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The Australia Times Senior Staff

David M Abouav - Founder


Executive Chairman The Univex Group, Chairman Nimbus Media Ltd, Founder The Australia Times.

I am passionate about the environment, social justice, politics, the future of journalism, and freedom including freedom of expression,as well as humour and long sentences.

An inventor and product developer, I have a thirst for knowledge and am interested in many fields, including but not limited to computing, electronics, physics, astronomy and mathematics. I love the arts in almost every form, including photography, cinematography, music, dance, theatre, writing, painting, sculpture, architecture, and poetry.

Working with the many contributors and other volunteers at The Australia Times and its associated enterprises has been a touching experience, and a great privilege. We have only just begun!

Margaret Gregory - Editor-In-Chief


Margaret began writing at high school, and wrote on and off while working to attain a Master of Science degree. After working as an analytical chemist for ten years, participating in activities with the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard and raising a family, she moved on to study writing and editing, and achieve a Diploma in Library and Information services. She entered her first novel The Wild One in the Fellowship of Australian Writers Jim Hamilton Award (2011) and received a highly commended, this award being for an unpublished novel of sustained quality. Now with her boys grown up, she has begun to rewrite her early novels. Editor in Chief and Science Editor for The Australia Times, she lives with her three men in Melbourne, Australia, in a house with a metal roof that is used as a runway by possums.

Alexandra Irwin-Liu - Operations Manager


Collaborative, focused and passionate by nature, my Bachelor degree in Psychology is centered around helping others, whether that be connecting with people in the community or helping organisations achieve their vision. In my free time, I enjoy learning new languages, getting in touch with friends and acquaintances, and partnering with grassroots organisations to create a catalyst for social change.

Melissa Kulinski - Photography Director


Ashlea Witoslawski - TAT Local Managing Editor


As a journalism graduate, Ash has discovered a flair and talent for writing and reporting on issues that matter. Through travel, she realised the desperate need to give back and help those around her. When Ash is not keeping up to date on the latest in news and current affairs, she is usually distracted by her guilty pleasure- celebrity gossip.

Veena Gandhi - Media and Communications Director


Advisory Board

Kelly Sargent - Former Chief-Of-Staff


Kelly Sargent has a Journalism degree from Monash University with a major in International Studies. Kelly is a keen traveller and worked as a travel writer for Discover Australia before exploring South America for 8 months. With a keen interest in media, Kelly worked for a couple of years with Australian Associated Press (AAP) and now puts all her efforts into new digital media with The Australia Times.

The Australia Times Editorial Team