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The most successful businesses and industries in the world are those that understand the necessity of change. Evolution is a constant reality that doesn’t only move the natural world, it moves industries and technology with just as much force. A company may be founded upon a game-changing idea, discovering a new market , or even a venture in a dependable old one; if that company does not evolve it will most certainly perish. This may seem like an obvious truism, yet it is one that for so long has gone ignored in businesses across the world and the price they’ve paid has been public and devastating.

Which is why I’m here to tell you about an old hobbyhorse of mine – THQ.

While my usual corner at The Australia Times has been writing for the GAMES magazine, I felt this story about THQ fit far more into BUSINESS as it is about an issue concerning almost every industry worldwide.

THQ was a games developer and publisher that went bankrupt in 2012, moving from a billion dollar company to defunct in an incredibly short time. It was a huge surprise to our industry, the equivalent of something like Disney or Telstra suddenly disappearing off the face of the map.

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To all members of our TAT family, readers and contributors, who celebrate Diwali..

We wish you Safety, Good Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Good Fortune.

May they all be with you in the coming year.


By Daniel King.

This part of the year is always one of the more exciting times for gamers – triple-A games seem to drop by the barrelful just in time to find their way under the Christmas tree, with even more to follow just months later. But before we skip a few steps and Eagle Dive into Assassin’s Creed Unity, there’re still a handful of must-play games that might’ve slipped your radar in September.

Release: 5th September
Platforms: PC
Developer: Elefantopia
Publisher: Elefantopia

McDroid is the most boisterous and unique tower-defence title to ever miss your video game radar. It’s a terrific spin on the genre which swings through the hordes of lesser titles with its arcade action and creative trategy.
The soft, plushy story and its banter between the squeamishly bubble characters is so innocently charming that McDroid could be easily mistaken as an adapted children’s book. However, it’s the brutal difficulty, hordes of vicious enemies and rusty ‘60s inspired soundtrack that hardens your skin. This might sound like the type of combination to fuel a cynic’s scoff, but it’s actually an effective and genuinely creative formula worthy of multiple playthroughs.

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By Daniel King.

After the half-year limbo period between now and inFamous: Second Son’s release, I’ve been desperately waiting for a PS4 game to fill the void leading to 2015’s incredible line-up. Thankfully, Second Son’s next instalment
inFamous: First Light has arrived to alleviate my newgen itches. However, while its short story length feels more like a graze than a scratch, it’s the enthralling protagonist and inspired additions that feeds my allurement.

First Light’s developer Sucker Punch heads down the prequel path with its first standalone DLC and, fortunately, this bitesized adventure mostly flourishes as a worthwhile companion to its successor. This time around we’ve ditched Second Son’s devil may care Delsin to follow the far more interesting path of Abigail Walker, otherwise known as Fetch, to discover just how many bad cards this girl’s been dealt.

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By Josiah Roche.

Some of the world’s best game developers have come together to forge an irresistible masterpiece. You may know it as Destiny. After a whopping five long years and $500 million later, Bungie (the creators of the Halo franchise) and Activision (publishers of the Call of Duty franchise) have finally given birth to Destiny – the most anticipated action game of 2014.

With several months of teasing fans with banners and trailers, they finally gave in to showing off the Beta this past July. Bungie expressed their triumph, boasting the beta as a tremendous success across social media. Activision also reported a record breaking number of over 4.6 million (4,638,937 to be exact) players that participated in the beta; which is the largest console Beta ever for a new IP.

Destiny has won over 180 awards and nominations and has already broken the record for the most pre-ordered game in history, and a couple of weeks ago it was finally released to the masses…but did it live up to the hype?

Well, let’s unravel the game in all its glory, shall we?

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By Vic Thompson.

PAX Australia is primed to hit our shores on October 31, so be prepared if you’re in Melbourne and don’t be surprised if you see a Masterchief catching a bus in the city during this time. PAX has multiple shows throughout the year all over the globe but the one in Australia is easily the biggest and the best, because not only is it on our home soil but we also get to show the rest of the gaming world that we’re just as keen and hardcore as everyone else!

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The 2014 Pokémon Video Game Australian National Championships will be held at Melbourne Town Hall July 13th, 2014. The event is open to everyone (not just Regional Championship winners) to either participate in the Championships or spectate and enjoy the battles on the big screen! In addition to the Championships there will also be a range of other exciting Pokémon activities to experience on the day!


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