap.


From midday on Saturday, 26 May, roving performers bring a fun fair flourish to the opening party. A celebration of the curious and colourful, onlookers can expect an afternoon of circus-themed stilt walkers, hula hoop performers and roller skate entertainers. Circus-inspired grown-up games such as hoop toss and Strong Man will take place and a magician, tarot card reader and caricature artist will sprinkle some hocus-pocus on the afternoon. Fire twirlers and roving burlesque performers add some spark, from 7pm. Afternoon performers return from midday on Sunday.

Royal Snack Bar Credit: Anna Kucera
Royal Snack Bar
Credit: Anna Kucera

Complementing the carnivalesque cast are incredible brew masters who will host Meet the Brewer sessions each day.

Meet the Brewer – Saturday, 26 May

·         12pm-2pm: Newstead Brewing Co’s crew will showcase their epic beers, including their Session Ale and Amber Ale.

·         2pm-4pm: Young Henry’s will throw a keg behind the bar and give away one of its merchandise packs.

·         4pm-6pm: Stone & Wood share a few stories about their cult favourite brews over a stein or two.

Meet the Brewer – Sunday, 27 May

·         12pm-2pm: Burleigh Brewing Co Head Brewer Brennan showcases his coastal beers, including English Ale and Pale Ale.

·         2pm-4pm: Green Beacon Brewing Co. will pour a couple of beers and chat about their Teneriffe range.

·         4pm-6pm: Hope Estate’s Mark Hope will share a beer and give away tickets to the FKA Festival at Hope Estate in October.

Visitors can keep hunger pangs at bay with 10¢ chicken wings and $2 hot dogs all weekend. Alternatively, tap into the Showgrounds’ tradition, with Beerhaüs’ range of dagwood dogs, loaded fries with toppings such as pickled onion, smoked belly, sour cream and coriander; crispy bacon, Cheddar and chipotle mayo; and Kielbasa, sautéed onion, bier jus and shallots, and an indulgent strawberry sundae.

Royal Snack Menu - Bavarian Dagwood Dogs and Beer_preview

A BBQ menu will also be on offer, including smoked pork belly with sweet BBQ sauce, BBQ coffee-spice rubbed pork ribs, and spice-rubbed Wagyu tri tip steak with BBQ sauce. A BBQ platter for two guests to share includes a giant pretzel, BBQ pork ribs, smoked pork belly, hot link sausages and chicken wings. Or soak up the hops hit with Bavarian classics, such as crispy pork knuckle, crackling pork belly, schnitzels, classic German and gourmet sausages.


Rockpool Dining Group Chief Executive Officer Thomas Pash said the celebratory weekend gave beer aficionados the chance to meet some of Australia’s most impressive brew masters.

“We’re lucky to have their brews under one roof at The Bavarian Beerhaüs,” Mr Pash said. “Good brews, seasoned with good BBQ, showground-style snacks and circus-themed performers will create a fun-fair fuelled few days.”

More information and bookings:

**Information Courtesy of The Bavarians/Rockpool Dining Group – Rachel Lebihan

**Photo Credit: The Bavarians and Anna Kucera/supplied by Rockpool Dining Group 

Royal Snack Menu - Bavarian Dagwood Dogs & Beer_preview

Connie Lambeth

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Royal Snack Bar menu -
Credit: Anna Kucera

The Bavarian Beerhaüs brings 40 beers and carnivalesque escapades to Brisbane

The Bavarian Beerhaüs turns on the taps to Queensland’s best selection of beer and a fairground-inspired eating and entertainment experience when it opens at the RNA Showgrounds at 11am on Friday 25th May.

Royal Snack Bar Credit: Anna Kucera
Royal Snack Bar
Credit: Anna Kucera

Located in the Showgrounds’ refurbished dining precinct, King Street Co-Op, at the heritage-listed site of the iconic Royal Snack Bar, The Bavarian Beerhaüs is a beer lover’s playground with 40 brews on tap, including over 30 classic styles. Staying true to its Bavarian roots, Beerhaüs boasts Queensland’s largest range of pure German draught beers, including those by Löwenbräu, Franziskaner, Stiegl and Hofbräu.

The Bavarian line-up is bolstered by a large range of Australian craft beers, including house brews supplied by Urban Craft Brewing Co., and others by Hope Brewhouse, Green Beacon, Newstead, Stone & Wood, Burleigh Brewing Co, and Young Henry’s. New Zealand brewery Monteith’s joins the party, as does legendary Californian craft brewer Lagunitas, which brings exclusive limited-edition Undercover Shutdown (Uber ESB), Hop Stoopid (Double IPA), Maximus (Imperial IPA), Lucky 13 (Red Ale). Beerhaüs is the only Queensland venue with Lagunitas IPA on tap.

Bier 1_preview

Craft beers also feature in a range of cocktails, while those looking for something less beery can embrace espresso martinis on tap, a large range of schnapps, and huge, frozen Margaritas, borrowed from Sydney’s El Camino Cantina.

A one-of-its-kind in Queensland, the 350-seat, Bohemian-inspired, warehouse-style space preserves the heritage features of the original Royal Snack Bar and adds a cool, post-industrial edge with concrete finishes, bare brick walls, an exposed ceiling structure and vintage-themed artwork and accessories. A leafy, outdoor beer garden runs the length of the building, seating 150 guests.

To help soak up the hops hit is a BBQ menu of haus specialities, including smoked pork belly with sweet BBQ sauce, BBQ coffee-spice rubbed pork ribs, and spice-rubbed Wagyu tri tip steak with BBQ sauce. A BBQ platter for two guests to share includes a giant pretzel, BBQ pork ribs, smoked pork belly, hot link sausages and chicken wings.


In tribute to its Bavarian heritage, classic dishes such as crispy pork knuckle, crackling pork belly, an assortment of schnitzels, a range of classic German and gourmet sausages, and shared meat platters also feature on the menu.

Additionally, a quaint ‘Royal Snack Bar’ menu pays homage to the Showgrounds’ tradition, with a range of dagwood dogs, chicken wings served by the half kilo with BBQ or buffalo sauce, and loaded fries with toppings such as pickled onion, smoked belly, sour cream and coriander; crispy bacon, Cheddar and chipotle mayo; and Kielbasa, sautéed onion, bier jus and shallots. A whimsical strawberry sundae is a nostalgic nod to a bygone era of once-a-week childhood treats and showground indulgence. Complimentary ‘Royal Snacks’, including mini loaded fries, dagwood dogs and chicken wings, are served with drinks daily from 4pm-6pm.

Royal Snack Menu - Bavarian Dagwood Dogs & Beer_preview

Beerhaüs will host a launch weekend beer carnival and fun fair from 11am until late on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May. A celebration of the curious and colourful, the two-day event includes roving fire twirlers, feathered showgirls, hula hoop performers and stilt walkers. Roll up, roll up for magician demonstrations, tarot card readings and a circus-themed photo booth. Circus-inspired grown-up games such as hoop toss and Strong Man will be hosted by the Beerhaüs’ very own jovial ‘Ringmaster’.

Complementing the carnivalesque cast are six formidable brew masters who will head behind the bar to host Meet the Brewer sessions, showcase their brews, run competitions and raffles, and give away prizes. Ceremonial keg taps will be held every hour on Saturday afternoon. Show-goers and beer aficionados can keep hunger pangs at bay with 10¢ chicken wings and $2 hot dogs all weekend.

Royal Snack Menu - Bavarian Dagwood Dogs and Beer_preview

The fun and games don’t end with the launch weekend. A daily dose of food and drink specials and adult shenanigans are an always-on feature of this novel, new Beerhaüs. The weekly program includes:

  • Monday: All You Can Meat Platters ($39pp) + Ping Pong Tournament
  • Tuesday: All-Day $2 Mini Hot Dogs + Trivia
  • Wednesday: 10¢ Wings + Comedy Night
  • Thursday: $20 Schnitz Blitz (Schnitty & 300ml beer) + Shuffle Board Showdown
  • Friday: Foosball Tournament + Friday Night Footy
  • Saturday: Live Bands & Performances
  • Sunday Funday: Giant Adult Games + Free Hot Dog With Every Stein
Royal Snack menu - Kielbasa sauteed onion, bier jus shallots
Royal Snack menu – Kielbasa sauteed onion, bier jus shallots

Rockpool Dining Group Chief Executive Officer Thomas Pash said The Bavarian Beerhaüs is devoted to two things: good beer and good times.

“We’re heroing beer, both classic Bavarian and cult craft brews, and partnering them with a playfulness that is quintessential to the Queensland way of life,” Mr Pash said. “There is nothing like Beerhaüs in Queensland: it’s both a novelty and tribute to revered tradition. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that’s not to be missed.”

**Information Courtesy of The Bavarian/Rockpool Dining Group – Rachel Lebihan

**Image Credits to The Bavarian & Anna Kucera – supplied by Rockpool Dining Group


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Royal Snack menu Crispy Pork Bao Buns
Royal Snack menu
Crispy Pork Bao Buns

Catering boxes new to Oriental Teahouse – Melbourne

Yum-cha heavyweights Oriental Teahouse, known for their authority on traditional teahouse experiences, are bringing their menu to the comfort of homes and offices around Melbourne with an exciting new catering box bound to satisfy taste buds all over town.

Menu items served hot to your door consist of the restaurant’s most popular selection of dumplings, spring rolls and more.

Buyers have the choice to select from dozens of items including crispy-skinned chicken ribs, BBQ pork buns, and even their melt-in-your-mouth Chinese Wonka chocolate dumplings, guaranteed to warm you through the coming winter months.

The catering boxes are offered in two sizes – regular and large. A regular size can hold up to three varieties, feeding approximately five eager eaters.

If catering for a small get-together, the large catering box is the perfect solution for covering a wide spectrum of tastes. With a large box containing up to five varieties, this option is suited for that Friday night footy game with mates or Sunday BBQs with extended family.

In addition to condiments served up in spades, catering boxes also offer add-ons, for those who want to cover all bases with their catering style. Think generous sides of their legit special fried rice or Szechuan pepper chicken – the perfect side note for their signature dumplings.

Depending on what is ordered, prices start at $100 for catering boxes, with no minimum spend for all pick-up orders. Oriental Teahouse currently service the CBD if a delivery is required, suited for office boardroom meetings or city-based special events.

Deliveries apply to orders starting at $500, which is aimed at larger gatherings.

Any order for a catering box also needs to be placed at least 48 hours ahead of time, guaranteed to elicit unified gasps for when the box is initially opened.

Oriental Teahouse maintains the notion that the best life happens around good food and good company – the new catering range stays true to this concept, offering beautiful boxes that look and taste exceptional in any setting.

Oriental Teahouse Catering Boxes 

Price: $100 – $400 depending on size of catering box and contents selected

How to order: call Oriental Teahouse on 9804 7963 or email

**Information & Images Courtesy of Oriental Teahouse/supplied by Zilla & Brook – Leigh-Anne Ramirez


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Flask pic 11

Original Chai Co. NOW available via Foodora – Melbourne

Melbourne’s favourite traditional Indian tea-house, Original Chai Co., has launched Chai Now – Five serves of delicious award-winning chai can now be delivered in a recyclable and disposable flask.

Launching TODAY Monday 21 May, Chai Now, will be available via Foodora, priced at $20 – $25, and all flavours are free from sugar and artificial flavouring.


Chai lovers can choose from the current classics: Rise to Energy Masala Chai flask ($20), a warm and invigorating wake up call, made with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, pepper and Assam black tea, and the Hug in a Cup Chai flask ($20), the ultimate mantra to unwind and keep calm, with fennel, cardamom, mint, tulsi and Assam black tea.

Flask pic 12

Also new to the range is the Turmeric Masala Chai flask ($25), set to nourish the body from inside to out, leaving drinkers glowing with gold! For an extra special treat, the Chocolate Masala Chai flask ($25) is a dessert in a cup, made from an amazing mix of spices.

All chai flasks are available with either dairy or soy milk, and Beechworth honey sachets are an extra 50c, and paper cups and lids are an extra 35c.

Created by Melbourne-based Gauri and Apoorv in 2015, Original Chai Co. has enjoyed international success starting with a traditionally styled stall at the Queen Victoria Market, to now a truck at Melbourne Central Station, a growing list of wholesalers and now a delivery service. The couple pays homage to both their mother’s traditional recipes which are naturally low in caffeine, gluten free, with no hidden sugars and an authentic taste of India, not like most chai’s in Australia.

Chai Van1

Original Chai Co,’s blends are an authentic taste of India, where the homemade spice mix speaks for itself. For those wanting a perfectly matched snack, they can also order handmade vegetable samosas, traditional Parle-G biscuits to soak up the chai goodness or a range of gluten free bars.

Also available is Original Chai Co.’s retro looking tins inspired from tiffins in India. Each tin makes around 30 cups of delicious Chai and are priced at $15, available in the Rise to Energy and Hug in a Cup flavours.


Original Chai Co. – Chai Now, available FROM TODAY – Monday 21 May – via Foodora 

Queen Victoria Market Chai Stall Saturdays and Sunday 9am-3pm

Melbourne Central Chai Truck weekdays, 7:30am – 5:30pm

Also available to buy for commercial and wholesale at:

**Information & Images Courtesy of Original Chai Co.

Flask pic 13

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**Information Courtesy of Helen Reizer HRPR and website:

**Photos by Sam Tabone


Diesel Bar & Eatery played host to a special Mother’s Day event last Sunday, with Josh Piterman singing songs from his debut album. Josh’s album has reached Number 1 on iTunes and Number 1 on The Aria Charts for Classical/Crossover.

The event was hosted by David Mann OAM, with the popular Lonsdale Street venue providing the perfect space for the enthusiastic crowd to celebrate Josh’s performances of Hallelujah and Falling Slowly from ‘Once’. Josh followed his performance with the the signing of his CD’s.



Beverages and canapés were served on arrival, while some guests stayed on to order from Diesel’s set Mother’s Day and a la carte menus.

‘Josh’s self-titled album is released through Fanfare Records (Sony Music Distribution) and was produced by John Foreman. The orchestral tracks were recorded in Europe with The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra’.


01  IRIS














‘Josh Piterman has already forged a professional career as an award winning performing artist in musical theatre and is poised to take his career to the highest level in Australia on stage and screen’.

His recent role as Gerry Goffin in BEAUTIFUL – The Carole King Musical, was memorable to say the least.

Head onto Josh Piterman’s website for further details.




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