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Located at the intersection of regional roads to Pazin, Kanfanar, Svetvincenat and Labin, Zminj is a small town in Istria, Croatia.

small_Žminj small_Žminj library floor

Zminj Library is a most beautiful historic house in town. There I met librarian and dedicated poet Nada Galant.

Over the years, Galant published four books of her poems written in Zminj Chakavian dialect, a dialect only use by a community of less than 4,000 people.

National Geographic report Enduring Voices says, “By 2100, more than half of the 7,000 languages spoken on Earth – many of them not yet recorded – may disappear…”

DANAS JE TA DAN is one of Nada’s poems loved by her daughter Ana Galant, a student of Comparative Literature and big fan of mom.

I asked Ana for a literal translation of DANAS JE TA DAN into English.

Here is the beautiful Nada – Ana Duo

 small_Nada Galant DANAS JE TA DAN


Today is the day – by Nada Galant / English translation by Ana Galant

If there is any whole pocket left,

We should unfold it and stack

In front of us everything that’s in it

Today is the day

(breadcrumbs will be good for the birds, everything else – we can do without)

Today is the day

If we could only find the doors through

which we passed so cursorily

Then we could go back, not backwards,

to slowly and thoroughly,

From scratch,

Be a child, a grandchild, a friend…

Be everything once again

Not so much to change things,

But to slowly be and not run away

Today is that day,

And where was I looking?


To read a copy of the untranslated poem, you may contact Sindy Chan at chansindy.cd@gmail.com

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Profile: View sindy's profile here

Email: sindy.chan@theaustraliatimes.com.au

To all members of our TAT family, readers and contributors, who celebrate Diwali..

We wish you Safety, Good Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Good Fortune.

May they all be with you in the coming year.


Are you a writer, or part of a literature organisation in regional Victoria?

Regional Arts Victoria and City of Literature are partnering to present two literature events in October.

The forum will be a one day networking event where you will have the opportunity to hear from artists and arts workers working in the field. Speakers from across the state will include festivals and writers sharing their stories of success and challenge.

In this one day event you will:

  • Meet and connect with other writers and literary programmers from across the state
  • Hear inspiring stories from people that have successfully set up literary festivals and groups
  • Hear from writers about the challenges and opportunities they face when working in regional Victoria

Forum Details
Date: Thursday 20 October 2016
Venue: The Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Time: 10.00am–4.00pm
Cost: FREE but bookings are essential. A light lunch will be provided
RSVP: to Lucy Hamilton lhamilton@rav.net.au or (03) 9644 1813 by Monday 17 October.
Please specify any dietary or access requirements

Speakers include:

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Embark on a Delicious Celebration of the Senses

The future will look rosy, sparkling, sun-dappled and everything in between as the 3rd annual Wine & Cheese Fest firmly plants its roots back in Williamstown and returns to Seaworks on Sunday 23 October from 11am-6pm.

w and c fest 3
Over 60 fine quality wine, cheese and gourmet food providores will be showcasing their artisinal products accompanied by live music entertainment, DJs and stunning views of the city and seascape. From wheels of fine cheeses and savoury sauces, to home-style pastries, pickled preserves, smoked and cured meats, luscious desserts and of course a huge array of wine, ciders and beers for all palates, the Wine & Cheese Fest is a tantalizing feast for the tastebuds.

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The Alliance Française de Melbourne’s 121st Berthe Mouchette Competition Awards Ceremony will be held on Wednesday 25th November at the St Kilda Town Hall.

Named in honour of the Alliance Française de Melbourne’s founder, Berthe Mouchette, the competition began in 1894 with 35 candidates enrolled. Today there are more than 15,000 participants from over 150 schools across Victoria. Created with the aim to “propagate the practical study of French”, the competition is now an essential way to promote French culture by encouraging young people committed to learning French to express the best of their creativity. Continue reading

Tony’s arrogance cost him dear
and cost our country too I fear
but now a new bloke’s set to steer
the proud ship of Australia.

Let’s hope that Malcolm gets it right
if not we’ll all bemoan his plight
and wail and whinge into the night –
another polly failure.

Tall poppies fall fast in this land
we don’t always united stand
and yet we still claim we are grand.
God help us – who will save ya?

We’ve turned the boats back in the past,
incarcerated those who asked
for refuge or, shock and aghast …
a same sex marriage favour.

So this time can we get it right?
Can Malcolm turn us overnight
back to a nation that has might?
A once more proud Australia.

Maureen Clifford © The #ScribblyBark Poet

The Ipswich Poetry Feast is an initiative of Ipswich City Council, supported by the local community and The Australia Times Poetry magazine.

Since its humble beginnings in 2003 as a national poetry writing competition, the Ipswich Poetry Feast has grown and evolved to become an important part of Ipswich’s cultural identity. The Ipswich Poetry Feast now features an annual international poetry writing competition and other significant literary events aimed at developing, advancing and showcasing poetry and poetry writing skills across all ages.



The competition is open to all poets and the childrens’ poetry section is strongly supported.

More information: www.ipswichpoetryfeast.com.au